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Newly announced ZenWatch 2 features magnetic charging system and digital crown

Asus ZenWatch 2

Computex, one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world, started in Taipei today. Local favourite Asus decided to use its home turf advantage to unveil its latest smartwatch.

In contrast to the company’s previous smartwatch effort, the ZenWatch 2 is available in two different sizes. There’s a larger model with a 41 mm face and 21 mm band, and a smaller one with a 37 mm face and 18 mm band. Each watch also comes in a variety of colours—silver, gunmetal and rose gold—and there are 18 different band material and colour combinations to choose from, including ones made from rubber, leather and metal.

Also new to this iteration of the ZenWatch is a metal crown. In its press release, Asus says the crown will help enhance the user experience by providing a new way for people to interact with their device, but most publications that have done a hands-on are reporting that the crown is merely used for turning the watch on and off.

Based on the information Asus has released thus far, it’s not clear if the smaller of the two watches features a less spacious screen. However, whatever their size, both watches will feature an OLED screen that’s protected by Gorilla Glass. Inside of the watch, an unnamed Qualcomm chip is on processor duties.

On the software side of things, the device will launch with the latest version of Android Wear and improvements to its suite of original apps, including the Remote Camera app, which allows a ZenWatch 2 owner to use their watch screen as a viewfinder for their phone’s camera app.

As per the report linked above, the ZenWatch 2 will feature much improved battery life over its predecessor. In addition, it will ship with a new magnetic charging system that the company promises says will help reduce the time it takes to charge the watch.

Asus has yet to release details on price and availability.