Sunrise Meet is the fastest way to set up appointments on iOS or Android

Sunrise, the popular calendar app purchased by Microsoft earlier this year, has unveiled its latest feature on iOS and Android today.

Sunrise Meet is an alternative keyboard that works in tandem with Sunrise the app to schedule one-one-one appointments by giving users a glimpse at their availability inside any third-party app. The way it works is simple, and actually really handy: switching to the keyboard gives an overview of one’s calendar. Tapping any space on the calendar in 30 minute increments (all the way up to two and a half hours at a time) allows the app to create a URL with choices for the participant.

Sending the participant an automatically-generated link opens a web page asking him or her to pick the best time, which, once confirmed, is conveyed back to the originator.

Sunrise has been beta testing Meet on Android for some time, but opening it up to iOS and the web, as well as non-beta Android users, makes it a much more attractive proposition. Meet doesn’t require Sunrise to be installed – it creates a general .ics file that integrates with most calendar clients on mobile and desktop – but it does work better with it. It also integrates quite well into Outlook for iOS and Android, which came from Accompli, another Microsoft acquisition.