SaskTel announces new wireless billing system

In October 2013, the CRTC implemented the Wireless Code of Conduct, instructing Canadian operators to make adjustments to various billing practices to better inform customers of roaming and data fees. At the time, SaskTel noted that its billing system were “not technically capable of monitoring data roaming and data overage charges in real time,” and that it rendered its current set up as “obsolete.” SaskTel was quick to respond and delivered new capabilities that provided caps on data overages in June, 2014.

Now, nine months later, the regional carrier is back with additional enhancements by launching an overhauled billing system for its 620,000 wireless customers. The rollout will go into place on customers’ upcoming May invoices, making monthly bills easier to understand and manage.


The most notable difference is that plan details will appear on one line, along with a detailed breakout of usage. Similar to other Canadian carriers, SaskTel customers will now receive a text message when they reach $50 of data overage charges within Canada, or $100 of international data charges.

Ron Styles, SaskTel President and CEO, said, “SaskTel is committed to providing its customers with the best wireless service experience and we strive for customer service excellence in all customer interactions and that begins with the monthly bill. We are confident that the new enhanced billing system will provide a bill statement that is simple and easy to understand and will allow customers to manage their data caps and spending limits very effectively.”

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