Update: OPP issued 65 tickets for distracted driving during latest road blitz

The OPP is back on the road with another blitz this weekend to rid the road of distracted drivers. The dates you’ll see officers on the prowl are between March 14th to 20th.

Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox, Commander of the OPP Highway Safety Division, said, “Distracted driving is a danger to all road users. Fortunately, these same road users are in a position to help put a stop to it. We want to see everyone develop and maintain a complete intolerance for distracted driving and make it the socially unacceptable driving behaviour that it should be.”

Update: The OPP has made public statistics based on its latest distracted driving blitz and it issued 65 tickets over a 7-day period. Two charges were for a “display screen visible to driver,” followed by a whopping 62 charges to those using their hand-held device while driving, and one charged with careless driving for “weaving all over the road.”