The Apple Watch in Photos

The Apple Watch is finally available for us to wear, touch and twist, and there’s nothing like trying on the latest and greatest before putting your thoughts to paper.

For us, this is the first time we’ve gotten our Canadian mitts on Apple’s first wearable, and it’s a lot lighter and smaller than we thought, especially compared to the latest crop of Android Wear devices.

Since it’s launching on April 24th, Apple let us play with the final hardware and software experience as it currently stands, with iPhones running iOS 8.2. The on-watch experience was buttery smooth, especially with the Digital Crown that marks the entire interaction experience.

We didn’t get to play with too many third-party apps, either, but the Instagram, SPG Hotels and American Airlines demos proved that developers are already creating full-featured experiences.

While users may brace themselves against the watch’s massive price, it must be considered that the $449 Sport has the same screen and internal features as the $22,000 Edition.

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