Microsoft has a version of the Lumia 635 with double the RAM

The Lumia 635 was announced nearly a year ago, in April of 2014, right before the Nokia-Microsoft deal officially closed. The device is a budget Lumia that’s basically identical to the 630 save for the addition of 4G. It has a fairly decent spec sheet and scored a respectable 7.3 in our review. Though RAM was never an issue during our time with the device, we were somewhat surprised that Microsoft had only included 512MB of RAM.

However, now there’s rumours that Microsoft has a version of the device with 1GB of RAM. Windows Central points to Microsoft’s website, which contains mention of a region-specific 1GB variant of the Lumia 635. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced anything of the sort.

With Windows 10 for phones and tablets already in preview, the Lumia 635 is one of only six supported devices listed on Microsoft’s website. However, only two of the phones listed are saddled with 512MB of RAM — the rest are all 1GB.

Microsoft hasn’t talked about the hardware requirements of Windows 10 mobile. Windows Phone 8 required at least 512MB and though the preview of Windows 10 mobile is capable of running on 512MB, it’s possible Microsoft will boost the minimum requirement to 1GB, especially when you consider Microsoft’s plans for universal apps and a unification of mobile and desktop experiences.

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