Ikea has a new Android and iOS app filled with Ikea-themed emoji

A quick poll of the MobileSyup office reveals that most people probably think of the words “stress” or “hot dogs” when they hear “Ikea.” Regardless of whether these match the words that pop into your head, we’re pretty certain no one ever answered “emoji” when asked, “What’s the first word you think of when I say ‘Ikea’?”

Well, that could change thanks to the Swedish furniture maker’s newest mobile product. Available for both iOS and Android, the Swedish meatball manufacturer’s new app brings smartphone users special Ikea-flavoured emoticons for use in everyday life. Yes, there’s a meatball emoji, but also shoes, lamps, boxes, end tables and ice cream.

Ikea has also thoughtfully included garbage emoji as well as ones for ironing, cleaning, and laundry. The goal is to improve communication within the home, ultimately so you can enjoy a tidier and more harmonious life with your family or significant other.

“Men and women have always found difficulty in communication,” Ikea said. “In the home situation misunderstandings occur most around clutter […] All your hints, desires and questions will be understood right away. They will even bring a smile to the faces you love!”

The downside is that these aren’t the emoji we’ve come to know and love and so they don’t work the same way. You have to enter the app, choose the appropriate emoji and then select the app and conversation you want to send it to. It is more a repository of cute little Ikea-themed images than it is an emoji keyboard. Still, if you did want to send a plate of meatballs to your coworker, Ikea has you covered.

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