Huawei shipped 75 million smartphones in 2014

Huawei has a solid presence in Canada. The Chinese manufacturer recently committed to investing $500 million in research and development, promising 325 new jobs for Canadians over the next five years. The last 12 months has also seen several devices launched on a number of Canadian carriers, including the Ascend Mate 2.

Huawei is also on an upward trajectory for smartphone shipments, which Reuters reports have increased by over a third to $11.8 billion in revenue for 2014. While the company was expecting shipments of 80 million for the year, a report based on an internal document from Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer business, communicates that the Chinese company topped 75 million units shipped this past year.

This past quarter, Gartner Research pegged Huawei as the third largest smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple. New device categories are on the roadmap for 2015, among them an Android Wear-powered smartwatch.