Galaxy S6 rumours heat up as R&D model reportedly shows up in India

There’s a lot of mixed messages flying around regarding the Galaxy S6 and the direction Samsung will be going with this device. There’s talk of starting from scratch, talk of a modified version of the Note Edge with dual curved design, and then came leaked images that show a phone that is really no different to the Galaxy S5.

In these situations, the fog tends to clear the closer a phone gets to completion. However, according to SamMobile, the development of the S6 is already at the point where an R&D model has been shipped from South Korea to India. Not only that, but a unibody frame has been spotted, lending credence to reports of a more metal flagship Galaxy phone for 2015.

The former comes via Zauba, which is an import tracking site that monitors shipments in and out of India. One specific shipment came from South Korea and is is labeled as, “SAMPLE SAMSUNG SMARTPHONE SM-G920F (FOR R&D PURPOSE & EVALUATION & NOT FOR RETAIL SALE).” This is believed to be a variant of the upcoming Galaxy S6.

The other tidbit of S6-related news comes via French site nowhereelse.fr. It’s a photo that purports to show the frame of the Galaxy S6. If genuine, it shows that Samsung is now completely confident in its experience with metal construction. The company was rather tentative in its move away from plastic, choosing to first debut the Galaxy Alpha and then a partly metal Galaxy Note 4.

Last month, there was talk that the company was having some teething problems with manufacturing with metal. Now, we have the A3 and A5, the upcoming but yet-to-be-confirmed A7, the presumed successors to the Note 4 and Alpha, and the Galaxy S6. If Samsung did have issues making metal phones, it wouldn’t rely on metal production processes for its two flagships and a handful of other phones.

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