WIND Mobile offering $60 credit to Mobilicity customers to switch

WIND Mobile has over 800,000 subscribers. Mobilicity, it’s rival new entrant carrier, has been struggling over the past years, is currently in creditor protection, and has 154,900 subscribers.

The battle for new subscribers is fierce and one that is fought daily on Canadian soil. Port-in offers were all the rage when the new carriers launched  five years ago and WIND is now taking aim at Mobilicity with its latest promo. Until December 31st, WIND is offering a $60 credit to those who make the jump and sign up on the WIND 25 or WIND 35 price plans — for the first six months you’ll receive a credit on your bill of $10 per month.

While Mobilicity might be on its last legs, the carrier is determined not to lose subscribers to a competitor. It took to its social media channel to convince customers to stay, responding to one user: “If you like who you’re with, stay. If you want to change, change. If change, choose us and our $29 deal!”

However, the situation soon got messy as users fired back responses like, “You guys really suck on social media! Instead of being friendly and try to attract a consumer, you prefer to be rude. That’s stupid.” Even ex-CEO Stewart Lyons piped into the rant, stating, “I’m staying out if it!! The whole thing is unfortunate, the feds made a big mess.”

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