LG files trademark applications for ‘G Pen’ and ‘G Scrawl’

Touchscreens are pretty ubiquitous in the smartphone space, but we’re still using almost 100% finger-based input. Samsung has been championing its S Pen stylus for years with the Galaxy Note line, but the company has been largely on its own in that regard. No other company in the industry has latched onto the stylus like Samsung.

Earlier this year, LG tested the water with the LG G3 Stylus, a stripped down version of its G3 flagship that came with support for stylus input. Now it looks like the company is hoping to compete more seriously with Samsung and the S Pen. Speculation stems from an application that LG has filed with the USPTO for the name “G Pen.”

Though the filing contains no information about the product itself, LG is filing for the “G Pen” trademark in pretty much every mobile or handset-related category you can think of. The application is international and covers smartphones, walkie-talkies, PDAs, and satellite phones, as well as numerous different types of wearables, including watches, heart-rate monitors, devices that track sleep, pulse and temperature, and even headsets. There’s also larger portable devices, like laptops and portable hard drivers on the list.

LG has a second application that was filed the same day and appears to be related. It’s for the name “G Scrawl” and applies to all of the same categories as the “G Pen” application. Again, no specific product information is listed, but both applications are set to be assigned to a trademark attorney in about three months time. That could put us on track for an MWC unveiling in early March.

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