BlackBerry Classic will also be available in white


  • Adam Reinhardt

    “I want a Blackberry Classic in white” Things you’ll never hear in real life

    • Captain Canada

      “I want a Blackberry” is a more accurate depiction of the opposite of reality.

    • MaX Damage

      How about “I did not get a Blackberry because it was only available in white”

    • igs terious

      Nah, “my iPhone has an awesome battery that lasts over two days like the BB Passport´s battery” is what you never hear in real life 🙂

    • Scuba Steve

      Only if you believe the rejects that have no clue would you think this.

  • Higgins

    let me guess…red too

    • Tom Blinky

      As someone planning on getting a Classic, who can’t afford a Passport, I can only hope at this point, but it doesn’t seem likely. =

  • Pessimistic George

    Such a wonderful news! I don’t know what to say!!!!

  • dc2000

    I’ll buy one instantly if RED is an option… yup, you heard me Blackberry, almost bought a RED passport, but prefer the classic. I want a RED one…. RED RED RED!!!

  • Higgins

    specs on this phone are a joke…from 2007 lol

    • Columbo

      Does your obsession date back to 2007 as well?

    • Damien

      File that comment under ‘false statements in the name of hate’

    • G35

      BB OS does not need huge specs like android phones. The OS is far superior to Android and iPhone. Do some research before making an ignorant comment like that.

    • Scuba Steve


    • Daniel Calutul

      be serios man. Belive me,you need Power . Al about blackberry is Power but this one is a joke. No dual spekers . No display no good battery. 2012 specs. Maybe in autum they will bring something cool. Touch enable keyboard for that incredible swipe and delete and everything.

  • cs098

    Switch the s4 for a s800 atleast then it will be worth 500 bucks.

    • G35


    • cs098


    • Scuba Steve

      You certainly are lol.

  • Francis Taquin

    Un BlackBerry Classic bleu foncé, ce serait génial ! 🙂

  • SupraTico

    I don’t know why several articles keep referring to this phone as the flagship… it’s not a flagship phone – that’s the passport.

    • ShaBi

      Just goes to show how often these words are being thrown around incorrectly nowadays. But if you ask me, the most overly AND misused word of the year is (drum roll) ———> innovation

    • J-Ro

      If the meaning of the word innovation is “What ever the man on stage tells me it is.” than most people have it right.

  • What really amazes me is the time and effort people take to hate this device or the BlackBerry brand. Seriously are you that afraid of competition? If this devices is as dead as you say it is then you have nothing to worry about! Why are you so concerned about what other people like?

    To me this device is simply amazing and can do anything that your phone can do and even better in some cases.

    So am I wrong for my preference? Is strawberry ice cream dumb, stupid, just because you don’t like it? I think you all have some BlackBerry issues you need to resolve by getting a BlackBerry. Sound like a bunch of whining spoiled brats thinking your cool because you follow the rest of the lemmings. Get a mind of your own and actually make a choice based on what works for you not what consumerism tells you. Think and speak for yourself and don’t repeat what others tell you learn for yourself before opening your moth first hand..

    • Stephen_81

      Strawberry ice cream is horrible!! how dare you like it or even bring it up curse your name and all you represent!
      Tigertail for life!

    • Thanks needed that…!

  • Victor_Creed

    OMG! The classic comes in white, I must have it!!!

    Said no one ever

    • “Congratulations on the most original comment ever”

      Said no one ever to you..

      see what i did there?!? Add to the conversation or leave. people like you make me sad that you have to beat on something else to make yourself feel better. Very sad..

  • erodz1892

    Why would they use the same cpu of the q10? Doesn’t make sense and then asking for such high price when you can get nexus, ,Motorola and others for less the money. Having a q10 its dragging with the 10.3 I can imagine the same drag is not going to look good.

    • You cannot compare this business device to a consumer device. They just brought back the belt is all. If you are running a leaked version of 10.3 you cannot compared an unreleased OS to a final release either. The Q10 is perfectly fine for our users with no slow downs what do you need more processor power for? That’s like buying a car for going to and from work with a 400 horse power engine when a 50 horse power will do just fine. This is not designed to compete with consumer high end devices it’s to replace a void in the BlackBerry offering with a device with a tool belt.

    • erodz1892

      I’m not comparing but you realize that is 2014 ? How did they fell in the first place ? By using underpowered hardware was one of the many no one wanted to develop for it (aside from aging software) remember the bold a single core 1.2ghz worked great but consumers as well as business are going to want more. Also that android emulation takes some horse power and there has been cases that even the passport slows down using those apps imagine this ? That’s the point I am trying to get across this is not going to work is exactly as the q10 just the belt . Now the passport is a whole different animal . And if it’s not designed to compete with anything then lower the price to at least $199 off contract because after all it is aging hardware agree? Nexus 5 ? Moto g ? Coming from a q10 and former z10 owner and currently saving for a passport.

    • Well the way I look at it they are trying to get people over that are using 5 year old 9700 devices and 3 year old 9900 devices. These people are still running these devices for a reason and won’t make the switch to BB10 because they love their devices with the toolbelt. They needed a newer device to replace that. They thought that was the Q10 but users wanted the belt so they are making the Q10 with the belt. So if users are happy running 5 year old devices I’m sure this phone will please them as this is who this is marketed to. That is the competitor not samsung or apple or motarola BlackBerry old BlackBerry OS 7 is who they are marketing this phone to.

  • J-Ro

    I already ordered mine. No chance of getting a white now.

  • Tom Blinky

    My Wind Tab is up in Janruary, and they mentioned to me on Twitter that they’ll be getting the Classic in December, so hopefully by the time I’m due for an upgrade the white one is out too.

    I’ll have to hold both, though. The black one looks like it’s got the same back as the Z10 which is nice and grippy, but if the white one is the same as the white Q10/Z10 it might be too slippy.

    Might just try getting a white one and ordering the back from a black one online.