Spotify could soon serve up podcasts alongside your music

Spotify just confirmed plans to integrate with taxi hailing app Uber, and it sounds like the streaming music company could also soon obsolete your podcast app.

Developer Ethan Lee uncovered a new podcasting feature in a Spotify 2.0. Lee says, “A few files point that it is ready to go,” and that he believes this is part of a broader effort to compete with iTunes.

“My take is that they are releasing it as a response to users’ requests and to become a full-blown iTunes competitor on more than the music front,” he’s quoted as saying.

Certainly, the more a streaming company can offer and the longer a user spends with the service, the more willing they are to cough up the cash for premium features. And with the streaming market growing increasingly crowded, providers are seeking out ways to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Google is adding more artists and ad-free music videos via Google Music Key (which means all the Taylor Swift you can handle — even her new tracks). Spotify just added Uber integration and family plans, and Rdio in turn lowered the price of its family plans to better compete with Spotify.