BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 will be available ‘late November’ in Canada for $2050


  • skullan

    I’m sorry, for this price, they had better be:

    1. Producing new motherboards for it that update the system for the next 8 years. In case one breaks.

    2. Maintaining the OS on it for the next 8 years.

    3. Ensuring there is a migration path to the next OS after 8 years.

    It goes back to more money than brains.

    • Buttocks

      I don’t think you understand the type of people this phone is geared towards. Just like you may not understand the type of people Porsche is geared towards.

    • Dimitri

      Many don’t and then complain about the price of the device. Little did they know Blackberry never made the price. It has the name Porsche on it so they are selling the name and the design of the phone. Not the specs.

      Porsche is giving these out half price when u lease or buy a Porsche. It’s the name of the company which is why the price is high. Barely anyone understands that tho..

    • Stephen_81

      Care to share what Porsche dealerships offer a Discount on this Phone with Purchase.
      This is the first I’ve heard of this never has such a deal been offered in the GTA.

    • Dimitri

      I doubt you could afford a Porsche let alone even lease one. Just saying. When a new version of the Blackberry Porsche design phone comes out they put that promotion on. I have the flyers in my desk to show u if you like as well. They give them out when you go to lease or buy a Porsche.

    • skullan

      I understand vanity purchases. I just believe that vanity purchases shouldn’t be subject to the same low-end warranties we all get.

      Elon Musk recently extended the Tesla S’ battery warranty to 8 years, retroactively.

    • Buttocks

      While I agree with you that a longer warranty should be available for much higher end purchases, your original post stated that Blackberry should go as far as allowing interchangable motherboards, keeping a what will be an old OS in 8 years maintained, and then being able to use a brand new OS on it after 8 years is simply unfair. That has nothing to do with Blackberry warrantying the device for a longer period of time.

      If all of a sudden Tesla started making flying cars, I would not expect the Tesla I bought last year to be retrofitted with the flying car parts.

      Once again, I am not defending Blackberry for only giving a 1 year warranty, I am defending your original point.

    • Ali F.

      Let me explain it to you. All glasses frames except the ones made in China, are made by one Italian company called Lexotica, including the Rayban brand that they bought few years ago from the original US maker. Non of the frames cost more than $25. They put Guess on it or Dulce Cabana or Gucci etc…then they sell it for $700. Those without a brand name, you buy them for $70, $100, etc…

      Did you get the picture? Same frame, same manufacturer, same designer, different tag….

    • kroms

      Actually , Skullan understands perfectly.
      ” It goes back to more money than brains.”
      What part of that did you not get ?

      You could replace Porsche with Bugatti or Ferrari or just any other “Absurd” Cars paying through the nose for these vehicles.
      Still does not justify the price of the phone.

    • Buttocks

      If you have the money, it is totally justified as the person buying it earned that money themselves to buy that exclusivity. Just because all the “spec geeks” have their arms up in the air, doesn’t make it any less justifiable.

      To assume that someone who has a lot of money amd makes this purchase has no brains, you sir are the one that has no brains.

    • G.I.GIO

      It’s not that expensive compared to other luxury brands. The Tonino Lamborghini TI-66 phones cost over $3500 and the Vertu Signature touch rose-gold and calf-leather mobile phone costs $20,000.00

    • If I’m the kind of person this is geared towards, I’ll just buy a Vertu.

    • Raj Brar

      I think important and rich carry at least two phones. They like to carry something that no on has. They would love to show off an exclusive device.

  • Buttocks

    Yes! Finally! Been eyeing their design since the Porsche 9981. I prefer the silver colour like in the 9981 but I’ll take the black. Any word of a silver version down the line?

  • Buttocks

    No, it is ok. Thanks for the offer

  • Deathdearth

    in for 10 ….yah right

  • Slacker

    What a joke.

  • Andrew English

    Only buy this if you have more money than brains! 🙂

  • Raj Singh

    Who the cuff buys this tish? It’s lame and not in good taste…
    They should buy the Passport instead. No need for this.

  • Tim

    so, how much on contract?

    • T Ross


  • If there is one thing that is truly mock-able about Blackberry, it’s this.

    • Oh and Apple making a 20 Kart watch is not for 5K… every manufacturer is putting out a premium line now so the rich can separate them self from the average Joe. Man when will people learn anything about business. They just take their consumerist view point and hammer it on to everything they see and mock it because it does not “fit” into what they want.

      Welcome to the real world that doe snot revolve around what you want!

    • I’m not saying it revolves around what I want, what I’m saying is if Blackberry is trying to give the impression that they are catering to enterprise users, Then I don’t see how this phone makes sense. Actually I would argue that this phone takes away from that impression quite a bit. This is a phone for rich consumers, but Blackberry is not in vogue with consumers anymore.

      Releasing a widely mocked device such as this will not do Blackberry any favours. I also have to wonder how many sales the previous model had, did it even turn a profit? I know it has a high MRSP but there are lots of cost involved with building a phone especially a low volume one.

      Believe me I want Blackberry to succeed, but I find this phone to be incredibly stupid.

      Also I don’t understand what you meant about ‘apple making a 20 kart watch which is not 5K’ Please clarify.

    • Okay to put it simple… BlackBerry is built for business… who are the rich people? Business people, these people want a way to differentiate themselves from us not rich people.. Most people that are rich are because of business, the majority of business people use BlackBerry. It is a perfect fit.

      And apple is selling a $5K watch that is 20 kart gold. why because they can and rich people will buy it.

    • Apple isn’t selling a 5k$ watch, also you missed my point. Thirdly it’s not a given anymore that business people use Blackberries.

    • Yes Apple is selling a $5k watch… it has not been announced at that price but all the tech sites are speculating that’s what the cost will be. Real business people not just mom and pop business, wall street, lawyers, bankers…

      What point did I miss

    • I have seen price speculation from 500$-1000$, if you have some other site please link it.
      My point? Instead of releasing laughable ‘luxury’ phones for personal use (There is no way this is justifiable business expense) They should focus on Enterprise. ‘Real’ business are not using Blackberry anymore, BYOD.
      This phone will be widely mocked, and will result in negative press to Blackberry, which is the last thing Blackberry needs.
      I don’t know why you praise Blackberry so much, use some critical thinking, and criticize what you love. Blackberry is not flawless.

  • Brett Arnold Allard

    If I win my game of blackjack this up coming weekend, perhaps I’ll buy one of these… On second thought buying three passports might be better!

  • bembol

    In for a good laugh. LOL

  • T Ross

    I will buy one when BBRY hits $20/share!!

    • Raj Brar

      Maybe I’ll get you one! Lol

  • kroms

    Lets be honest here.
    If you think that when you are out in PUBLIC and start flashing your $2050

    P’9983 you are going to turns heads …….your Right !!!

    People whom know how much you spend on this will start laughing at how incredibly DUMB you are.

    • Its the same as when a guy drive by in a really nice car also, you go pffft because they are showing off how much richer they are then you. Remember who are the people with all the money normally? Business people, what is the best tool out there for business.. BlackBerry. BlackBerry is smart to cash in on this market a bit because they know there is some demand, rich business people that want to show they have money. They don’t want a phone you could buy.. how does that differentiate them from you.. It don’t matter what it is as long as you cant or wont buy it..

    • Tim

      also, they instantly become a target for crime. smartphones are a very hot commodity on the black market.

  • johnny6

    hahaha! who would pay for this?

  • hon pik tang

    A $2,000 Blackberry is like a $100,000 Kia, incredibly overpriced.