BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 to be unveiled September 17th


  • nayab9

    Bring on the passport, my body is ready.

    • gidd

      You and your body will be the only ones. Lmao

    • nayab9

      I’d say thats better than being part of a hoard of drones who are clueless about competitive tech?

    • Chuck

      You’ll never have a Passport or a Ferrari and neither will any of your friends. Doesn’t mean that those who do care one whit what you think of them. Maybe someday you’ll get bumped up to First Class where the BlackBerry users are… but I doubt it.

  • MrInter

    I know these phones are all about style and all but i wished they should put out a better spec’d phone for $2000 . This is just a Q10 ya ? At least a better camera and bigger battery; I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of premium materials are used to design this phone.

    • ciph3ro

      Agreed. At least make it high end for a high end price. 3.1″ screen with low res and 8 MP camera? Is this 2009?

  • barrist

    these phones are hideous

  • gidd

    Lmao. Yawn.
    A $2000 device with no native apps.
    Or you can buy an iphone6 plus, unlocked, for $900.
    Sorry bb. Get a life.

    • Ali F.

      This is just like saying:
      Lmao. Yawn.
      A $1,000,000 Porsche bullet proof car with no coffee cup holder.
      Or you can buy a Ford Focus Special Edition, all leather with roof rack for you bicycle, for $30,000.
      Sorry Porsche. Get a life.

    • ciph3ro

      Hahaha.. Awesome 🙂

      The iPhone is not a bad phone but the Porsche design phones are pretty awesome. Same as a baby Vertu or something except I do agree on the number of apps.

      Surprisingly pretty much all the apps you need are in their “Store” (I don’t know what it’s called). Also I used BB OS about 3 months ago and found it to be pretty freaking cool. Ever since I don’t discount it without thinking.

    • Ali F.

      I would never say the iPhone is a bad device. On the contrary it is a nice device but it’s OS imo cannot be compared to BB10. On the App side people exaggerate who cares if there are one million apps if in your life time you might never use more than one hundred. Few minutes ago my colleague was surprised to see my BlackBerry z10 and how it is a full touch smartphone. BlackBerry sucks in marketing while apple is the best no doubt.

  • I would still never buy a Porsche Designed BlackBerry, It blows my mind how many people will buy one for the cost. These are just last years model phones most likely the Z30, but just with a large price tag and fancy design. Personally I don’t like the look of it but I really think this phone was designed for Dubai to show of wealth. I am like everyone else… bring on the Passport.