Eve Tab for iOS and Android gives you instant VIP status at Toronto clubs

Many in Toronto will be heading out this Halloween to clubs and there’s nothing more terrifying than having to wait in line. A new Toronto-based app called Eve Tab lets you bypass all the nonsense and turns you into a VIP by allowing you jump the line.

The app works like this: You choose a spot on the app’s heat map (this is a GPS map that shows you nearby venues and indicates how ‘hot’ they are with a colour system). Once you’ve decided on your destination, you RSVP for a small fee, which gives you instant VIP status by adding your name to the club’s guest-list. Once you arrive, you simply flash your Eve pass (you’ll receive this after you RSVP) and you’ve jumped the line. In case you’re curious about that “VIP” fee (we were), the payments are powered by Lucova and you immediately get your money back in drinks at the bar.

Some of the clubs within Eve are SET on King, Gravity, Bloke and 4th, Gilt, Mix Markham, and the Chill Ice House.

Eve Tab is available for both iOS and Android