Fitbit says no to iOS 8 Health integration (for now)

Fitbit Flex

Responding to requests from users on its customer forums, Fitbit has outlined its plans for integration with iOS 8’s Health app. Essentially, the company has none.

We do not currently have plans to integrate with HealthKit… It is an interesting new platform and we will watch as it matures, looking for opportunities to improve the Fitbit experience. At the moment, we’re working on other exciting projects that we think will be valuable to users.

While Fitbit doesn’t rule out future integration, the snub is notable as the company’s fitness trackers were highlighted by Apple during its HealthKit announcement at WWDC. Fitbit has left the door open for its user base to weigh in, however, asking them to specifically articulate their HealthKit wishlist. Hopefully Fitbit users can change the company’s mind, as integration with HealthKit would be a major boon to iOS 8.