WIND Mobile now offering smartphone protection plans starting $7 per month

WIND Mobile customers can now insure their devices against loss, theft, damage, or malfunction via Asurion Insurance services.

Protection plans are available starting today, October 7th, and prices start at $7 per month. Asurion also provides coverage for Rogers and Fido customers, and used to be the provider for TELUS before TELUS switched to eSecuritel back in April.

WIND’s pricing falls right in the middle of what competing carriers offer. TELUS’s eSecuritel coverage starts at $6 per month, while Rogers Asurion coverage starts at $7.99 per month (or $10.99 per month for any iPhone, the GS5, the Passport, the One M8, and a couple of other high-end devices). Bell’s device protection plan starts at $4 per month, but that only covers malfunction beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for an additional 12 months. If you want protection against damage or theft, their plans start at $7, too.

Protection is available for WIND customers within 15 days of a new activation or upgrade and covers all wireless devices and standard accessories, including batteries, chargers, SIM cards and memory cards.