Pebble lowers base smartwatch to $99 USD, boasts 4,000 apps

Pebble, the original smartwatch and massive Kickstarter success, has permanently lowered the price of its two models, Pebble and Pebble Steel, to $99 and $199 respectively (all prices USD).

The company now boasts over 4,000 apps in its appstore, which launched in January, and has over 18,000 developers participating in the community. And with a new update, Pebble now takes advantage of its recently-dormant accelerometer and compass to provide background activity tracking, working with companies like Swim.com, Jawbone and Misfit to ascertain fitness metrics and synchronize them with a particular ecosystem. (Jawbone just launched its first health-related app that doesn’t rely on one of its fitness bands.)

Pebble can now also track sleep using that same accelerometer and the “class-leading multi-day battery life” it loves to point out.

In addition to launching a retail presence in new regions like Benelux and Scandinavia, Pebble’s price drop should make it a more enticing prospect next to more-expensive Android Wear and Gear products, as well as the upcoming Apple Watch.