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Google Glass gets approved by Industry Canada as Sony teases SmartEyeglasses [Update]

Update (October 3rd): The Government unveiled new e-labelling rules that “opens market for wearable technology in Canada.” Manufacturers are now able to send you information about its products electronically rather than imprinting them on your device.

While the news of Google Glass being approved by Canadian regulators a few weeks ago, a statement has been released:

“Glass has regulatory approval from Industry Canada and we’re super excited to bring Glass north of the border. We don’t have a timeframe to share at this time, but Glass will comply with all regulations when it launches in Canada.”

Unfortunately, Google has no date yet of when Glass will officially be available to Canadians.

Google Glass isn’t yet available in Canada but that could change soon. The company has yet to confirm its plans for Canada but a unit sent to one Explorer suggests that the company’s $1500 wearable is ready for its Canadian debut, at least as far as Industry Canada is concerned.

AndroidPolice reports that Google Explorer Brian Buquoi received his Google Glass unit with a card that said the device was approved by Canadian regulators. Buquoi lives in Baton Rouge but it seems the card was included in his Google Glass kit when it arrived.

If the prospect of Google Glass coming to Canada doesn’t excite you, spare a thought for Sony, whose ‘SmartEyeglass’ is currently in the prototype stage (let’s hope that name is in the prototype stage, too) and will be out next March. Engadget points to a video in which the company shows off a set of goggle-style glasses equipped with a 3MP camera as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, brightness sensor, and a microphone.

The company highlights the SmartEyeglass’s thin, lightweight design, even if it is a higher profile (read: uglier) design compared to Google Glass. Similar to Glass, SmartEyeglass offers navigation visualization, notifications, facial recognition, and has potential applications for augmented reality, among other things. No word on price yet but we’ll keep you posted.

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