Android Wear update brings improved navigation and recurring alarms to Moto 360, Gear Live, and G Watch users

Calling all Android Wear users. Google has just released a fresh update for Android Wear. Version. 4.4W.1. This update was first spotted on Monday on the Gear Live and is now making its way to Moto 360 an G Watch users.

Before you get too excited, this isn’t either of the updates Google has been talking about over the last week or so, which will arrive this year and bring support for custom watch faces, GPS, and offline music playback. This is a minor update that brings some smaller (but still noticeable) changes.

Android Wear 4.4W.1 brings improved navigation when combined with the latest version of Google Maps. Users will now be offered multiple destinations before Android Wear launches into turn-by-turn navigation, which means you can scroll through and manually select the precise location or store you’re looking for instead of relying on Google to make the right call. The watch will also vibrate for every turn you make, notifying you when you’ve completed each little stage of your journey, and you can now select your preferred mode of transport.

The other small change is that users can now set recurring alarms thanks to a new alarm interface.

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