City of Ottawa releases mayoral election app for iOS, Android, and Blackberry


  • Mark James

    Not a native app for BlackBerry, it’s just a link to a mobile website lazily stuck on DataCloud. Didn’t even bother with a domain (cost of buying one? $9.95).

    Design fail. Developers launching ‘apps’ that are really just websites drive me a bit crazy.

    • southerndinner

      Why bother? Outside of politicians themselves, no one has that garbage phones to download the app on that platform anyway.

      Less than 2.5 percent market share means no one cares.

    • Mark James

      If we were talking about Toronto, sure. Ottawa is a government town and has a disproportionately high market share because of it. BlackBerry is still the only smartphone vendor with multiple high security certifications meeting government requirements.

    • William CC

      Even in Toronto there is a large market share; Ontario has lots of BB action. The rest of Canada, not so much.
      And considering shipments when up 15% from last quarter when the new CEO came in, and the stock has risen in response to the new CEO’s plan of action, and the fact that they’ve finish downsizing and have returned to an attitude of acquisitions (recently acquiring a security firm), the failure of the Blackphone (the supposed BlackBerry killer that was rooted in 5 min), the upcoming Passport which has generated a lot of positive buzz, the release of BBM Protected, the continual growth of BES10, the fact that QNX (a BlackBerry subsidiary) is in nearly ever car’s computer (not to mention that even Apple’s auto-facing OS is built and depends on QNX)… I daresay simply “dismissing” BB is a thing of the past.

    • Mark James

      Valid points, I’d forgotten that Toronto’s market share numbers were up. Not relevant to this conversation, but interesting: the QNX core OS runs the infrastructure of quite a few nuclear power plants. It’s a serious piece of software.

    • Accophox

      Actually, the blackphone took much longer than 5 minutes to hack. It’s just that some reporter put up a sensationalist headline claiming 5 minutes.

      Arstechnica has a breakdown on how the blackphone was hacked. Google (cause there’s a link filter…) “Blackphone goes to Def Con and gets hacked—sort of” for the article.

    • Andrew Barr


    • 5Gs

      Totally agree.

  • 5Gs

    So in future it will be decided who wins before even election start. Talk about honest rigging.

  • Damnit even in politics there’s no love for Windows Phone lol.

  • Hungrier

    Is this news? According to the store pages, the app was released in May (iOS), June (Android), and a blank page with a site survey popup (Blackberry)