QNX in the middle of ongoing in-car mobile device integration evolution


  • afdf

    I will never buy another vehicle with Microsoft in the infotainment cluster. You hear me Ford? It is literally the only thing I don’t like about my F-150. I never knew you can make such a simple thing in such a poor way.

    • FKnm

      Totally agree. It’s such a dummy system in my focus…

  • Colin Chong

    Auto manufacturers will have to support nearly all handsets. When consumers hit the dealerships, they don’t want to worry about whether their $200 will work with their $20,000 car. The embedded infotainment and Telematics system in the car will have to be robust in its own right, but seamless connectivity between all devices will also be crucial a highly desired feature. There’s no mention of Bluetooth here, but it has largely failed for mass adoption of in car pairing. I’d bet on cloud/identity syncs to gain more prevalence in the future.

  • 3aliensfromsaturn

    Automakers need QNX. They are NOT software savvy and more and more consumers want to be able to communicated via vehicle while driving.

  • JB

    Excellent write up, and was an informing read. Cheers.

  • uywin

    right. and apple is working on a time machine. QNX will never bring anything to market. how long have they been working on the same thing for years?

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      You understand that QNX is the dominant player in automotive infotainment currently yes? Their automotive suite is out and have been used for many years by many manufacturers already.

    • Me Ted

      Nokia used to be the dominant player in the mobile space. We all know how that turned out. I’d rather have Apple or Google powering my car’s “infotainment system” than these other jokers who have lost the plot.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      What are you talking about, uywin said “QNX would never bring anything to market” and I responded that he/she is clueless because they’re already the dominant player in automotive infotainment.

      Learn to stay on topic Ted.

    • Me Ted

      “You understand that QNX is the dominant player in automotive infotainment currently yes?”

      You said that. I responded to it. Maybe you didn’t read your own post. No need to be a douchnozzle.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Right, in response to the OP claiming they don’t have anything on the market.

      You’re entitled to your feelings, but it has nothing to do with the discussion in this thread.

      It’s difficult to tell whose a troll and whose not in these types of discussions, so if trolling wasn’t your intention, I apologize. But you calling QNX “jokers” when in fact they are the backbone of the best infotainments out there didn’t help your cause.

    • Me Ted

      ‘But you calling QNX “jokers” when in fact they are the backbone of the best infotainments out there didn’t help your cause.”

      My point is simple. Apple and Google will eventually take over this space as well.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Which is great, you’re free to post that in a new thread.

      What your feeling has to do with my response to the OP, I have no idea.

    • Striker67

      That’s assuming a lot. Unlike the phone makers these guys are not sitting on their thumbs and are working collaboratively with both apple and google

    • igs terious

      The primary need of the telematics and connected car systems is security. Considering how Google´s Android so vulnerable to attacks (not even mentioning the OS stability), this “eventual takeover” is not happening in decades.

      Once again, as others pointed out, please get your information right befor you engage in a discussion here. Thank you.

    • Striker67

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Me Ted

      Really. That’s your rebuttal? Lol. Spoken like someone who has a vested interest in the platform. Typical.

    • Striker67

      LOL…Okay. Your apple and google dominance is so far from what is happening that it hardly warrants a rebuttal. Since both Apple and Google are using QNX as a bridge to the current infrastructure in much of the automotive industry you have no basis for your comment. The fact that both are using it right now negates your theory that they will take over. The automotive industry moves much slower than tech so even if it were true it would be years and I mean many years away from actual implementation. Trust me I wish I had a vested interest.

    • Me Ted

      QNX is the middle man in both of these partnerships. Google and Apple move far too quickly and demand quite a lot from their own ecosystems especially when it comes to innovation. How long do you think it’ll be before both of them decide to go it on their own because Blackberry can’t match their pace?

    • Striker67

      Now we have hit the nail on the head. It’s a blackberry thing. QNX Automotive is totally separate from the Blackberry stuff. No impact on the automotive stuff. remember it was blackberry who bought QNX for their operating system. Also, when it comes to stuff like this if they can’t buy them they do work with them and pay royalties if necessary. I read once that Google pays Microsoft so much for royalties each android licence. QNX is an established platform on the automotive front. Much different scenario than the smartphone arena.

    • midnightdoom

      You obviously don’t know much about QNX or read the article.. they are the infrastructure behind OnStar, Ford is switching to them, they are in Mercedes, BMW. Not to mention hospitals and warehouse inventory systems used by companies like Amazon. They run the systems that control traffic lights.. QNX is in a lot of areas, and they will only be in more and you won’t even know it, hence how the article says QNX is the building blocks being Car play and Android Auto

    • janis

      ford is switching to them? lmao. do you know anything? those were rumours and it was confirmed FALSE.
      right..qnx is everywhere..yet we don’t see them and the parents company is going bankrupt.

    • hoo dat

      And you’re accusing others of not knowing anything? I am LMFAO here, I really am! It has been subsequently and tacitly confirmed that QNX will be taking over from Microsoft to develop OS for their in car infotainment systems. Oh, and can you provide a link that proves the BlackBerry is bankrupt or heading that way? All this spite toward a company just because you don’t like them is truly odd and unwarranted.

    • midnightdoom

      Funny, even this article says Ford is switching, CNET is still reporting the switch as of a few weeks ago too. My factory also supplies ford and the Auto news postings they give us to keep us updates with auto industry says there’s a switch. But ok, treat it as unconfirmed until Ford actually makes a press release. It was one small example you had to use to make it a BlackBerry bashing.. BlackBerry is not going bankrupt and those were just a handful of the areas qnx is in.. I did leave out ALOT

    • igs terious

      sources for the rumor confirmed false?
      sources for the parent company going bankrupt?

    • hoo dat

      You forgot nuclear power stations, military establishments, government facilities, automotive manufacturing facilities, etc, etc. There aren’t very many people in the world that aren’t touched somehow by QNX software.

    • Did you even READ this article?!

      To our editor:
      NVidia Tegra 2 was used in the Audi A8 just 4yrs ago … their NOT new at infotainment chipsets … you need to research and revise your article.

  • ldk2bsure

    Has anyone heared when QNX for Myford Touch will be able to be retrofitted on existing systems?