KryptoKit launches mobile-friendly Bitcoin wallet RushWallet

bitcoin RushWallet

Bitcoin is exploding right now, and as more traditional entrants battle to offer viable mobile payment solutions, it was only matter of time until a bitcoin offering emerged. Enter RushWallet, a mobile-friendly website designed to work in all browsers, and send and receive bitcoin payments instantly.

Upon first entering the site, KryptoKit, known for its bitcoin wallet browser extension, generates a secret URL that becomes the user’s personal RushWallet. That URL requires no login credentials, forcing users to bookmark it specifically (a password can be added, but if you lose the URL, so goes your wallet access along with whatever amount stored within it). Transferring money is as simple as entering in the required bitcoin address and a dollar amount (RushWallet also integrates with OneName’s bitcoin username registry to speed up the process even more), and not information is stored by KryptoKit.

RushWallet is available now for all bitcoin tycoons to try via the source link below.