WIND Mobile now has 741,000 wireless subscribers


  • Peter

    Now we know where all the Rogers clients are going. lol

    • graze81

      Yup, I was a Rogers user who jumped ship to Wind.

    • Balls O’Steele

      I’ll jump into wind if they reduce Canadian data roaming to $7/GB like Fido.

    • It’s Me

      Fido charges for Canadian roaming?

      Wind will charge less for Canadian roaming as soon as Rogers stops charging them $1000/GB for Canadian roaming. Wind makes $0 off of Canadian roaming.

      And where did you see $7/GB? On their own network, Fido charges $30/GB as an add-on. Don’t see how they would charge $7/GB roaming anywhere.

    • Anonymous501

      What’s the incentive for Rogers/Bell/Telus to allow affordable roaming? The one thing they have over Wind, is a much bigger more comprehensive cell network. If Wind was able to access those networks at reasonable prices, then Wind would be cheaper than the big 3, and that would impact their business model.

      It’s like internet resellers. The big 3 don’t want the competition getting access to their gear. If you really want to compete you have to do your own build out.

    • It’s Me

      The incentive doesn’t really matter. A requirement of their license says that they must provide domestic roaming at rates that are fair and reasonable and inline with industry norms. $1000 doesn’t meet any of those stipulations.

      The only reason Wind accepted was that Rogers delayed the agreement until a few weeks before Wind’s official launch. Wind had a choice of forcing Rogers into arbitration, which could take months but would have likely resulted in a sane rate, or accept the terms offered in order to be able to launch with national roaming. It was a shakedown.

      But you are right, it is analogous to internet resellers. And without the regulation that opened access to the incumbents copper, we would never have seen the smaller resellers take root. We’ve all benefitted from that regulation.

    • mastjaso

      The CRTC actually already changed the rules this year and mandated that Rogers / Bell / Telus can’t charge new entrants more for roaming than they do their own customers.

    • It’s Me

      Actually, the CRTC hasn’t ruled on it yet. The government did include that provision in bill C-31. CRTC has the ability to impose more regulation on this.

    • Anonymous501

      Good luck with that. Fido is owned by Telus (or was it bell) which means Fido is on the Bell/Telus network. That network is pretty extensive. The only other Canadian network you could roam onto would be Rogers, and imagine there’s only so many places where Rogers has coverage but Bell/Telus doesn’t (and vice versa). If Rogers and Bell/Telus make an agreement it doesn’t have much impact because they’re both expensive and it only impacts a handful of areas.

      If Wind got decent roaming rates, then they would severely be undercutting Rogers/Telus/Bell. Of course Rogers/Telus/Bell is going to charge them out through the nose to roam on their network.. lol…. Without roaming Wind is a pretty small limited network only available in certain areas. Thus many people stay on the big 3 as it’s a larger more stable network. If Wind customers could roam for next to nothing on their networks, their business model falls apart. Thus Wind needs to build their own network.

    • Nexus

      Fido is actually owned by Rogers

    • oj
    • It’s Me

      Fido is owned by Rogers but most of your points hold.

      The problem is that the rates Rogers is charging Wind are clearly out of line with the requirements of their license conditions.

    • KiwiBri

      err.. FIDO Is a Robbers brand. Get your story right 😉

    • Brian Cabbagehead

      Way to go! now our wind creds are all shot down!

    • Nexzen

      Since when does Fido charge for Canadian roaming… Is your plan like 10yrs old.

    • Dragoslav Zuber

      I’m doing the exact opposite. I was on virgin (bell) when the iPhone 5 came out then switched to wind when they got the nano sim. They’re speeds are so slow and coverage is very spotty. I will go to rogers wireless when the iPhone 6 is released. I get a special employee pricing ($50/mo unlimited talk, text, and LTE data)

    • graze81

      Oh really? Seems to be working out great for me. I understand the speed isn’t LTE, but it’s good enough. Sorry I want to pay less for more services.

    • 5Gs

      It’s been known long time ago. It’s just some people are afraid to jump ships and some robelus’r fanboys spreading rumors of wind having no signal at all is keeping some people to jump or else the number could have been really higher.

      My friend who is home inspector and he travels all over the places and he seems to be happy and just switched all his lines over to WIND and always thank me for saving him money where he was paying over $100 with rogers for only one line and he is paying that much for 3 lines now with real unlimited plans.

      Impressive eh!

    • Martini

      I jumped ship to WIND back in December and was wondering why I didn’t join them sooner. They seem to be getting better by the day while analysts keep saying that they’re doing poorer, which isn’t true.

    • ScooterinAB

      Analysts always know a little more about what’s going on behind the scenes than a customer who only looks at the price tag. Just saying.

      Wind is in serious, long term trouble. That they have been slowly growing just shows that all of the black magic and virgin sacrifices are still working, because there is just no other way to describe it. There are problems. Huge, glaring problems. Ones that will get worse the longer the company tries to ignore them and show a stiff upper lip.

    • Matt

      I’m not doubting what you’re saying but do you have any links which can clarify or expand on what you’re talking about?

    • Xam

      Name said problems or gtfo.

    • ScooterinAB

      Learn to use Google. Said problems are easy enough to find. And learn proper etiquette. Swearing at me and telling me to leave a discussion because you don’t like my response isn’t going to get you anywhere.

      But here is a summary, for the courtesy of any passers-by. Wind does not have a high enough ARPU (average revenue per user, a standard metric for measuring subscriber spending and a company’s health) to sustain growth. This means it cannot generate the capital needed in order to grow it’s network, expand into new markets, open more stores, or upgrade their network to LTE. Running a company as a constant fire-sale is a cute maneuver, but it doesn’t generate the long term stability that any business needs.

      Further, Wind had several internal problems two years ago regarding poor recruitment, deceit, and substandard customer service. While I cannot say for certain that these problems continue to exist, I have seen no evidence that Wind has corrected them. All of these things can affect the customer in the end, which affects the growth of the company. To be fair, many of the Big 3 have similar problems, but the degree to which these existed in Wind was quite high.

      Lastly, the company’s standing with regards to Industry Canada is no different than it was when it started. The company can barely afford to stay in business, let alone compete in the market by investing in new licenses and growth. That after over a half decade the company still requires special treatment and special bids yet can’t even take advantage of that only proves this.

      If Wind was the strong movement that everyone claimed it was, they would have the capital to invest in their growth and be able to display a viable and sustainable business model that shows long term growth. But if I can run the math and punch holes in their finances with a mere 20 minutes of study and number crunching (which I have done here in the past on a few occasions), this shows that Wind has serious long term troubles to face.

      Does that satisfy you?

    • 5Gs


    • ScooterinAB

      By the way, real unlimited shouldn’t have limits on it.

    • Anthony Y

      Wind’s plan is not really unlimited. Get your fact straight. Also, it is not rumor that Wind has bad signal. Wind has almost frustrating zero to one bar signal most of the time. I had the $40 plan for 2 months. I had bought the Sim card for $35. Prepaid in advance as well. Can’t watch YouTube AT ALL. Can’t do Skype. Can’t do almost anything. Speedtest app test failed speed test 9/10 times. I was on Nexus 5. Called tech 5 times. Went through their manager twice. Called me back 6 times nothing happened. I still have my Sim card and receipt to prove. No refund since I prepaid first. So dumb of me.

      Now you tell me what’s so great about Wind. They can pay me and I still wouldn’t use it. Fido is around $30 more for the same thing but I need my data speed and coverage. I am happy with my Fido now unless some miracle changes Wind’s network.

    • Matt

      the problem isn’t with Wind. Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are known for signal problems. I’ve had these two devices with Wind and yes both had signal problems. The signal problems aren’t necessarily wind mobiles problem its the device. I’m now with a galaxy s5 and signal is perfect. same with device I had before blackberry z10 perfect full signal. Perhaps change your nexus 5 with another device then all your signal problems will be solved

    • Anthony Y

      I would disagree that it is Nexus 5 issue. I was actually at the Wind store swapping between the Wind Sim card and the Fido Sim card with my girl’s S4 and my N5 right in front of the sales. Fido shows 4 bars with LTE words on top. Wind shows 1 bar and sometimes it popped an alert telling us no Wind service. The Wind sales was speechless. It wasn’t the sales’ fault but it is what it is. I am not the type that put down on a product or service without trying everything first. There were a few guys waiting on the line asking me questions but I just say it’s not for everyone.

    • gommer strike

      Your girl’s S4 is an unlocked phone? How was it able to just accept SIM’s from two different carriers?

    • Xam

      You all had unlocked phone of what ? Answer the question fuqboi !

    • Dragoslav Zuber

      It’s not the phone. That story pretty much described everything I’ve been going through. I have an unlocked iPhone 5 so it’s not the handset (it’s the network).

    • Brian Cabbagehead

      Umm that’s the return line. I was there. 🙁

  • Kevin Whynot

    Now to get Wind Mobe to come to Nova Scotia

    • 5Gs

      Lets hope you will be the first customer to join them once they get there. I wait for that day 😉 Good luck since then.

    • McNucklefuts

      I hope that they will partner with East Link for a mutually beneficial roaming/network sharing agreement.
      Right now unfortunately WIND doesn’t own any spectrum for the maritimes – and has no way to get more spectrum

    • Brian Cabbagehead

      less wifebeater more cash! you should be supporting wind! send them money you rogers shill

  • kb

    as soon as Wind has decent coverage in my area I’m more than happy to switch. Hoping they get some money so they can keep expanding without raising rates

    • kb

      wow guy did you even read my post? I said I would switch meaning I’m already with one of the big 3. I also didn’t say expand. I live in one of their zones but theres a few holes that a couple towers could fix really easy. I’m sorry that you’re so bitter towards new competition.

    • dd

      you dumb person, wind is always expanding their coverage. they keep adding new cities. stop hiding under a rock

    • Brian Cabbagehead

      wind is the best! fight the good fight my fellow wind troll!

  • Shariq Ahmed

    ignorant little matey ar’yee?
    Go to US and you will see providers like at&t and T-mobile plans for half of what we pay here with LTE and everything. Plans that rogers provides for 80+ bucks a month is 40 bucks there.

    • Shariq Ahmed

      You’re right, they have nothing to do with us. Let’s just keep paying more for service than its worth, they know people of Canada have no other choice so they can make their plans however much they want.
      I didn’t know premium service meant being ripped off until now, thanks for clearing my mind! 🙂

    • Brian Cabbagehead

      Wind is the best!!!!

  • It’s Me

    They fought that tooth and nail. They only “let” them because their license requires that they do.

  • graze81

    Trolling, like, pimping, can’t be easy.

  • beyond

    LTE is overrated, for general usage 3G is enough. And with the amount of bandwidth those Big 3 plans offer LTE is kind of pointless, I mean I doubt anyone is doing heavy duty streaming on a 500MB plan?

    • Accophox

      Goodbye data allotment… churning through 500MB at 25Mbit/s… clocks in at just under 3 minutes…

    • KiwiBri

      I liked my LTE streaming during the winter olympics and FIFA World cup. 🙂

    • mf

      I liked my 6 GB for $30 all in HD World Cup streaming on Wind too.

      CBC’s HD streams on PC (through hotspot) were about 3.4 Mbps which Wind can handle no problem.

    • Anthony Y

      I agree. Vancouver has really bad coverage with Wind. Nexus 5 here.

    • Walter

      I loved my HSDPA streaming during the world. 🙂

    • gommer strike

      Actually people do. They stream Google Music over the air through their smartphone and pipe that to their car’s speakers. It seems like an awfully expensive way to use data, considering they can just play their music right from their phone’s storage or even just turn the radio on, but yeah

    • Dragoslav Zuber

      You are sadly mistaken. I have a $30 unlimited everything plan on wind and I cannot stand the speeds, videos don’t load if I have less than 5 bars of service and web pages take their sweet *** time if I have less than 4 bars. E on Robelus is as fast as Wind’s 3G with 3 bars of service [I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Switching to rogers when the next iPhone comes out so I won’t have to pay $750 for an unlocked T-Mobile variant again

  • Sérgio Da Silva

    I moved to WIND one month ago after 4 years with Virgin Mobile, the speed the coverage are not the best but I love the fact I can make international calls for $0.02 a minute!
    I cannot expect that a new company can be at the same postion of an older company. It takes time to grow, I am patient… And my bank account thanks WIND for the savings 🙂

    • Anthony Y

      I am one of the customers who switch from Wind to Fido as along with my friends. We couldn’t stand the speed and coverage like you mentioned. $30 more is nothing for us as long as we have LTE and good coverage. PS: Wind also lie to us that unlimited data is not really unlimited!

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      The reason I like WIND is because in my household we have 3 cellphone accounts and just to start I get $15 discount plus the fact I safe around $30 in each account, and also because I call a lot outside of Canada and where I live the network is not that bad.

      I am not rich so I don’t want to live like a rich person, every penny in my pocket makes a difference 😉

      I loved Virgin Mobile (Bell), really great coverage and I had a Canada wide Unlimited with 2GB for $56 but I was always using around 3GB so was $10 on top of the $56 and no International Call at lower prices. The Wind unlimited is around 5GB and I don’t reach that.

      For now I am OK with WIND but I can change to other provider in a heart beat if they low the prices.

    • Matt

      They did not lie. If anything, you failed to read and understand the information about the plan you signed up for (and still don’t understand it). There is no data cap however it DOES get throttled to a lower speed after a certain amount. You are still receiving unlimited access.

  • Shariq Ahmed

    That’s actually dope, how did you do it?

  • QQ

    Can’t wait for them to cross the 1 million mark….

  • vn33

    Good for you Wind! Can’t wait for coverage in my area so those who live here will have an alternative to high monthly fees

  • Andrew English

    I just hope WIND has the man power and cell towers to keep up with the demand or all those Rogers, Telus, and Bell customers who switch to WIND will be going to back to their old carrier.

    • ScooterinAB

      Welcome to wireless, and the dreaded metric known as churn. Numbers go up and down all the time with every carrier. Wind already experiences this problem (as does every carrier, to an extent).

  • corey Dyck

    Looks like people are finally fed up with Rogers and Telus charging them more than twice as much. With data roaming going down into the $15/gb range in the near future instead of $1000/gb these numbers should continue to grow. It will also be interseting to see how the landscape changes when they roll out their own LTE network in a couple of years.

    • 5Gs

      It’ll be a battlefield in couple of years. I just want competition to grow so much to a point where consumers don’t suffer any more.

  • 5Gs

    WIND is here to STAY ! I left rogers as soon as wind came out even though i had 1 month left with rogers but still end up saving bucks and ever since my bills always went down instead of going up and yes there were hiccups here and there but it all paid off at the end.

    Now i enjoy my phone without looking at what time of a day is it and or if my minutes are free or am i running out of my 150 free charity minutes.

  • abubakar


    • J-Ro

      Lol that’s clever

  • AGoodM8

    WIND: what Mobilicity/Public Mobile should have been.

  • d a

    and that’s what’s kept me from moving over to this point but it’s getting harder and harder every month when I look at my bill.

    • AGoodM8

      You should go for it. The more subs Wind has, the more they can improve their network.. so many people are on the fence, can you imagine how much better the network would be if more of them joined in?

    • J-Ro

      It would actually be worse. More people on would cause what is likely happen to a select few in certain areas now, congestion. They would need to expand according to meet new customer demand and we all should know by now that growth and spending of that level doesn’t happen over night.

  • disqusmy

    If the legislation will lower the roaming rate, pretty sure many will jump ship faster.

  • Pilot39

    You are J-Ro, that is already happening, in Ottawa the data speeds are horrible and in the core the reception has gotten worse, I have heard people say that the reception has gotten worse and where people have had service before they now have non. You are right for the fact that if Wind does not add more tower they are dead in the water because they will just turn into another Mobilicity, in some city’s they can’t handle the subs they have now. The more people that join the greater strain there in on the existing towers, and the slower your data speeds are and the higher chance your call gets dropped.

  • skullan

    Crappy plan value versus reduced coverage… crappy value, reduced coverage.
    I’m glad Wind is starting to pick up, people are just completely wallet weary from the others.

  • Matt

    I’ve been a Wind customer for just over a year now and I must say I absolutely love it. I’m out of the city and even cross the border quite frequently however my Wind + roaming charges are still WAY less than the cost of a Robellus contract (I have yet to pay over $40 in a month with all taxes and fees included).

  • gommer strike

    And there you go guys. Choice.

    WIND *is* competition. congrats

  • Xfour00

    if only LTE