WIND Mobile has over 700,000 active subscribers, reports Q1 as ‘best quarter ever’


  • Blaktron

    I use them, and while there are minor data interruptions, they certainly don’t add up to 50 or 60 bucks of annoyance a month. So worth it.

    • iPwn8599

      where abouts are you living?

      I’m in Bradford/Newmarket (GTA) and work in Richmond Hill – I want to make the leap but I dont want to have terrible service..

    • Blaktron

      Downtown Edmonton.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Get a prepaid account to test. If it works, then port your number. If not, then you’ve only spent $30 or so to check it out

    • HeyYoWL

      This is what I did. There was no issue whatsoever, made the switch.

    • Anon-e-mouse

      Unfortunatley, Wind no longer offers prepaid as of a couple months ago.

    • Deddyman

      WIND stopped offering their PYW services in April.

      They still offer Prepaid with their Pay Before Monthly plans. $25 for a SIM + $25 for the lowest monthly plan is still not too bad. Though having been with them for years, I would recommend just jumping ship completely.

    • Nexzen

      They offer prepaid on all their plans, just not pay your way.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Then get a postpaid sim and quit mid month if you don’t like it. The principal is the same. Try it out. It will cost 20-30$ and then you will know

    • Greg Sandsonni

      Check the coverage map on their site.

    • gommer strike

      A test should still be done to ensure satisfaction. Here in downtown Vancouver there are small dead zone pockets here and there – it’s up to the user if these don’t matter – in most cases it probably shouldn’t.

    • deltatux

      Newmarket should have good coverage, not sure about Bradford though. Richmond Hill has pretty good coverage too as I live there. However, there are some dead spots but those are usually heavily dense tree spots but flat open land or developed areas are fine.

    • HeyYoWL

      Yeah I’ve never had an issue in Newmarket or Richmond Hill, but Bradford is unknown to me.

    • FunkyMonkey

      Bradford is unknown to everyone lol

    • Collins

      posts on the wind FB site state Newmarket is spotty now that wind pulled some antennas.

    • McNucklefuts

      Hey there is a return period. So if you sign up with them and then go check out their coverage at all the places you go to you should be fine.
      Back when I did it it was two weeks as long as I was under 30min talk time. It may have changed. I just hoped on a bus, sent messages, and used the web. Made one or two short calls to make sure it didn’t sound terrible or drop all the time.

      Best switch I ever made.

    • Benny X

      i hope on a bus quite frequently as well in certain areas of the city, because there are stops where one can end up waiting forever for a bus to show up..

    • Viktor Elias

      I have exciting news for you iPwn8599! WIND Mobile is expanding into Bradford this coming summer (middle). This has been confirmed by them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. I’ve also spoken with their reps 🙂

    • iPwn8599

      that just gave me a weird mobile boner

    • Viktor Elias

      This has been confirmed by WIND 😉

    • Collins

      by who? wind is not saying a word you pay troll.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Check out coverage mapper the site and search for Wind Mobile’s coverage map. You can see what people report for coverage within the area if you don’t want to put down for one month service and sim card.

    • iPwn8599

      I’ve checked out the site, and I can see that it does cover for the most part between the 400 and 404 (where I essentially spend 99% of my life) with the odd time travelling up to Borden/Barrie.

      I was just curious about real life experience with users.

  • Tech Guru

    Wind lol

    • Guest

      Tech Guru lol

    • WiZZLa

      He IS a Tech Guru …who happens to follow KATY PERRY AND Ryan Seacrest on Twitter…

    • Benny X

      when Katy Perry dies I’m gonna cut off her boobs, preserve them, and mount them on the wall facing my bed. Then I can wake up every morning to them. It will be like instant sunshine.

      I hope she dies young. I don’t need no floppy raisins on my wall scaring the mice.

  • iPwn8599

    Although, I wouldnt be happy to see Wind sold, being purchased by Quebecor would grant them access to the 700 MHZ spectrum – or am I wrong to assume this?

  • Croc Ography

    I love their service but I do hope they build a few new towers in the downtown GTA core. Still too many areas with no service. (not that this inconvenience would make me switch back to Rogers)

    • deltatux

      Where in downtown do you not get coverage? I’m downtown quite often and I have yet to lose signal. The worst I get is data congestion.

    • Croc Ography

      It is spotty actually, I wish I had an app for this, or maybe Wind should create an app for the WIndows and Android phone platform to nail these areas down and automatically submit these blind spots to their headquarters for evaluation. With so few dedicated towers their building penetration is also problematic. (of course that is also partially the frequencies to blame)

  • vn33

    Let’s hope they can expand the service footprint and provide a viable option for more Canadians.

    • FlamesFan89

      The only change I would make to your post would be to say “continue to expand”. I’ve been looking at their coverage map since the beginning and have watched it grow nicely. If a couple more areas where I am frequently located (visiting family and such), then I’m in. While it hasn’t (yet) made financial sense for me to switch, I have been cheering them on and hope that Wind is successful.

    • vn33

      You’re correct … I hope they will continue to expand. If I were not on a $50/6Gb corp plan, I would be a Wind customer by now

  • graze81

    Switched to Wind at the end of April. I’ve had no issues and while the data speed isn’t close to LTE speeds, it isn’t that slow either. Really happy with the service so far in Ottawa.

    • HeyYoWL

      Yeah for the people who complain about lack of LTE but are in Wind’s coverage area, I gotta ask, is LTE worth paying double to triple a Wind phone bill every month?

    • barrist

      I pay 45/month for LTE 6 gig /unlimited canada wide calling, on Virgin. I lovessss the special plans.

      Wind’s US roaming plan is interesting though

    • Nexzen

      Ya… Not a regular market plan so why bring it up?

    • barrist

      To make Wind subscribers mad of course!

    • Nexzen

      Why would they be mad? They r paying and avg of $31/month. No reason to pay $45… LTE is useless. Waste of battery n not a necessity. I rather pay $39 for the us roaming plan.

    • barrist

      I was joking… I just like to mention it whenever someone on Wind says people on the other networks pay 3 times more.

      $31 is the average, the comparable regular plan Unlimited Data/Unlimited Canada Calling/Texting on Wind is $40. So for me, yes paying $5 more for Canada wide LTE and calling is worth it.

      LTE doesn’t seem to waste any more battery than non-LTE for me, it probably depends on the signal strength of where you are. And judging something to be a necessity is fairly subjective in the world of cell phone features. Some might say being able to have constant data coverage (not roaming) across the country is a necessity to them.

      I did say the US roaming plan was interesting. If I were traveling in the US for an extended period of time, i’d probably sign up to get it, then cancel it when I’m back home.

    • garychencool

      LTE is useful, the speeds are a lot faster than hspa (20-60 down). More than enough for streaming HD Netflix if you want or do video calls on the go. LTE seems to use less battery than hspa given you get full signal all the time. The wall penetration sucks but even at 1 bar LTE I can get 20 down. Also you get what you pay for, wind doesn’t have super good reception (yet) but it’s improving every day. Funny how USA coverage is better than Canada coverage.

    • Fairy GodMother

      Hey Hey Hey?! Did you just say you’re limited to 6gigs of data!????!! MY God! I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU! Here on the WIND side we have NO LIMITS! The possibilities are endless! Stream videos on my phone! NO PROBLEM! Watch youtube. HECK YEA! Download Torrents. WHY NOT!!! I even share my data with entire bus loads of people when Im on school trips or even on public transport just to be nice!

      Im not trying to be rude, you do have a point LTE is nice, but hey, if I wanted faster data I would just be at home on my computer, and almost every major provider offers unlimited calling and texting.

      All I’m trying to say to you is…. Welcome to the future, it’s name is WIND and we have unlimited Internet!

    • Noah Roesler

      LTE is hella fast haha. Way faster then my home internet anyways.

  • Balls O’Steele

    The unlimited us roaming was definitely a good move. Now if only they could reduce their Canada roaming fees, they would be awesome

    • Jonavin

      You’d have to talk to Rogers about that. WIND would love to give the same deal in Canada but Rogers charges too much for roaming.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Of course robellus won’t do help wind, so the government must force them to do it. Not all regulation is a bad thing.

    • Bubzilla

      Rogers, Bell and Telus(who are totally not in league together by the way!) know that helping Wind grow would screw them, so they will do anything they can to stunt their growth. a 10 dollar a month surcharge to allow Wind customers access to their 3G(not even their LTE) towers while roaming would probably be more feasible than it sounds, but on a business standpoint, why would they? Their insulting price points show just how unafraid of Wind they really are, and it’s frustrating.

    • gommer strike

      And so why not make the switch? More customers = more money for WIND = more expanded coverage = just gets better and better

  • eggfoo

    Quebecor doesn’t have the money to buy Wind let alone deploy the 700 mhz they bought in the auction.

    • Viktor Elias

      They most definitely do. Look at how much they make every year…

    • Nexzen

      They do.

  • Vineet Sharma

    I just switched from Mobilicity to WIND, Data speed is better but coverage inside the buildings is still need to be improved. Bid for 700 MHZ spectrum could have helped that!

    • someguy

      Blame the government for that…they talk a big game about diversity and yet still shut out vimplecom. Hypocrites

    • Nexzen

      All our govt needed to do was give full control to vipelcom and we would have 700mhz today.

    • Viktor Elias

      Exactly! I don’t understand why our government wouldn’t just accept the foreign investment. China already bought a Canadian oil company. What’s wrong with telecommunications?

    • skullan

      Oil is a physical natural resource should relations between Canada and China deteriorate, we can stop the removal of it.

      Telecommunications on the other hand, you have near instant access to sensitive data (credit cards, addresses, names) or long term snooping abilities. It’s much harder to prevent access to stuff that should stay on Canadian soil, when it’s simply 1s and 0s.

  • Jeremy Herring

    Data basically doesn’t work in the downtown core in toronto during business hours, which is obviously awesome.

  • nekkidtruth

    Hopefully this trend continues and we see WIND start to expand again or more importantly, fortify current problem areas. Not bidding on 700MHz was an extremely near-sighted decision, but I have a feeling they have something else up their sleeve.

    • Viktor Elias

      They’re expanding into Brantford this summer! Exciting news, eh?

    • Fight Back Fight Back

      just in Brantford just recently my cell phone is working There And All The Way To Cambridge

  • Columbo

    Nice to see them increase their ARPU by 12% but do so by actually adding additional value (unlimited US package) rather than by simple price increasing/gouging like some other companies.

  • Nexzen

    It would be tough to see Wind being sold.

    • Viktor Elias

      Won’t happen!!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    WIND should have launched a Kickstarter Campain before the 700 MHz Auction if they knew they don’t have the money to buy the Spectrum or if the Owner Vimpelcom would not back them up.

    I am sure Canadians who truly want competition and lower cell plans COST would have funded and helped them to
    Raise the cash to buy 700 MHz to deploy LTE. I WOULD HAVE.

    • thedesmodes

      Its not that the owner of Vimplecom won’t help them its because the Canadian government won’t let them invest more in Wind Mobile because of the Foreign Investment Laws (which don’t apply to oil).

    • Daniel Pogue

      This I believe is true. I haven’t read the exact rules on foreign ownership but this seems correct. The ideal would be to change these laws on foreign ownership so that Vimplecom could actually invest and make Wind a true competitor to the big 3

    • CADDMan71

      Vimpelcom, and Orascom before that, were NEVER prevented from investing more into Wind Mobile (aka Globalive), only outright owning. If Vimpelcom seriously thought Wind could make it they would continue to invest in Wind Canada, but they haven’t. That speak volumes.
      BTW, you don’t need to increase your ownership stake in a company to invest in it. That can be done through loans if you feel confident that you’ll get a return, and Vimpelcom obviously doesn’t see that potential. That’s unfortunate, and it’s due to the decisions made by Orascom at the start, not some fictional government restrictions that some want to use as a Red Herring.

  • Collins

    who writes this stuff? Vimpelcoms site has a very different number and what is this about he big 3 not being able to buy them? WHY is wind shopping Rogers then? It is no secret that Vimpelcom is in talks with rogers on a sale. at time I have to ask how pro wind mobile syrup is and why they blur the line? Talk to a few reps at wnd they will tell you how dead they are in sales..

    • Suleman Khan

      and if you are getting your info or your source is Wind Reps … I am sure it is Legit? …oh yeah about Rogers buying Wind that info is also provided to you by Wind Employees… Not sure what Website you were reading your stats from for Vimplecom but here is it for you :


      Mobile 1Q14 1Q13 YoY

      Customers (‘000) 702 602 17%

      ARPU (CAD) 31.0 27.6 12%

      This is Directly from Vimplecom…Please do your research before you post.

    • gommer strike

      well anecdotal is merely anecdotal right? I mean if he has a few buddies who work at WIND retail and they just stand there, day after day with little to no customers and even less sales…can’t fault the sales reps for kinda thinking hmm this is kinda dead

    • someguy

      You must be talking to dealer store reps

  • Viktor Elias

    Zazeen? What’s Vmedia? Is it one of those no name providers no one uses?

    • Viktor Elias

      Oh. I see what you’re thinking! I like that idea. What about a Videotron expansion? Do you think that’s a good idea?

    • Canadianman23

      No one uses? I use them and all my friends do to. They have very high speed packages for internet at a very good price, and it is cable so it is fast. And their IPTV pick and pay option is awesome. No more buying a bundle of channels you dont like to get the one you do.

  • CADDMan71

    It’s good to see that FINALLY, after 4 1/2 years of being on the air, they’re getting some reasonably good quarterly results. It’s unfortunate that their company leadership was so incompetent in their execution when entering the Canadian marketplace (they assumed everything would be handed to them on a silver platter, like in their other markets, as opposed to EARNING your place). They’re only now just approaching 50% of their intended 3yr customer target. I continue to help with the rollout of their network footprint, but their reputation has stained them from the start and the debt load they still have to support is quite a weight on their financial backs.

  • nekkidtruth

    No thanks. I don’t think it’s necessary for WIND to engage anything other than cellular. WIND is a cell phone carrier, not Bell or Rogers.

  • Viktor Elias

    Would you invest in WIND? I’m thinking about it… what do you think?

    • Canadianman23

      Save your money. I am not anti-wind, but they are will sold, and the company that owns them actively trashes them in the market place, doesnt invest in them and wants them sold to anyone who will take them.

  • Crumb

    I’ve honestly had no issues with WIND here in North York. I thought the data network was slow, but it turned out it was just my ancient phone. Not one billing issue. No dropped calls. All good.

    I only wish two things:
    1) they would have extended the 2-year pay-off promise to existing customers (I’ve been using this same device for 2 years 6 months, which is unheard of these days)
    2) that they had coverage just north of Newmarket, where my parents live.

  • Proud Windy

    Pretty Impressive. I am glad I chose them from day one with a positive attitude. They really improved awesomely. Still people complain about their signals etc etc but to be honest i can easily say i am a very happy customer. I go to niagara falls usa and still get Wind signals. What else you want 😉

  • Fleuri Ssaint

    It is good that Wind is picking up subscribers, I just switched from Telus to Wind and has been happy ever since, sure there are a few dropped calls here and there and some areas where data is not that good, but hey its $39 a month vs $100+ with Telus. The extra money is better in my pocket then telus’

  • MassDeduction

    I’d love to try Wind out. Sadly, several years in, they still don’t offer local service in Victoria, BC. That’s despite urban Victoria being pretty densely populated and easy to service (Fido used to cover Greater Victoria quite well with, if memory serves, 21 cell sites back before being bought by Rogers). When Fido didn’t have Victoria coverage, adding it was the single most requested coverage addition by Fido’s Vancouver subscribers. Not covering Victoria by now makes *no* sense to me.

  • Fairy GodMother

    I personally think everyone in Toronto should get Wind Mobile, their service in the city and surrounding areas of it is great! You wont notice any difference between them and the big three other than your monthly bill dropping by like 50$

  • TheShinraCorp .

    I’m actually interested in joining WIND from Rogers, but only once I move to Gatineau (currently living in QC City so absolutely no coverage what so ever.) However if Wind is being bought by the evil Quebecor Empire then wtf am I supposed to do?