Google and Motorola reportedly working on a 5.9-inch Nexus phone

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the same product along a continuum. While Google hasn’t yet updated its Nexus 7 to address the growing demand for inexpensive slates, the company has reportedly been working with Motorola on a new 5.9-inch smartphone codenamed ‘Shamu’.

According to documents received by Android Police, the Nexus program, once considered on death’s door in favour of Android Silver, is still going ahead as planned. ‘Shamu’, another in the line of piscine-coded hardware, will reportedly feature a massive 5.9-inch display, but nothing else on the hardware spec sheet has been made public at this time. It’s likely that, as with other Nexus devices, Shamu will launch with the latest version of Android, and be offered at a very competitive price.

Google has reportedly been working on a tablet, dubbed the Nexus 8, in collaboration with HTC, and could debut both devices in the fall. The Nexus 5, coming up on its 10-month birthday, has aged fairly well, but since then quite a few devices have been released with superior cameras, improved battery life and slimmer bodies. Earlier this year, LG denied involvement in any upcoming Nexus products.

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