Google’s Play Store has a new section for games that don’t require data

Google has tweaked its Play Store categories this week, adding a whole new section for games that can be played offline or without a data connection. Though there are probably countless games that can be played while you’re off the grid.

This new offline games section section has just 54 titles for now, including the highly popular Dots and as well as Freeze, Dumb Ways to Die, Robot Unicorn Attack, and Minecraft. The majority of these games are also free, with just eight of them costing money. None of the paid games are priced over $5.

Not only is this useful for when you find yourself without data or WiFi (say, for example, if you take the subway with any sort of regularity), but it’s also going to be extremely useful for parents with kids that love to play mobile games, and people with a limited amount of data each month.