BlackBerry Passport shown off on video, gets sized up to the Q10 and iPhone


  • tedstriker3

    What a ridiculous phone… Blackberry what were you thinking…….

    • Stephen_81

      everything new is ridiculous. The first BlackBerry pager seemed ridiculous, The first iPhone seemed ridiculous.

      BlackBerry is going out on a limb and trying something new with hardware, Samsung did it with the Note Series and it worked for them. This wont be a phone for everyone, but If you’ve gone touchscreen and wish you could have a keyboard back but the Q10 is just too small, this is a phone to try,

      I personally had very little interest in this phone because of how big it was, until I used it, I really want to give it a fair shot now and see if I can get over the fact it is so big and square.

    • J-Ro

      Don’t waste your time of the posers. Right now, it is cool to hate Blackberry. In 2 years, they will be the first ones in line tweeting ” Add my new pin”

      Most people still think BlackBerry’s have an issue with apps.

    • Accophox

      Well, when you’re stuck signing a deal with Amazon to distribute android apps to run…

    • J-Ro

      Far from stuck. They choose to make a deal to get instant access to more consumer apps in a controlled app store. They still have a majority of the popular apps without android.

    • MikeOxlong


    • Accophox

      You’re arguing that Blackberry not being able to rely solely on their own development community to supply *native* popular apps is not a huge sign of weakness. Gotcha.

      Off the top of my head, I know that Skype was never native. TheScore opted to switch to an Android port. Foursquare (bleh.) hasn’t been updated to reflect the split into Swarm + Foursquare. And some “official” apps are actually merely sanctioned by that service for Blackberry to develop – such as Facebook and Dropbox.

      You can say what you like about Blackberry, but the truth is, 98.1% (according to Gartner and IDC), of the world’s smartphone’s bought during 2013 were not a Blackberry – with significant weakness shown in the final 2 quarters. And regarding that remaining 2%: there’s no indication of the split between legacy BB7 devices and BB10 ones – as BB7 devices remain popular in low-cost market segments. And, BB10 was released at the beginning of 2013. So, summing it up: Less than 2% of the market at the end of 2013 have a BB10 device. What does that 2% actually equate to in numbers? Approximately 19.3M devices, worldwide.

    • Karl Schneider

      Change topic much?

    • J-Ro

      The market share is why they won’t bother making most apps for BB10, That still doesn’t mean the apps aren’t there. I have had a Q10 for over a year now and the app issue isn’t an issue anymore (If it ever was). Considering the age of the OS, apps are the least of it’s worries.

      And you’re numbers show growth in a stale market. If a brand new OS managed to gain 2% in the first year on a obviously dominated market, that’s a good sign.

    • charlie2010

      They already had access to 98% of all android apps, the amazon deal just means the will make money off amazon app sales, they were not ‘stuck’ with anything…..98% android apps + Blackberry world app = more apps than anyone fyi

    • Anthony

      Wow argument over, that was just ridiculous.

    • MikeOxlong


    • Dimitri

      I could say the same about the Nor series, rumoured iPhone 5’5 phone, Sony Z1 Ultra, LG Flex. Should i keep going?.

      All new phones seem ridiculous in the start

    • MikeOxlong

      Lol. 99.99% of the population whom are smartphone owners would disagree.

    • Dimitri

      Is that why so many people on here, 9to5mac, Howard’s Forums and the rest were complaining about the size of the Note series, LG Flex, Z1 Ultra and th rest?. Do some research.

    • MikeOxlong

      So sad. I do feel sorry for you now.

    • Anthony

      Ya but you’re acting like those phone are selling in huge numbers. The VAST majority of phones sold are under 5in and none of them are square.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Note line is. Also yes in 2014 majority of the phones are 5″+

    • Anthony

      I realize that the majority of phones are 5″+ but those aren’t the phones being sold. Especially in North America, the Note line sales aren’t even in the same league.

    • J-Ro

      I agree. I seen the Galaxy Ace 2 X+ outsell the Note series 10 to 1.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Two words: Media consumption.

      This is not 16:9 hence useless. Oh and btw this isn’t anything new, LG Vu is another square brick failure of a design. That’d be a better comparison. How’d that turn out? Lol

    • sdpatel

      Different audience… the BB Passport audience is the email typing, document reading, business user. It has an innovative touch + physical qwerty keyboard and features that businesses and business users care about. And a fantastic 1440×1440 screen for when you do want to consume media.

    • Petit Baveux

      This is clearly not for people needing to check Twitter and Facebook every 30 seconds but I think that it will be interesting for business people. It will actually be possible to work with that thing!

    • Supa_Fly

      Quite the contrary with live minimized apps the udpates will be presented on screen. Imagine apps minimized presenting live updates – not unlike Windows Mobile yet in a much cleaner fashion. Hmm.

    • G.I.GIO

      It could also be a cool gaming platform. Kids will be borrowing that phone quite often I predict.

    • Supa_Fly

      The keys is your clue … take the time to research and you’ll find out how NOT ridiculous this phone is.

      LG created a similar 1:1 4.5 screen phone to compete with the Note 2 … then the Note 3 debuted with more features influenced by it. You don’t like it go elsewhere spread your hate elsewhere in your life.

    • tedstriker3

      It is ridiculous. No one will buy this, you know it and I know it. Give them points for creativity, but come on…..

    • Web99

      Now you are speaking for everyone else in the world. You know how ridiculous that statement is.

    • MikeOxlong

      He is certainly more accurate in his assumptions than the crazy blackberry fans found on this site though.

    • Valentino

      I’m buying this. Why exactly is this ridiculous? Because it doesn’t fit your needs? or because it’s different? There are those of us who need a phone for other things than media consumption. Just because my needs don’t mirror the millions of people that are on IOS or android, doesn’t mean anything to me. I work in a hospital setting, and I can tell you that people are switching back to BBRY because their other devices are not as efficient ie. messages are received after delay or sometimes not at all. Not good.

    • kill buzz

      What a ridiculous comment… What were you thinking…….

  • Ra’id Ahmed Ismail

    I can’t wait to hold this thing.

  • darren

    Can’t wait to get mine in Sept nice to see it has an SD card slot along with the 32 gig of internal storage.

  • Wizzy

    If this was put out by a generic Chinese company(which is what it looks like), nobody would even look twice. If BB puts it out, (some) Canadians think it’s gold. Funny.

    • Supa_Fly

      because BB has the best keyboards – by any company in the globe bar none! They have the patents to prove it.

      They spawned all the touch keyboards being advanced including the software “Shortcuts” … which existed as AutoText on legacy BB for over 12yrs.

    • Anthony

      If only ppl still wanted a physical keyboard Blackberry might still be relevant.

    • ToniCipriani

      That’s because the damn manufacturers don’t release anything other than ones with garbage specs and we have to hang on to the effin life of our current ones.

    • kill buzz

      Important people want keyboards, oh wait ignore my comment because what YOU THINK is irrelevant

    • Anthony

      I guess it’s to bad for Blackberry that more of the population aren’t “important ppl”. It’s not what I think is irrelevant, it’s what the market thinks. Have you been under a rock since 2007?

    • kill buzz

      Oh yeah like toyota n vw selling the most cars means its the best? Looks like you are living under a rock because BlackBerry is still the biggestseller, because of its functionality, the consumers you are thinking of doesnt think, those who do want a keyboard, therefore BlackBerry will forever remain relevant, while i was under the rock in 2007 I heard they died, its 2014 & they are still alive…

    • Anthony

      Did you seriously just say Blackberry is the “biggestseller”? What in the world is blackberry the biggest seller of?

    • kill buzz

      BlackBerry phonesduh

    • Anthony

      The amount of phones Blackberry sells in a quarter is a rounding error for Google or Apple.

    • kill buzz

      And you went to the stores & countedMarket share aka trends doesnt determine what is the best, smart people will buy a phone they can &will actually use while dumb people who follow the market share will buy a phone other people bought, that doesnt make keyboards obsolete.On this very article more people are rooting for the keyboard, go back under your rock.

    • Mo Cat

      Coming from a Note 2 to a BlackBerry 10 device with physical keyboard and my typing and accuracy improved a lot. Overall it improved my mobile productivity cause I don’t have screen size to play games, hardly ever do on a smartphone and I never needed a zillion apps, just a few that work well. My BB10 from last year is still as crispy as day 1, still looks darn stylish and it’s a great communicator. Thanks but no more virtual keyboards for me, definitely will check this Passport out.

      Recently I’ve sold my Note 2 which was gathering dust and even when I’ve tried to use the Note again, I noticed I was still using my swiping gestures from the BB10 device. Typing on my Note was bloody horror so yes, definitely a physical kb for me.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Did you mean the following instead?

      “Since this was put out by BB there’s always some blind hater talking trash about it. If Samsung, HTC or Apple puts it out, the same idiotic fanbois think it’s gold. Funny.”

    • MikeOxlong

      Really? Smh.

  • JB

    Important to note the guy on twitter leaking the photos is a iphone user and is in love with the passport….so much so he couldn’t go to sleep last night. he has even said he has decided to get this over an iphone 6.

    This phone is BOSS. Like a straight up powerful laptop in your hands. Really cool.

  • lemawe

    I’m sorry but this is truly ridiculous ugly

    • Supa_Fly

      Good for you … you won’t buy it, you’re not interested guess you’ll not care to find out more … see you on other devices of your interests. Cheers.


    The first innovative BlackBerry phone in a long long time. Hopefully it doesn’t crash and burn like Storm in bad design and poor quality control.

    • fabfreddie

      Storm?? Really, you have to go all the way back to the Storm to express your complaints? BB10 which has been out for quite a while now, has ZERO in common with the Storm.


      Ok no problem, the Q10 with its double typing problems, loose battery, squeaky screen, loose spacebar, shot out speakers. Replaced 3 times through Blackberry customer service still sent me a defect which now claim is part of the “design”.

      Since you insisted.

      Keep cheerleading because that really helped Blackberry to turn around in this last decade or so.

    • fabfreddie

      I and everyone I know with a Q10 have never had a single one of those problems. Nice try though.

    • kill buzz

      exactly haha

    • Valentino

      Not sure why people keep referring to Blackberry as if they are the same company with the current regime as they were with the previous regime. The current CEO John Chen is vastly different, more aggressive and has a far superior strategy than those in previous managements. I’ve ditched my old Blackberry Bold 3 years ago in favour of android because I wasn’t getting the “app” experience that my IOS and android friends were getting. Since then, my productivity on the go has taken a dive. The passport will allow me to be productive again when away from my laptop or desktop. Cannot wait to go back to them. Media consumption as a top priority on your cell phone is for teens, I am beyond that at this point in my life.

  • cs098

    Still not sure what to make of it. If you look at the q10, you can tell it comfortable to use due to how much space you get for the keyboard.

    Passport, not so much.

  • fabfreddie

    Don’t agree with you, this is a visual and technical monster phone, they need more of this.

  • erodz1892

    Not sure why I really like this phone, it is something really different and I think it will grab lots of attention. I’m really to switch back Pronto if this comes out soon beefy specs and the os10 will probably run super smooth

    • G.I.GIO

      It would be nice to play games on the Passport… you have all the buttons you need on the KB to use as controls, and even swipes, and then the large square screen is a perfect format for games.

    • Conception

      2G Network
      GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

      3G Network
      HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

      4G Network


      2014, June

      Coming soon. Exp. release 2014, September

      Dimensions –

      Weight –


      Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

      1440 x 1440 pixels, 4.5 inches (~453 ppi pixel density)


      Alert types
      Vibration, MP3 ringtones


      3.5mm jack

      Card slot

      microSD, up to 64 GB




      Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot

      Yes, v4.0 with A2DP, LE


      Yes, microUSB v2.0


      Geo-tagging, face detection, HDR

      Yes, 1080p@30fps


      BlackBerry 10.1 OS

      Qualcomm Snapdragon 800


      Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

      SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM, BBM 6



      Yes, with A-GPS support

      Yes, MIDP 2.1


      – SNS integration
      – BlackBerry maps
      – Organizer
      – Document viewer
      – Photo viewer/editor
      – Video editor
      – MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC+/FlAC player
      – DivX/XviD/MP4/WMV/H.263/H.264 player
      – Voice memo/dial
      – Predictive text input

    • MikeOxlong

      Spam much?

  • G-man

    Gorgeous build quality.

    • Supa_Fly

      We don’t know anything of the build quality as of yet. Hold off on expressing those comments until available at retail 🙂

    • WireNow

      For the loyal BlackBerry customer base, we just assume it is. Don’t take that away from us…that’s one of the few things we have… Well, temporally speaking we have a good share position..

    • kr_metal

      Blackberry might not be beautiful (I think the Z line so far is pretty boring looking) but they’re built like tanks. Build quality has always been a strength of BlackBerry’s.

  • Roger Mihalko

    Dont Understand this phone…. The note 3 is a 5.7 inch screen….this is a weird shape and not even in the same category. 4.5 inches is normal for a year or more ago smart phones, not new ones.

    Just make a q10 with a 4.5 inch screen and you have the phone BB users would want. If they wanted to compete with the Phablet market this should have been 5.5 inches.

    Maybe we still get a q20, who knows.

    • TheTechSmith

      A 4.5in screen Q10 would look like the Passport except it would be taller. I think the touch keyboard where you can swipe to scroll without obstructing the screen is brilliant! They’ve cut it to three rows to keep it from being unreasonably tall.

    • Roger Mihalko

      thanks for your input. I actually sat down and drew out by hand a BlackBerry with the keyboard, full home row back (with trackpad) and a 4.5 inch screen and it was no where near the size of the passport. .75 inches wider and taller on the current Q10 is all that is needed. THat is 5.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, considering my old sliding torch was 3inches wide and 6inches tall when extended, my new design is a very manageable size. The Z-30 is 5.53 inches tall and 2.83 inches wide, and has a 5 inch display. I have seriously considered it, but just cant break free from keyboard and I dont like a non removable battery, main reason I wont get a passport.

    • Ren596

      John Chen
      Has Moved BB Back to giving Phones a Name, Q20 Is NOW BlackBerry Classic (Due Out NOV 2014). Passport was the Q30 Due Sept IIRC

    • Roger Mihalko

      regardless of the name, the Classic screen is to dang small, 3.5 inches isnt any improvement. The passport is not a phablet in anyway its just an odd shaped phone, with a screen that isnt anything special and has NON REMOVABLE battery, WTF with that?

      Proabably need to get some kind of wireframe drawing software and make raw the dam phone to scale Im talking about and send it BB. Sheesh, it isnt that hard.

    • Ren596

      Well 3.5 is an Inprovement over the 3.1 size on the Q10 & Q5
      But Yes the Classic’s Screen Should have Been 4.5 Like The Passport

  • Conception

    Compared to the maxi-pad like iPhone, this Passport looks like a pizza box. I’m having a tough time feeling the love for it. The touch sensitive keyboard sounds amazing though. I wish the Q10 had that capability. The Classic will have all the buttons and touch pad so I don’t know. Total confusion.

  • Shane Kweens

    I was tempted to wait for this or a G3 but went with a G2 for better browsing battery life than the G3 and a slimmer profile than the Passport.

  • J-Ro

    I guess it took almost losing it all for Blackberry to get its groove back. Everything they have been doing lately has me on the edge of my seat. The Passport is starting to grow on me but I really want the Classic. I can’t wait till fall.

    • G.I.GIO

      I thought the Classic was for stubborn old Bold users who didn’t want to give up their tool-belt and didn’t care about screen size. The classic does have a bigger screen than the older phones but I’d rather have the Passport hands down. I never wanted a KB phone before because I don’t want to compromise screen space for a KB, but the Passport’s form factor solves that problem for me.

    • J-Ro

      I don’t need that much screen real estate. The passport is great but the classic is all I need.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Why not just get a Q10 instead then?

    • J-Ro

      I own a Q10 but I miss the belt. The Classic is the best of both worlds for me.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      I see, I’m really surprised by how many misses the trackpad and those buttons.

    • J-Ro

      It’s the lack of choice in the market. These days you can either have a 5 inch touch screen or a 5.2 inch touch screen (excluding the iPhone). It feels good to have a choice of keys and a smaller screen.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Ya, I don’t get why people want the Classic either. I’m really excited for the Passport too!

    • Stephen_81

      I want this Passport, but if I had to pick between the Passport and the Classic I would take the Classic hands down.

      The Classic I was able to type on with 1 hand, the Passport required 2, that alone makes the Passport a little harder sell for me as my full time every day phone, While the Passport is pegged as being the business traveler phone the amount of time I’ve been punching out emails while going between gates pulling a bag, 2 hands just can’t do it.

      BUT for the person who doesn’t need 1 hand freedom the Passport is very compelling. I have no issues with screen size on my Q10, my only issues are text selection and I hate not having a button to smash to hand up. the Classic addresses both better than other soon to be available devices.

  • J. W.

    I have to admit that the phone looked pretty ridiculous at first, but after some comparison shots (for size), it doesn’t look half bad to me.
    Not a very photogenic piece of hardware, I guess =P

  • APseudonyme

    As someone who has tried to edit spreadsheets on a smartphone, this thing looks awesome. The amount of real estate for information other than video is amazing. The format is perfect for documents, Remote Desktop screens and SSH. Remember that whole pledge to the business user? Ya, John’s making good on that promise. Add Balance and BES to that and you have an awesome mobile information system.

    Way to go BB!

    • Wizzy

      Wow I agree. Watch out Apple and Google. BB is coming back. I can see this thing selling millions of units. The sharp corners are especially appealing. You rock BB!

    • ToniCipriani

      Problem is that keyboard, still not too sure about it, especially when entering alphanumerics, since you mentioned spreadsheets.

      Some say a virtual line of keys for numbers will display, but that’s highly dependent on application development to correctly identify a field needs numbers, but judging on my experience with both Windows and Android touch keyboards, I’m not too positive about that. Ended up having to switch between numbers and letters all the time, until I found a way to enable the numbers permanently on the soft keyboard.

      Will have to see how it gets implemented.

  • Peter Thompson

    To each his own but I would be curious to see the research that was conducted to come up with that form factor? I don’t personally see any practical use for a device with these dimensions. Who is the target audience for that device? Typing on that keyboard doesn’t look as thought it would be easy or comfortable. Virtual keyboard tech has come a LONG way and I don’t get the hype over a real keyboard. I can type as fast if not faster on my Note 3 compared to the 9900 I previously owned.

    • G.I.GIO

      Your note 3 is huge so you have enough space for a virtual KB on the screen, but on smaller phones you have to change orientation to gain some viewing space. The Passport’s form factor is better suited for viewing/editing documents, spreadsheets, emails, webpages, but it still fits in your pockets… just like a real Canadian passport.

    • MikeOxlong

      Yes, because we all carry our passports around with us everywhere!!!! Smh.

    • G.I.GIO

      Business travelers do… which is the target audience… not you.

    • MikeOxlong

      Sorry but I travel frequently, however I don’t carry around my passport like a doofus. Its kept in a secured bag with other travel documents and expensive items. Its not something that you just shove in your pocket like a wallet. Seems your fairly naive to travel, and both of these comments confirm that.

    • G.I.GIO

      It’s in my pocket when I get to the border or the airport. Some countries require all citizens and visitors to keep a picture ID on themselves at all times, and foreign drivers licences are not always accepted. And most importantly, phones are not made to be stored in safes or luggage.

      PS. do you trust room service in your hotel?

    • MikeOxlong

      Room service or maid service?
      I’m either present for room service or its left outside the door. Maid service is resolved by a DND tag on the door, or by the use of in room safe.

    • G.I.GIO

      Those safes are very easy to open by hotel staff, and by extension any professional thief.
      Obviously you shouldn’t go to the beach with your passport so sometimes you have to hide it.

    • Stephen_81

      Think if your 9900 was a little wider to accommodate your 2 hand typing a bit better, NOW also think that if your 9900 had similar or better word prediction than your note 3.

      I spent a year trying to like touchscreen typing, I couldn’t iPhone, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry Z10, Touchscreen just doesn’t meet my needs, its like I can’t stand the keyboard of the Macbooks, they have the best trackpad, but horrible keyboard, Lenovo has best keyboards, terrible trackpads, I go Lenovo because typing is what matters most.

      I really wasn’t interested in the BlackBerry Passport from the Windermere leaks, but I was fortunate enough to actually get to try the Passport at the BlackBerry Shareholders meeting and after using the keyboard I would say it is for the touchscreen user who doesn’t want to give up the big screen but misses the days of their BlackBerry 72XX, 8800, 9000 devices. The Passport is pleasant to type on and the demographic is most certainly the business user and not the university student or hourly employee.

      IF, you found yourself missing a physical keyboard this would be your ideal device because coming from a Note 3, could you really go to something as small as the Q10?

  • Tommy Crosby

    I need to test it in person but really… Hardware keyboard + Software punctuation/numbers? This messup my brain just to wonder how I could use that…

  • TWeasel

    Some of you may have forgotten that this device was initially designed in partnership with NantHealth specifically for that market. But if you’re making them, why not offer it up to the general public? Who knows what will fly these days? And for what other unintended purpose people may find a practical use. Or maybe it will become “hip to be square”. Huey Lewis look out…BB should be calling you soon.

    As for why this device has a physical keyboard…have you tried typing on a touchscreen keyboard while wearing rubber gloves?