Fleksy releases messenger app for Samsung Gear 2


  • J-Ro

    LOL its a good thing clearly contacts has such great deals on glasses.

  • OgtheDim

    Hmm…small screen where I can only use one hand vs. larger screen where I can use two?

    Yeah…this watch thing….not going to take off.

  • Buzz88

    I don’t think they’ve figured out what they really want wearables to do yet, and this ain’t it. Why would I spend 5 minutes trying to type out a message on my watch instead of takeing 30 seconds to pull my phone out and do the same thing. Still not feelin the love for watches, they just seem redundant.

    • le10017

      I agree, but having another option for input in the watch can’t hurt. Just glad to see some 3rd party support for the watch.

      As for being redundant, really comes down to how you use it. I hate having to constantly carry my phone with me around the house. The watch is always with my 100% of the time. Not saying its for everyone, but it’s added convenience.

  • Josh

    I downloaded it on my gear last night and it’s not letting me use it lol

    • le10017

      I wanted to give this a try too, but only version I saw in the samsung app store was the smartphone version. are you in canada?

  • howitzerr

    Samsungs watch in a nutshell

    Android (what are we doing already?) -> Tizen (just because we can) -> Android Wear (now i remember why they make our software…)