Google might reveal CarPlay competitor at I/O next week


  • Jonathan Schmitt

    This would be nice. The advantage to Google releasing a major competitor is that the entire console could be built around Android. No need to use any other design. I think it would be neat to have.

    • Matt Z10

      Last I looked, Blackberry QNX was the brains behind “the connected car” Android being open platform probably isn’t the best OS to have running a computerized system travelling 100Km/h. That being said, I can’t think of a better UI and selection to be used in a car, Google has much to offer on this front. Just not the security part yet

  • Martin Chan

    Stop guys, last place I want to see another person while driving is looking at their phone trying to sync up their services. Just keep your eyes on the road.

  • 5Gs

    Totally agree with Martin Chan comment here. Which way are we heading? It’s like giving murderer a knife and asking him not to murder any more. I can see we are heading to a point where like phones we will buy car depending on how many mp camera in it. What kind of software it is running etc etc

    We are going way far ahead without thinking safety. I can see soon insurance people asking for more money if you have high tech car.

    Right now its dumb to see people on phones while driivng. Imagine skyping while driving. No one is doing any thing about it. Soon you will just hear oh people on their gadgets while driving.

    Don’t hate the sinner. Hate the sin.

  • Dave Grant

    Doubt they’re going to allow distracting apps like Skype to run on your car dash while moving … That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    This will be to allow Google navigation, phone calls, text to voice and voice to text, and any other car safe applications that develop in the future