Update: Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy F looks to be the game-changer the S5 wasn’t


  • Hilman in Edmonton

    LG G3 ftw!!

    • Kebbun

      The LG G3 is a slower phone and has a worse camera. Galaxy F FTW

    • ITCanWork

      Shouldve been called Galaxy FTW 😉

    • BB BB

      How is the camera worse? It has OiS and laser auto focus… It performs much better in low light than the s5. Sure the s5 is a great camera but the G3 is just as good if not better since the s5’s main complaint is low light.

  • Shane Kweens

    Hmm continue the waiting game or bite on the LG G3?

    • Eric

      I can’t tolerate TouchWiz. LG G3 for me.

    • BB BB

      I would wait for 64bit SoC with android L preloaded otherwise you will be waiting a long time for an Android L update from LG maybe not so long with Samsung but there will be a wait. So unless you need a phone today. Wait… I’m waiting to see the next blackberries too and the iPhone 6 before grabbing my next device

  • Super_Deluxe

    Please Samsung move to IPS screens already!

    • monsterduc1000

      Why? SAmoled’s are the best screens on the market now. Deepest blacks, great outdoor legibility, the ability to adjust the screen to your liking for colours that pop or colours that are accurate. Way better than ips.

    • Bri Bru

      Preference. I presonally like the colour reproduction of the ips displays. Looks more natural. Not to mention Amoled has its strengths over ips like you mentioned.

    • 4u2nvinmtl

      yes the color’s are accurate but they always look washed out and the blacks look sliver/gray… I had the N4 and I was very dissapointed in the change from AMOLED to IPS. AMOLED FTW IMHO!

    • Justin Steen

      AMOLED has screen burn because is a bain of my phone.

    • co_r

      Yeah that’s the worst, but to be fair I do have a Samsung Galaxy S2, tho I always get amazed everytime I see the blacks on the AMOLED screen it’s soo nice I wish my Nexus 7 2013 had it…

    • BB BB

      I agree there no doubt about the pop on a Samsung screen

    • southerndinner

      The S5 has the best screen in the world, no point in IPS

    • Super_Deluxe

      Are the colors still over saturated and hard to see outside in the sun? Thats what I love about my LG G2’s screen.

    • thecellguy

      Work for lg bub?

    • Super_Deluxe

      Yes I do, they pay me very well to buy their products and like them…

    • southerndinner

      In movie mode it isn’t over saturated at all. The S5 screen is incredible.

    • MikeOxlong

      Yes they’re still way too over saturated and false looking. That, coupled with lower brightness (nits) and poorer direct sunlight visibility coupled with the fact they’re even more subject to burning with these newer revisions (just like plasma screens), makes them a big thumbs down.

    • Omis

      You love that its hard to see outside in the sun?

    • 4u2nvinmtl

      yeah so i stop looking at my phone on a nice day!

    • 4u2nvinmtl

      I have no problems seeing my note 2 in the sun and from five feet away 😛 Love the neon looking colors and you can change the tone if you dont like them by playing around with the settings and give it a washed out IPS look.

    • thepeddle

      LCD IPS is inferior technology… That’s not my opinion it’s a fact.. Why do you think we’re still waiting on full size TV screens to come with OLED. It’s the closest thing there is to true blacks a major factor in what makes any screen good. If you prefer IPS screens that’s fine but a company is not going to move backwards in tech. Let’s just go back to non HD formats as well because for some strange nonsense reason I heard someone preferred non HD.

  • monsterduc1000

    No phone that comes out now is really going to be a game changer. As great as the galaxy prime is going to be, it will be only slightly better than the s5 with the update to the processor.

    As proof, look at the benchmarks for the g3. It has the faster processor but with all those extra pixels to push it loses in many benchmarks to the s5. And at that size, qhd is useless over a 1080p screen. You need a magnifying glass to see the difference as the eye will not be able to make out any noticeable difference unless your nose is pressed up against the screen.

    • thepeddle

      The G3 doesn’t have a faster processor than the S5. Exactly the same processor with the same clock speed

    • birdman_36

      But more RAM.

    • Deli

      It’s not windows, you don’t need to have a lot of free RAM to run smooth

    • birdman_36

      Have you ever tried a device with 3 GB of RAM? It makes a difference.

    • Deli

      Had a note 3, loved it. Have a s5 right now. S5 definitely smoother than note 3.

    • BB BB

      You do on an iphone which only has 1gb of ram causing Safari and other apps to constantly refresh

  • MrMM

    Galaxy F, then F-mini, F-active, F-zoom, F-ing stop making so many devices!

    • MobiDude

      i like choices

    • Abbrev.

      lol no Galaxy F is a one-size-fits-all device for the Japanese market thus no variants will arise.

  • jeremynsl

    If by game-changer, you mean another incremental update – then ok! Right now phones are progressing towards a commodity market like PCs. When is the last time you saw a “game-changing” desktop PC? Same thing on mobile now, unfortunately.

    • Supa_Fly

      I’m 4 myths ago… Mac Pro: PCIe based storage stock, dual GPU (minimal option 6GB not MB) fastest I/O of any desktop made by any company Alienate included. Cylindrical design low noise fan, incredible performance on OSX/Win8.

    • jeremynsl

      Yeah it’s a great design but I don’t think it changes anything fundamental about the desktop PC except decreasing size while maintaining performance.

    • MikeOxlong

      Yep exactly. It’s pretty in just the way needed to take your money away from ya. Lol

    • anonym0053

      ..all of which you could have built into a Windows PC 4 years ago, it just didn’t come in a pre-fab shiny metal cylinder.

      Can’t innovate, your a*s.

    • FuzzimcFuzz

      2x 2TB Mechanical and a 512GB SSD, quad i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 780 for about a grand, lets see apple match that.

  • satori3000

    Design is still boring as heck, I want to buy a Samsung, but come on!

  • Box


  • Jesse

    so… when is the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 coming out?

  • Tuan Bui

    Wonder if this will eat into the sales of the note 4. Doubt they’ll release 2 flagships at once at IFA. Also all the s5 owners would be be so sour lol. But this is nothing new from any OEM – releasing new hardware ever so often. Apple did it with the Ipad, sony did it with the z1 to z2. Samsung with the gear.

    • Abbrev.

      It won’t. This is a region-specific device aimed squarely at the Japanese market. It’s not quite a flagship, but rather a stop-gap for markets which have new phones coming out every 3 MONTHS.

  • Jesse Laurin

    I don’t see a single game changing feature in this phone. Just slightly higher specs and a couple of useless sensors..

    • sak hus

      If it makes popcorn will it do for you?

    • Jesse Laurin

      has to do my laundry

  • sak hus

    Glad i stuck to my s4 and not jumped to S5. This prob will be better option to switch.

    • Abbrev.

      You’ll have to order this Docomo-native handset from a reseller in Japan if you want to get it this autumn.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    better have that latest Corning glass with almost o reflection and anti bacterial coating

  • Collin dubya

    That’s my new phone!

  • Altoid666

    It boggles my mind that Samsung has not released the 32gb S5 in the United States. The rest of the world can get the 32gb version but the U.S. can’t. Come on Samsung where is our 32gb version….
    In February, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 in BOTH 16gb AND 32gb. It is now June and there still is no 32gb version. I realize that I can store up to 128gb on SD card but that does not affect the benefits of more internal memory. I also realize that the 32gb version will cost additional $’s. I am willing to pay those additional $’s to get 32gb.
    Now there are rumors of a forthcoming Galaxy F (Prime) that could have up to 64gb of internal memory. Great, bring it on. Also Samsung missed an opportunity by limiting the Samsung Active to only AT&T. The Active sadly only has 16gb of internal memory.
    Why are we being limited to only wimpy 16gb Samsung phones????
    When will we get our 32gb/64gb internal memory Galaxy phones?????????????

    • anonym0053

      who cares when the phone still makes a mSD slot available? An additional 64Gb of storage is less than $50, and removable.

      This is why I will be going back to Samsung – most other manufacturers now treat expandable storage as a detriment.

    • Abbrev.

      Contrary to popular belief, Samsung doesn’t have much control over which internal memory sets are sent to carriers stateside. It’s entirely AT&T’s decision to carry only 16GB phones and it’s been known for a while that they don’t bring in the larger capacities since they would have to ultimately subsidize them. Look at the Galaxy Note series: the Note 3 came in 32GB or 64GB, yet only the 32GB was available from carriers in North America. The Galaxy F will have 32GB and only be available in Japan and Taiwan to replace last year’s Galaxy J in both of those markets.

  • Brad Bill


  • formulaphone

    Just got a GS5 two days ago. The bezels feel like crap. Like really crap.
    LG G3 instead?

  • Patrick

    Put it in an otter box, its no longer gold.

    Unless.. It’s a gold otter box!?! :O

  • anonym0053

    Could we *please* stop the p***s-waving tenth-of-an-inch screen-size battles? 5.0.. 5.1.. 5.3″..

    It’s no longer a portable telephone when it doesn’t even fit in your pocket at larger than 5″.

    Pretty soon we’ll all be “side-talking” again..

    • Anonymous501

      I agree. I like the size of my (now aging) galaxy s2. I would prefer a phone at 5″ or less to keep it portable (and pocket sized). I was looking up the specs on the S5 mini. I knew they would take a hit of the regular s5, but they were pretty bad. Much slower cpu, a camera on par with the one in my 3 yr old s2….

      What’s the best android phone at 4.5″ to 5″ over the next few months?

  • Ivan C

    With the rounded back and slim bezels it’s looking a Lot like the G2 and G3. Now all it needs are the buttons on the back…

  • RedBeaVeR

    Moto X.


  • Vitus

    I wish Samsung would get with the program and get rid of the physical button.

  • Mike_from_Saskatoon

    I’m glad they kept the water-resistance. Now that I have one I don’t think I’ll ever buy a phone without it. The peace of mind is worth a LOT, and now that you don’t have to compromise on quality or buy a ridiculous case, why would you NOT?