Apple says a ‘future software update’ will fix iMessage bug


  • hyperhyper

    Good on them for doing this. Platform lock is a terrible thing.

    Despite the fact that Apple is no longer the underdog, I find it amazing how often Apple is now willing to admit fault. I remember a time when Steve Jobs would never admit to any mistake on their part and always managed to find a way to blame someone else (users, competitors, etc..).

    Welcome to the show Apple.

    • Zee

      Except iMessage was released after Jobs already passed away. It’s been a known “bug” for almost 3 years now. The only reason they’re addressing it is due to lawsuits being filed.

    • Al Chui

      You’re splitting hairs here. Steve Jobs died Oct. 5, and iOS 5 launched on Oct. 12th. Steve Jobs would have been very much a part of iMessage’s design and development.

    • Zee

      Sure but the point is its been a “bug” for 3 years now. I was replying to the post that Apple is now different without Jobs as he would never admit a mistake. He wasn’t around when this bug was uncovered yet it still took Apple years to admit and address it.

    • PT

      you’re right . It’s only 3 years and … counting. what’s the hurry? idonkeys like it. Well I meant they like anything apple …. you know . lol!

    • TrainAss

      “You’re holding it wrong” comes to mind.

  • beyond

    why do people ‘fix’ bugs? If I had a bug I would want to kill it, get rid of it, destroy it. Fixing it sounds like there is a defect with the bug itself and they are working to make the bug better than ever

    • Proud Windy

      Totally agree. It’s like when your muffler is rusted/old and it leaks from one spot. You patch it up. Guess what later on it starts leaking again from other spot.

  • Columbo

    Interesting, didn’t realize this was a bug, I thought Apple did it on purpose. Or maybe it “became” a bug when people started filing lawsuits?

    • gua_ca_mo_le

      My thoughts exactly. As a mobile sales rep, I can tell you that this issue doesn’t just happen to “some” users… They’ve known about this issue for a loooong time.

    • Raj Singh

      Apparently since 2011…

    • Raj Singh

      Apparently they’ve known about it since iOS5…

  • no

    “namely Android, prevents them from retrieving messages, or in some cases can longer receive texts from iPhone users.” << maybe forgot a word in this sentence?

  • Raj Singh

    “It just works.”

    • PT

      Blackberry? off course.

    • Raj Singh

      Me? Android, Windows, iOS and BB10.

  • Lumbar Jack

    Funny how they announced this two days after a lawsuit was filed against them, and three years after the bug was discovered (and they even made it worse with the switch to iOS7 with the removal of SMS fallback).

  • gommer strike

    You…you…you’re not *supposed* to leave. You’re stuck here, for GOOD!

  • Brian_Pelican

    Apple is corrupt. Starting a “holy war” against Google is offensive enough but price fixing, manipulation of the job market, constantly sueing anyone who uses an apple in their logo, sueing Samsung….
    Clearly this “bug” is an effort to prevent users from switching platforms and to suggest otherwise is just foolish, there’s no way it should take years to fix. All technology companies face an inevitable decline and I look forward to seeing apple eat a slice.