OnePlus One ‘Smash your Phone’ campaign now open


  • Thurnis

    Uh, yeah. Not worth. Did you see the list of phone that have to be smashed? All high end smartphones. Maybe if the phone was already broken.

    • vn33

      That’s why I picked a Z10.
      If by some miracle I’m picked, I’m sure I can pick one up real cheap!

    • Martin Chan

      I was hoping to smash my N4 instead of my Z10 but it’s not on the list. But you mentioned the price. I forgot that I could pick one up cheaply, it might be worth it to just go buy a new one if I get accepted to the contest.

    • ToniCipriani

      Funny they have the Z10 on the list but not the Z30 which is the current flagship.

    • Martin Chan

      Re read the list.

    • ToniCipriani

      Alphabet sort error…

    • jay

      They do have the Z30 but not the Q10

    • Nexzen

      This phone costs $299 outright… How cheap can you possibly get a z10 to smash it n get this… Seems pointless.

    • JuryDuty

      As low as 50 bucks on kijiji some days

    • jay

      200$ prepaid telus

    • TrainAss

      Same here.

    • DrCarpy

      This is what’s wrong with society. There are poor people all around the world that they could gift the phones to. However in pursuit of hype-mongering they choose silly wanton destruction over environmental respect and charity. Way to go OnePlus! Donate your phones people. With how rapidly tech changes, why would any responsible person request or do this?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      What if my main phone is a Blackberry 8900? So..I’d have to get my hands on a “current” phone to break for a *chance* that’s open to 16+ countries? F-that.

  • Bri Bru

    I don’t really like this so-called “event”. It’s just a pure waste of a good smartphone. Especially for those who can’t afford to buy one will see this as a corrupted smartphone industry.

  • ronnnyraygun1

    But the needy could be using THEIR devices too. 😉

  • Peter Smith

    I’d be willing to do it with my Moto G as I was going to sell it anyway, but why would I destroy a perfectly good HTC M8 when someone else could use it?

  • arj_85

    I realize that they are promoting this device as the “flagship killer”. However, to destroy high end smartphones that cost almost double this device is beyond me. Marketing fail!

    • Stephen_81

      Nothing states that it has to be a current gen flagship, IF I do participate I’m going to smash my iPhone4S, I use it less and less, and I think the glass will make a nicer smash than any of my AMOLED phones would.

      I was wrong

    • arj_85

      They state that quite clearly in their list of devices that they deem acceptable to be considered for this promotion. The iPhone 4S isn’t included in that list.

    • Stephen_81

      Well now! seeing as I didn’t actually sign up all I read was the T&C that sucks royally I don’t want to break any other device but my iPhone4S


    • ToniCipriani

      Oh well there goes my idea of submitting a pic of my already cracked Nokia 6610… Hey I put a crack in a Nokia! That’s something!

    • arj_85

      Truly an achievement there lol.
      I considered buying a water damanged/bad esn phone from that list, which I would then smash. But at this point I couldn’t be bothered purely due to their annoying promotional efforts.

    • thomas nguyen

      Give this man a medal! A cracked Nokia…. I’m not even mad, that’s amazing! 😀

  • Surveillance

    If your cellphone was given to you through charity, then you probably can’t afford a cellphone plan either.

  • maxcaddy

    Filled out the app this morning, I’ll gladly say goodbye in a grand way to my S3.

  • Lirodon

    Sorry, I don’t have an “LG G2 Pro”

  • Peter

    I got my email from OnePlus this morning; however, the phone they are offering is their white, 16GB unit. I’m waiting for the black, 64GB unit … so I’ll pass on the “Smash Your Phone” program.

    And, yes, I was prepared to “smash” my Note 3.

    • Stephen_81

      Do you not get an invite after you purchase? you could purchase the 16GB White device and sell it to one of the many Canadian people wanting a device and then use the additional invite to buy your own 64GB unit, just be sure to use different shipping addresses

  • Tam Swarte

    Haha, I guess my Samsung Galaxy Nexus is considered too shitty to be worth smashing. I had a really great idea too :(.

  • KiwiBri

    With a shortcuts that they took.. ie. No FM Radio, No SD Card, the device is no way a flagship killer. It will only appeal to people looking for “cheap” vs decent device.

    • HeyYoWL

      FM Radio? I didn’t know people with smartphones still used radio at all, nevermind FM. And while the lack of SD card is too bad, it doesn’t take away from the fact that everything else is better than most other phones for double the price.

    • KiwiBri

      Yes, fm radio at the gym to listen to the tvs, also trying commuting daily for over one hour each way and stream radio over LTE.. you drain battery and your data goes through the roof. Easily hit 6gb cap . Fm is great when travelling outside of Canada too.

    • HeyYoWL

      I see. I just don’t understand that logic because you can just load songs on your phone, and FM radio is awful.

    • KiwiBri

      I like to listen to music and the news/traffic/weather when commuting to work on Transit… without killing my battery.
      But seriously, when traveling its have a FM radio to get tourist information on local FM bands is helpful.. or when we had the power outage here on Toronto with the ice storms. No power = no Internet on wifi and the cell towers were out. I used FM radio on HTC to listen to news on the storm etc.
      Yes, I *could* just get a separate FM radio, but its handy to have one device. Not many people carry iPods these days either now that Smartphones are very common

    • HeyYoWL

      If you like to use FM radio for that sort of thing then ok, I can see why. But what I’m not seeing is why you don’t just load up some music on your Smartphone then. I’d rather listen to music I know I like already rather than flipping through music that I don’t know that had ads.

    • sharkhark

      do you realize you have moronically replied to the same person over and over that you dont understand their need for fm…that they should just load up a bunch of songs on their phone…and amongst other things…they talk about fm giving themselves a data and wifi free way to listen to the radio for weather, traffic, emergency info…and over and over you reply saying “you understand….you see why…but why dont you just load up on music”?
      if your mentally unstable… i understand…but otherwise…how long does it take to sink into your thick skull. i use fm at the gym when i want to watch the tv’s while on treadmill…thru my bluetooth headphones…without it i cannot watch…there are a ton of reasons..i visit my moms cottage with no cell or internet signal..but i can listen to radio on headphones…geezus……

    • HeyYoWL

      No need to be insulting, like I said if you use it for other stuff like weather that’s fine. But I was specifically talking about music. I don’t get why you wouldn’t just load up music in the form of MP3s. I don’t know anyone at all who still uses FM radio outside of their car or maybe at work.

    • sharkhark

      Ha ha you don’t like the tone of my reply…
      Yet you repeatedly reply to the same person starting each time with… “oh I understand… I get it”… But then you go on about music again… And again..
      Your like that irritating person at a party that just has to be right.. Get the last word in…
      Go ahead. Reply yet again about loading songs onto a phone as a reply to someone who said amongst other things that they use Fm for more than music…
      Them… I like Fm use for emergencies when I have no data..
      You… Load songs..
      Them… But I use it to get info on local bands when traveling…
      You… But I understand… But why not load songs…
      Hahaha. Just clueless.
      Just priceless.
      I’d argue with you but I’m sure you will reply again about loading songs.

    • HeyYoWL

      Riiiight. It has nothing to do with getting the last word in. I already said it’s fine if you use it for those other things, but I was just asking because I’m curious why neither of you would use built in storage for music is all.

      That’s all I was wondering, nothing else, because he already made it clear he used it for other stuff. You’re the one having a tantrum over it because you obviously use FM and have taken personal offense it seems.

    • sharkhark

      Who said I don’t use the built in storage for music? I do. I have 5gb worth. I don’t use Fm for music. That’s what u don’t get. My local talk and weather station is on Fm. Your fixated that I or they don’t use music storage on device.
      I do? They likely do. It’s Fm needed for other stuff your the one repeatedly thinking that. Anyhow moving on.

    • Kaostheory

      How do you find new songs. And you just said you don’t know anyone who listens outside their car or work, I don’t know if you’re commute and days work adds up to a couple of minutes but for the rest of us that’s 8 or more hours of fm. Btw I work by myself most of the time and listen to fm all day, plus being on my phone I can still hear it when I get a call.

  • alphs22

    What a ridiculous promo.

    They need to get act together and get these phone for sale and available to the general public. Then hire a better marketing firm because they’re coming across as an irresponsible company that promotes wasting perfectly good smartphones.

    Not the best first impression to many who have no idea what OnePlus is all about.

    • Tam Swarte

      They really should have put more thought into this. They’ve made no mention of recycling or properly disposing of the smashed devices. They should ship a postage-paid box to each of their 100 “smashees” where they could then send their smashed phone to the OnePlus team to have it recycled/salvaged properly.

    • David Fulde

      Or better yet, have it be a donation program. 100 people give their phnes to onePlus and One Plus gives them to charity

    • Tam Swarte

      Also a great idea!

  • Guest

    was hoping to smash my old BB bold.. guess it didn’t make the cut

  • SC

    I’ll just smash a dummy model

    • TrainAss

      I bet you have to prove that it works.

  • Yasz

    i’ll gladly smash my S5

  • AlphaEdge

    OK I smashed phone to bits, so I’m going to apply. Don’t worry I took a video of it being smashed, so I have proof.

    • Merags

      I hope you’re joking and didn’t already smash your phone.

      You are supposed to apply first, then IF they select you as one of the 100 people, you can then smash your phone, record it and post it and you get the phone… so you have to be picked smash it before you smash it… If not you may have just smashed your phone for no reason..

    • AlphaEdge

      Been checking back regularly to see who fell for it. 😀

    • Merags

      I’m glad. I was hoping that’s what you were doing. lol

    • Terry Hubbert

      Youtube is already littered with videos of people smashing their phones with no clue as to how this contest actually works… check it out, its sad/hilarious.

  • rgl168

    I was going to apply and smash an iPhone 3G or Nexus One. But they only want recent, high-end models. Therefore I’ll pass.

  • nostriluu

    Stupid and thoughtless.

  • cs098

    1. Buy a fake iphone.

    2. record in low quality

    3. receive awesome device

    • MrMM

      you need to show the phone works before smashing it

    • cs098

      A fake iphone would still work, it can actually be pretty convincing at a first glance.

    • cs098

      Worst case scenario: I lose a crap phone i don’t use.

      I think a good copy will look the part long enough in the video to convince the 1=1 guys.

  • AReid

    Wow! Have people smash a fairly new phone….how tacky. How about have people sell their phone and donate the proceeds to charity?!

  • Noah Roesler

    I wanted to use my iPhone 3GS… This is lame.
    Hell, you can’t even use the iPhone 4 but you can use the Galaxy S3? wtf

  • Henry

    Bad marketing strategy and with 100 people smashing phone I can see a few accidents happening. What if someone explodes a battery?

  • AlphaEdge

    About $50,000 in costs, for about a million dollars in marketing. Smart move.

  • gommer strike

    So you’re totally OK with me taking a sledgehammer to my M8, but you won’t let me qualify by doing the same to my DynaTAC 8000X from 1989?

    Sorry but I have no reason to smash up a perfectly good working phone, and one which I can pass over to the next person in good condition.

  • MrMM

    waiting for this PR stunt to backfire.. smashing your high-end phone for their $299 phone, what a waste!

  • Andy

    I just can’t wait to purchase it.
    I’d smash it if it suck and record it with S5.

    Do it reverse way if it’s good.

  • smokeman

    Wow so environment friendly ..

  • Wufai

    Although I love the produce OnePlus One introduced, smashing a perfectly working phone seem a little uncaring for enviromental consideration. The bad part is there are people willing to do this sort to stunts.

    I’d hate to be that guy carrying the OnePlus One and people around me is thinking “that’s the dumb dude who smashed a perfectly good phone for no reason.”

  • Mavrick Savard

    $200 BBZ10 at Future Shop on prepaid, so if you get in the phone will cost you $201. Are you feeling lucky?

  • milagroful

    Sign me up. Ill smash up my Moto X even though its awesome if its get me a free upgrade. The tons and tons of wasted food every day is a much bigger issue than giving some poor kid in Africa with no internet a smart phone. This is purely about marketing, no need for everyone to go all good Samaritan, put that energy in more needed areas if you want to help those less fortunate.

  • John Vu

    I am sure that OnePlus has thought about the pros and cons regarding this campaign. What they will ultimately get are millions of hits on those 100 Youtube videos which will undoubtedly make reference about the One and it will cost them less than $30,000.

    Edit: It will cost them much less than that as I am sure that it doesn’t cost $299 to make the 16GB version.

  • Anton Kaptainis

    As If the “invite system” wasn’t obnoxious enough…

  • skrug

    Is there a law in Quebec that prevents someone buying a phone for $1?

  • Tyrone_83

    I would love to get one of those phones and to smash my Alcatel One Touch M’pop. I had bad customer service with this company. They don’t even respond to tweets or Facebook posts unless your praising them. My issues with this phone happen 21 days into owning it. Got it repaired 3 times before the month of December was even over.

  • Kaostheory

    Why would I smash a flagship for a mid-ranger of the 1+1?

  • rgl168

    There are specific laws regarding “contests” in Quebec that are different than other provinces. Since they are picking a random number of people out of the pool to participate, it is considered to be “contest”, which would requiring following those laws.

    You will also notice “contests” from other companies that “excludes Quebec” because of these laws.