Rogers increases monthly bring-your-own-device cost to $50 per line


  • skullan

    Screw this… Smoke signals are looking better and better.

    • jackjiarocks

      I see a nice response to the lower ARPU on their quarter report.
      Up yours Rogers…

    • Guest

      They are also laying off a bunch of people at their head office.

      My cousin was laid off last week. He was a manager working there over 25 years. They gave him no prior notice, he showed up at work they told him he has 10mins to gather his belongings and leave. He was then escorted out by a security guard. This is how they treat their employees who worked for them over 25 years.

      Customers? If they could care less about you they would.

    • Chris Radenovic

      I’m not surprised. I am definitely a loyal person. I pick a company and stick with them. But being a Rogers customer is not only dehumanizing, it’s degrading. I’ve never been so unhappy or mistreated by a company. Ever.

    • Louis

      Comcast isn’t the only company that doesn’t give a f*ck, eh?

    • cartfan88

      Bell raising rates across the board…just posted on Howard forums. The assault continues but consumers have little to fight back with other than cancelling.

    • ToniCipriani

      But it appears Bell is only raising it if you are on the 30-day 10% discount, i.e. the VD Lite and grandfathered, VD Plus discount is still $20, vs in this case Rogers dropped that to $10.

      But of course nothing saying they won’t follow later.

  • Byron Sieben

    This is becoming ridiculous. I guess when you hike your rates in response to a CRTC ruling and start losing the ability to attract new customers, it is time to squeeze your profit out of existing customers. I really hope that there is even more backlash from customers over this. Mobility in Canada is becoming a premium luxury that only the wealthy can afford – It is starting to equate to a car payment! Over 90 dollars a month for basic cell service? Absolutely ridiculous.

    • grantdude

      Wow, I guess I’m wealthy! WOO!

    • Dudemanbroguy

      @byronsieben:disqus I agree with you, but I’m curious as to what your definition of “basic cell service” is as there are inexpensive plans you can get for just phone/text purposes.

    • Byron Sieben

      You’re right. I define basic cell service as including the 500 MB data. The majority of devices are smart devices, so the data is moot. I guess this is all the epitome of “first-world-problems.”

    • icyhotonmynuts

      500mb? This isn’t 2010 anymore. While the rest of the world (not including the United States) receives 3gb-5gb as a standard on their cheapest plans, and much of the second to third-world countries offering unlimited, offering to Canadians 500mb is insulting.

    • DenjinJ

      Yeah, and their pay as you go plans don’t even include minutes anymore. The options these days seem to be buy everything or get nothing.

    • malingerer

      the gov’t did IT’S part to screw consumers as well… Nix 3 year plans and there is 1 less year to amortize the handset across. We expect the best coverage, with the lowest airtime prices and no money down hardware. You can’t have all 3, like most industries you can chose 2, you never get 3.

    • Byron Sieben

      Yes, but the issue here is BYOD and not amortized subsidies.

    • malingerer

      It seems a cost/profit issue to me; all these items are tied together (I assume a wireless carrier can’t operate this segment separate from its others; they all take and give to the same pot of money). From a business POV it looks as though they are wanting a stickier customer (one that buys a device from the carrier is more likely to stick with the carrier during the term required), but at the end of the day I believe they’d be more likely to leave (to get another subsidized handset, except if the current carrier provides another, equally subsidized, handset). It seems wonky to me given the lack of subsidy, but they are businesses and can do what they like, within the scope of the law, to generate a profit. My RSP likes it, my wallet not so much.

    • DenjinJ

      It’s within the law only because there is apparently no law against collusion and price fixing. Besides, if the best you can say about an offering is that it’s technically not illegal, the market is in a dire situation.

    • Delphus

      Collusion and price fixing, look at gas stations… Yeah cell bills are a killer, but $65 of gas a week for a mid sized car with low milleage.

      Still over $1.50 this morning…and the reasons??? Now that’s price fixing!

    • DenjinJ

      Some stations, even within one city will sell gas for different prices at the same time, and some with different mixes (ethanol), so you can actually make a choice. For cell plans, they pretty much tell you “this is the plan, this is the price. Don’t need these features? Deal with it.” If you look at other carriers… well, you can get that plan there too, with a different logo.

      Still, price fixing in one industry doesn’t mean it’s not happening in this one.

    • MER1978

      Even though the rest of the world has 2 year plans AND the same prices for handsets with monthly plans that cost less and offer more… but yeah it was the gov’s fault.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Why not? Thailand has it. Rogers will rape your wallets as long as you have money in them and are willing to play fair.

    • Nitrof Nosaj

      Cell phones are a luxury…not a right.

    • AReid

      Well said. It seems that people forget this.

    • gommer strike

      And people tend to forget that.

      OK, so *maybe* a basic voice plan + text may be the bare minimum, but data isn’t a right.

      Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second here. Remember the days of Blackberry, when only business people whose handhelds, plans, and BES license was paid for, by their company? And everyone else only had flip phones? And data plans were “business plans” and simply unthinkable to pay for, by the average joe? Sure it was maybe only 2G, but it was *really* expensive, for a fraction of the speed and data allocation, making it all but mandatory for a BES server(which handles encryption, compression of emails/attachments and so forth).

      Fast forward to today. We feel oh, data is a right and not a privilege. Data would only truly be a “right”, if your job requires you to securely respond to company emails(and hence your company would see value in paying for your data plan). Do you really *need* data all the time just so you can keep up with all your social networking? Sounds like a luxury to me. And with Shaw Go becoming commonplace…WiFi is becoming prevalent everywhere.

    • MER1978

      If the big 3 were charging something similar to what other providers around the world are charging for data nobody would be complaining… people rely on emails + instant messaging like whatsapp… why is that communication less necessary than having access to voice + text?

    • gommer strike

      Texting vs Whatsapp: I will grant you that with Whatsapp, you can consolidate your contacts into one convenient app and messaging everyone from within, no matter where they are on the planet Earth.

      However, if we take a step back and assume that we don’t have a wireless plan anymore(let’s imagine we can’t afford it). We would be texting our local friends to meet up and get together for drinks. As for our friends in another country – well, we’d be able Whatsapp them…once we get ourselves to a WiFi access point(which is becoming prevalent everywhere). Ditto for email.

      And further – if you’re gonna email someone – that tells us that your email message is likely going to be far more composed, likely contain more content, etc. And you’ll be likely sitting down to think about it, vs a much more rapid, spontaneous IM. Or why email, over IM?

    • MER1978

      Yeah companies will pay for your data if you’re required to have email access for your job… they also will pay if you’re required to have voice access for your job… everyone else doesn’t have that requirement for voice or email so why is one required but the other isn’t?

    • gommer strike

      But again – this is about distinction between “required” and “luxury”.

      If someone really, really “requires” something, more likely than not, it’s because they need it, in order to make a living. There is no question that an outside sales rep needs mobile access to email and access to company apps wirelessly, in order to do their job better and faster than his competitor. Same with field techs and installers who need to pick up and update jobs in real-time.

      Think back before any of us had access to fast consumer mobile data. How did we all manage? Did we simply pick up the phone and *call*(something nearly unheard of today)? How did our parents manage? And their parents?

      I’d like to see both of us sit together, have our parents at the other end of the dinner table, and let’s explain to them, why data is a necessity and not a luxury. How the heck did doctors/lawyers get by with only Palm Pilots + flip phones before Blackberry?

    • MER1978

      Ok so then we should be exclusively considering people who are looking for work to define “required” then if employers are going to pay for required voice/text AND data… how much of the “find a job process” happens talking on the phone in 2014?

      Whether or not data is required is kind of not the point anyways… many other countries offer significantly more data for the same price or less… Canadians over pay for mobile data full stop.

    • gommer strike

      …except if we go with WIND. Why aren’t we?

    • MER1978

      … because Wind + Mobilicity are both essentially bankrupt and don’t have the money to expand and improve their services.

      I used to be with Wind… actually switched from Mobilicity to Wind because it looked like Wind was putting money into expanding their network whereas not much was happening with Mobilicity… but now with Wind being written off by their parent company and not participating in the new spectrum auction they’re kind of done in my opinion.

    • Chris Radenovic

      look. These companies made the mistake of investing in a technology (call and text) that could very well be outdated and useless by now by companies like Skype and Whatsapp. The only way they can continue making a service like these essential is if they FORCE you to buy them, and then tack on the most minimal amount of data for extremely high prices.

      I, for one, could use and would MUCH PREFER to have ONLY internet on my phone.

    • gommer strike

      To be fair, SMS from what I understand simply piggybacks off of the control portion of voice or something. Though it’s by no means a guaranteed delivery, it seems reliable enough.

      I agree that a lot of people would welcome the most minimal voice plan(say even 50 minutes/month) and pass their savings to the customers, and from there, we choose the size of data plan to fit our needs. That sounds like win-win.

    • Chris Radenovic

      It may be “reliable enough”, but I think its silly we have to pay for a service that’s on a completely different infrastructure than everything else that people use (the internet).

      This may sound close minded, but I’m just thinking about the future. We should not have to pay for their failure.

    • John

      Why don’t you give up your internet connection then? Data = internet, they are no different. And for for a lot of people including me, it is their only option for good internet.

    • gommer strike

      That’s not the same thing. We’re talking mobile data, not consumer home internet. And I just talked about the growing prevalence of WiFi nearly everywhere you go. Find a coffee shop where there isn’t free WiFi.

    • John

      To the contrary, my home internet is mobile data. You should explain why you think they are different before making generalizations. Internet from one comes from an antenna, the other comes from a cable.

    • gommer strike

      And I’ve already made the argument that if you want cheaper mobile internet, that WIND is an option with unlimited mobile internet for half the cost. It’s not my problem if people refuse to use WIND.

      Just because YOUR use case for internet comes from only your mobile device, doesn’t suddenly make you the next savant to tell everyone else to cut the cord on their home internet pipe. And before you tell me “well your internet is a luxury too”, nice try, but I work from home.

    • John

      Internet from a cable = not luxury. Internet from an antenna = luxury. You’re logic is amazing!

    • gommer strike

      making a living from home through internet = luxury for you, clearly.

      Sorry my company pays for my Internet, and yours does not. Can’t have it all, can we.

    • Wufai

      Its not a right, and I won’t argue, but don’t you think Canadian access to data on smartphones can benefit the society as a whole? Think if every driver has a Smartphone app that calculates best routes with live traffic data we can all get to our destinations quicker and be more productive we would save the canadian economy billions. but the current data prices most canadian are not willing to do so.

    • Nitrof Nosaj

      They already have google maps to do this. And again that’s a luxury that maybe our economy can’t afford. I think there are more pressing issues out there besides optimizing traffic routes.

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      You’re too level-headed to be commenting on MobileSyrup 🙂

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      no hes a libertarian 😉

    • MER1978

      Canada can’t afford reasonable data rates but every other developed country can… uhhhh ok.

    • Nitrof Nosaj

      Why don’t you go pull up Verizon’s website and see how much America(that cheaper developed country) pays. Or why don’t you do some research on the archaic networks in Europe that are overburdened by traffic and provide lousy service?

      You want the best network and devices? You pay! Simple as that.
      You buy now!!!

    • MER1978

      Actually what I want is for some real competition so there are options like in the US… sure Rogers/Bell + Telus are in a number of ways comparable to the most expensive US provider… but last time I checked the US has actual competition with 2 discount carriers (Sprint + T-Mobile) taking almost a third of the market… vs. here where Wind/Mobilicity are both essentially bankrupt without any way to expand or improve their networks and like 5% of the market.

    • Nitrof Nosaj

      Well unfortunately Telus Bell & Rogers aren’t obligated to provide you a discount service. They have the flanker brands Koodo, Virgin, Chatr, Fido for that. If you consider Sprints CDMA throttled data service to be a better option – well, discussion over.

    • MER1978

      What’s so bad about having several GBs of full speed data and then throttling after that? Sounds like a better option than my 1GB with Fido where I have to pay $5 extra for every 250MB that I go over which is basically all the time.

      When I left Rogers for Mobilicity I was paying $85 per month… sure the Big 3 have gradually lowered their prices because of Wind + Mobilicity… but now as both are bankrupt and have no money to expand these stories of prices creeping up are coming out basically every other week.

    • Nitrof Nosaj

      Keep in mind the Wireless Code hasn’t even been in effect for a full year and all these companies are still trying to figure out the “best of both worlds” scenario. Those 3 yr terms don’t seem so bad now do they?
      Best bet is to purchase your own device and go BYOD with Telus or Bell.

    • MER1978

      The biggest problem with the 3 year contracts was that the Big 3 were allowed to charge obscene amounts of money if you wanted or needed to break your contract early… they fixed that by making it so you could only be charged the cost of your phone subsidy spreading out that cost over your entire contract. Having said that 2 year contracts seem to be much closer to how often people want to switch up their device.

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      Bell just put up their prices on BYOD…..its getting so thats not a worthwhile option either. There is a certain Red Forum that I partake in every time I am about to renew a plan and find out there the best deals at THAT time and with who. Right now KOODOO has a great one going……..but these change from month to month but the big 3 are not the way to go today.

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      You’ve been away from Rogers too long. ALL the big 3 are now the most expensive they have ever been. The smaller Wind, Mobilicity, Public, etc, haven’t done so well and it seems as if the Bg 3 bided their time and now they are gouging more than they ever have.

    • tyler man

      So totally disagree with the “well your parrents didn’t need cell phones so that makes it a luxury” comments, since that essentially makes everything a luxury. Its called pregress people, at some point every single thing was considered a luxury. Indoor plumbing, phones, hot water, transportation.

      Now that being said, I dont believe cell phones, or data to be essential to survival.
      All the majority of us are asking for is reasonable responces to reasonable restrictions. The cell companies claim that the increases and plan changes are to combat the change from 3 years to two years, however let me demonstrate a senario that makes this false.
      My current plan is a $60 6GB plan, from a 3 year tearm, and my phone costed around $600 at the time of the contract at $0 down,

      60 x 36 = $2160 – 600 = $1560 off a 3 year term(780/year)

      Now new phone i want is $700 (minus 180 upfront)

      Min line fee = 60, 6GB data = 65 = 125/month
      125 x 24 = 3000 – 520 = $2480 on the 2 year term (1240/year)

      So now what I dont understand is why the companies get to use 2 year terms as an excuse to make an extra $460 per year on what is to me the exact same offering AND have the phone paid off the same as 3 year tearms?????

      What does this have to do with Luxury???

      BTW this all equals a 60% increase in price, and has nothing to do with shorter contracts.

      Also, Even if i bought my new phone outright, I have been told my current plan does not exist, and my new plan would const $40 line fee, and $65 just to maintain my data.

      $105/month, buy my own phone, and have to deal with rogers, no thank you.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      “I really hope that there is even more backlash from customers over this.”

      Deep in your heart, you know there won’t be any such backlash.

    • Mike

      Ad it should be. Mobile phones are a luxury!

    • tyler man

      At one time or another so was your clothing, hot water, housing, transpo, and everything else. People can survive in a cave or bush, with nothing but nature. Progress of society determines what becomes essential. The rest are called conviences, and the higher part a luxury.
      In todays world, I would argue that home phone is essential, mobile is convience, and top of the line phone and package would be luxury.

  • jetbeck

    God, more now then ever we really, really, really need to have Wind survive.

  • MarkLastiwka

    Just recently trimmed the fat on my grandfathered plan. $68 for 6GB of data, 200 talk minutes, unlimited text, call ID and display. Universally every rogers rep I talk to tells me NOT to let go of this plan.

    Share Everything Plan offer more value my a*s…

    • hunkyleepickle

      yeah, i’ve got 5gb for 50$, and i will not let go of it, ever.

    • DenjinJ

      200MB & 150 min for $45 here – and wishing I could find anything near as good now.

    • Anon-e-mouse

      7-11 Speakout Wireless (runs on the Rogers network so no coverage issue here + no zones) offers “value plans” that gives you 200 minutes Canada wide long distance, unlimited Can/US texting, & free voicemail+caller ID for $25/month. Add 500MB data or only $15/month. Total: $40/month. Your welcome. OR you can add an extra $5/month to bump it up to 300 minutes Canada wide.

    • DenjinJ

      Cool, thanks for the tip. Didn’t even know they were an option. They seem to get a ton of hate for their customer service… but it’s good to know there’s a provider that isn’t locked to the exact same plans as the others, or only in huge cities.

    • melllojelllo

      Got 6GB, unlimited voice and SMS for 56$. And I thought It was expensive last summer… I won’t let go until price goes down…. But I’m afraid it will not!

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      Don’t tell strangers on the street that you have this plan.

    • CrazyFish

      I got 250 min, unlimited text, CID, VM and 6GB for $50. I’m not letting go of this plan, I bought a Nexus 4 last year just to keep the plan.

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      they are starting to force people off of those plans

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      you probably won’t be able to keep it next time you need to renew…..

    • MarkLastiwka

      renew what?

  • deltatux

    The Big 3 make me cherish my $40 holiday WIND Plan more and more each day. Wished prices will fall instead of this never ending price increases to line their pockets with record breaking profits.

    • hunkyleepickle

      i have 50$ for 5gb on rogers, but i’m tempted to keep it and try wind for a few months, just to see how my experience would be. I’m just a little worried that i give up my grandfathered plan, and Wind goes tits up in the next 5 years. Then i’m stuck paying 100$+ for 500mb of data…..

    • Mike

      Don’t do it they are garbage. You get what you pay for.

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      i left mobility for they constantly had dropped calls, i had to go into the courthouse often at finch and dufferin and could not make a phone call once i had gone 3 feet in the door, yet everyone else could, and not just once but every time I had to go there. Subways? Forget it yet my Rogers phone can often work at least as far down as the bottom of the escalator..not wind or mobility–terrible if you need important calls to come through

  • o_zzy

    Its actually quite disgusting.

  • bembol

    Buying phones outright will soon be pointless. This shouldn’t be a shocker.

    Never had issues with contracts. It just requires more patients, at the end aka when it’s time to renew you will benefit with loyalty plans. Why not take advantage of subsidy.

    • flower_petals

      Because the plans themselves are crap. the data they offer in the plan is ridiculous. $60+ for what? A “free” phone?! No thanks. How is it that they can offer a 5gb data plan for a tablet for a fraction of what it cost a for a phone?

    • Apocalypso

      Simple. Because that would mean paying a higher monthly cost for your plan. Therefore, it’s better to buy your handset outright and receive a BYOP discount which most carriers are offering and thereby pay a lower monthly cost. Plus by not being bound by a contract, you retain your free agent status and can switch to any carrier plan should one offer you a better deal.

      That being said, as another poster said, it would appear by this example that carriers are beginning to make that option less advantageous.

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      not after today——–prices just went up on Bring your own

    • Guest

      Why? Because they don’t even pretend to offer choice of plans anymore. Want an iPhone 5s? If you take their ONE plan and cut the options to the minimum, it would cost more than $1000 more in the 2 year term than it would for me to just buy the phone and stick with my current plan.

    • Wufai

      As a Canadian to another Canadian I’ll tell you why. BYOD is used to retain ‘grandfathered’ plans. Plans even 1 year ago offer much better value than current plans. If you take advantage of subsidy you will be signed on to a current plan. for example last year for $39 you get get 600MB with $5/200MB. Now its 300MB with $5/100MB. Smarter people retained plans for a few years got $50 for 5GB, today its more like $120 for 6GB. Who know what plans will cost next year if you stick with the ‘take advantage of subsidy’ method?

    • Warren Marshall

      I’m still holding on to my 6GB for $30 data plan

    • Mike

      I am still holding my $60 super plan

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      you won’t be much longer u will be forced off

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      They just put up the prices today for BYOD at Rogers and I think Bell—i believe they went up an extra $10 per month

  • Martin Chan

    What are we going to do? Switch provider’s? Ohh, I just switched to Telus/ Bell and I still pay the same thing as Rogers. Rogers proceeds to rub nipples.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Did you switch to TELUS or Bell? They are separate companies you know.

    • gmd

      tied at the hip.

    • duwenbasden

      The big 3 should just have 1 site for their plans for all the differences their plans have.

      As with the Ghostbusters says: Who you gonna call?

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      I think a more apt quote would be Hulk Hogan’s “Whatcha gonna do?” as “Who you gonna call” is a call to relieve distress, and I don’t think any of the Big 3’s price plans are designed to relieve any kind of distress (except the one in your bladder, perhaps).

  • canuck07

    It’s real easy being Rogers’ CEO isn’t it? Just raise the damn price when they need more revenue.

  • WiZZLa

    They have to pay for the $48,971,630 executive team salaries somehow.

  • C_Flat

    Welp. I’m never changing my plan again

  • Azreik

    We need Wind in Halifax…I would switch in a heartbeat.

  • extrememeasuresss

    People in Ottawa should jump on videotron while others should look to having a po box in Manitoba or quebec. Maybe someone will set up like one office just like tax evaders do in the carribean. With Canada wide calling what does it matter what your number is. Its actually making economic sense.

    • framing god

      I run a business, go with a 204 number to save ten bucks a month.

  • beyond

    i wonder what the next few news articles are going to say…..hmmm Bell raises prices of BYOD…..Telus raises price of BYOD….hmmmmm

  • HelloCDN

    Not surprising at all. I am actually surprised they’re still giving the discounts for BYOD…

  • JB

    Am I reading that right? This is for an ADDITIONAL LINE that shares the minutes/data with a PRIMARY line that you are ALREADY PAYING FOR? $50 for the priviledge, and you provide your own hardware?


    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      they just went up today, i believe it was $10 a month

  • JB

    Does anyone know if Fido has an arms-length relationship with Rogers, or is it strictly a rebrand?

    I think the way to crack this oligopoly nut is to get domestic roaming rates under control. That way, you can be a Wind subscriber paying REASONABLE roaming rates sitting on a Rogers tower.

    Regulate it all like a utility, complete with wholesale rate caps.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Fido is Rogers. They are one. Materials go through one of two doors, red paint or yellow paid?

    • JB

      Some businesses, when operating subsidiaries, keep an arms-length relationship. I wonder if Rogers charges Fido for network usage, and if so, what that rate is.

    • tomi

      Fido is a subsidiary. It runs its own operation with separate books. Not sure what the tower sharing is like but Rogers obviously charges Fido to use them. Lots to do with tax planning as well.

    • JB

      I guess that’s my point… I wonder if Rogers is required to wholesale at the same rate to other providers?

    • Mike

      They do share towers and food customers get dumped off busy towers giving Rogers customers priority. Same when wind uses them.

  • fandroidlose

    lol rogers.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Wish WIND would have gone through with 700 MHz auction and bought the Spectrum. Then WIND would have forced these ROBBERS to come out with decent Unlimited Data plans at a reasonable price per month. The way they did with Unlimited Voice and Text. But now these Robbers know WIND Data Speeds are very slow and they won’t improve till they get more spectrum and lauch LTE therefore ROBBERS are forcing us for expensive Data Plans.

    UNLIMITED DATA on LTE…..fingers crossed!!

    • HeyYoWL

      Wind doesn’t have the deep pockets of Rogers. I don’t see how it would’ve remotely been possible for them to compete at all. Wind speeds aren’t that slow, it’s slower to be sure, but still decent speeds. You wait an extra 5 seconds maybe? No one is forcing you to use expensive plans..

    • graze81

      Wife and I switched to Wind last night. The download speeds aren’t that bad. It’s not blazing fast as LTE but its not painfully either. It’s a happy medium.

    • HeyYoWL

      Yeah a lot of naysayers like to make it out to be akin to old school 2g speeds, when in fact it’s perfectly serviceable.

    • gommer strike

      well then get the word out. WIND needs customers. And there aren’t enough of them. WIND can’t grow if people don’t flock to them en masse.

      Just endure the pain of a few dead zones here and there, especially if it’s for the greater good.

    • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

      I think u will find people more and more flocking to them

  • Chris Dunphy

    This is terrible. I think it is morally wrong for Rogers to charge more for BYOD than they do on contract. Shouldn’t be allowed.

  • ScooterinAB

    For anyone following other discussions, this is an enormous step backwards for Rogers, and I hope others do not follow. This renders BYOD savings moot and sets things back to early 2000’s pricing, where customers basically received nothing. Poor move, Rogers.

  • me

    On the one hand, it is unreal what the Big 3 are doing. But on the other hand, who cares? Let them dig their own graves. The more they raise prices, the more attractive alternatives like Wind and Videotron look.

    I say let them raise their prices. Because it will come back to bite them in the end.

    • DenjinJ

      Yeah… a lot of places don’t have those alternatives. Also, it’s not even an option – I was hired conditionally on keeping a smartphone. But for the cost of a “cheap” phone plan, I can buy an Android tablet every couple months!

    • gommer strike

      Right, and so people CAN just go to WIND and just vote with their pockets. And that starts with you. Give up coverage and go with cheaper prices. Tell your friends, spread the word. Get everyone converted and watch WIND soar.

    • marorun1982

      No wind mobile in Québec so game over..

    • HeyYoWL

      The point was go with someone else beyond the Big 3. You have Videotron, go there.

    • marorun1982

      Videotron network is really really really bad… internet is slow and reception is sketchy and as i work on the road i cannot use such limited mobile service.

    • A.G.

      if you are going to say something like that, you need to show pictures of a speed test.

    • marorun1982

      Won’t happen as I have nothing to prove to you and no one I know use videotron anymore they all switched to chatr, koodo, fido.

      So I won’t get a videotron cellphone again 😉 when they deploy the 700 mgz then we are talking.

      Right now they use rogers 2g and aws and both don’t pierce wall enuf so signal in building are not good.

      Don’t you know that’s?
      The lower you are in the spectrum the best your signal will be.

      950 mgz is better than 1900 mgz by exemple.

      That’s why the 700 mgz spectrum will bring a new Era of speed and reception.

  • southerndinner

    Another Rogers First™

  • marorun1982

    In fact the big 3 plan on removing the smartphone lite category Allready starting the 30 April

    • skullan

      My contract is up in the next 2 months…
      So are my days of carrying a smartphone..

  • Apocalypso

    Totally agree with you. The $39 Wind unlimited plan however, as tantalizing as it looks, has its limitations, that being the fact that you still are subject to paying domestic roaming rates if you happen to be out of their Wind zone. Not so “unlimited” imo.

  • Jesse

    This makes me greatfull for my unlimited talk and text + 5GB for 49.50 after BYOD

  • hunkyleepickle

    every part of their statement is baloney….

    “Share everything plans overall offer more value” – so why raise BYOD rates, if your share plans are so awesome and compelling!??

    “ability to share data between family members at reduced rates” – reduced compared to what? I paid for a bucket of data, and should not be penalized for spreading it around, period.

    “the option to upgrade devices every two years” – you were mandated to do so, so don’t act like your doing us some huge favour.

    I’m tired of these dicks, i could seriously go back to a landline and iPod touch, and i’m sure i’d be fine.

  • hunkyleepickle

    350$ nexus 5 + 50$/5gb grandfathered plan….leave me alone rogers.

  • KiwiBri

    got to pay for those exec salaries somehow,,,

  • AW Sudo

    What a farce — “”Share everything plans overall offer more value”. Robbers literally admitted the are forcing consumers to bend over and take it. Offers more value in terms of profit for the company only is correct

  • wildspin

    Guys, why do you need conventional voice service? get the $10/month tablet plan and install Fongo on your device. Bingo!

  • Henry Huynh

    Don’t forget about the 30 day notice for cancelation! Or you will pay for another month! What a garbage policy but hey as long as those executives make their millions a year it’s all good right?

  • Rovi

    After many, many years with bell I finally canceled my contract and switched to Wind. I’m currently on their 40$ plan and couldn’t be happier!!!! The signal is fantastic everywhere I have gone (mostly Mississauga / Hamilton) there are no surprise fees or huge bills! People need to start switching to wind and send a message to robelus! If anyone is on the fence as I was about wind I say give it a shot they’re a fantastic company and I can see them really taking off in the next few years as Robelu$ continue to increase their prices. I would rather have unlimited 3G then 500mb LTE any day.

  • Vineet Sharma

    Looks like these telcos already feeling the heat by all these OEMs who are bringing their unlocked phones into the market with economical pricing. Nexus, OPPO, one plus one etc targeting customers to buy the best in the market without any commitment. One the other hand these Telcos are discouraging the customers and forcing them to buy subsidized phones from them and stick to the contact for several years. This is insane, lack of competition makes them drive the market.

  • Shaggyskunk

    All of the carriers – Not just Rogers – are disingenuous in their marketing – They presented new plans – saying “we’re listening to our customers” But the only reason for the changes, was the impending implementation of the Wireless Code…. Meanwhile – The carriers had their lawyers, busy as ever – Trying to find ways around, or out of the Wireless Code – Hypocrisy at it’s finest… Carriers serving Kool-aid….

  • kroms

    YES ! Right on Rogers. ! That’s how you do it baby. Give it to your customers!
    Love it.

    So happy i dumped Rogers 8 years ago.

  • kroms

    M .O . N . O . P .O L . Y. Thanks to your GOV Of Canada !.

  • abc123

    This is what I would love to see:

    A coordinated effort through social media by as many subscribers of the big 3 as possible. When a rate is raised, mass migration ensues from the rate-raising carrier A to another carrier B. It doesn’t even matter if B also raises rates. What matters is the sheer drop in revenue from Carrier A would force them to compete. When Carrier A is forced to lower rates or provide better incentives, another mass migration from Carrier B back to Carrier A. This causes another sheer drop in revenue from Carrier B in turn forcing them to provide better incentives.

    However, this would require a coordinated effort of millions of subscribers and all of them would have to be good on their word. And unfortunately, the big 3 have got us with retention plans, locked phones, and termination fees…

    This could work for gas stations though. A coordinated effort to boycott a particular brand of gas (chevron, shell, petro can, etc), until they are forced to lower prices. It could take days or weeks, but eventually they will respond by lower prices.

    This would be a sight to see if it worked.

  • A.G.

    Getting off the grid is slowly becoming an avenue I am considering.

  • A.G.

    Maybe its just the first step. They will make it fair again by rising the price for mid level phones to 60$ and 70$ for high end devices in the near future. That’s fair right ? lol

  • A.G.

    They should bring back the activation fee. Make it something like 50$ to activate your sim card + 30$ for a sim card.

  • ammanerz

    I think this is a compound problem of corporate greed, the fact that many people are coming out of there 3 years terms this year and may be satisfied with their current handsets, and the proliferation of inexpensive smartphones, both entry and high end.

    They’re preemptively charging people more so in 2 years time when new device activations slow waaay down they’ll still rake in the same ARPU no matter what choices consumers make. I expect the similar changes from Bell and TELUS before end of summer.

  • Allen Martin

    Having choice is a lot better than any locked-in plan in my opinion. I own my own phone (Nexus 5) and I can move to any carrier whenever I want. There are some inexpensive Android phones out there that are really great (Moto G, for example) and you can own them outright for not much more than $200.

  • Tom

    If you must use the Big Three due to coverage and you don’t already have a decent plan with them, use their discount subbrands. Seriously. Same coverage, same speeds, noticeably lower price that also rewards BYOD. Unfortunately, people absolutely must have their subsidized phones (aka spend an extra $20+ per month to save $400 up front) so not enough people even think about this option…
    Parents and I have good grandfathered plans with Fido that we’re not letting go of anytime soon.


    So Rogers executives post their personal earnings for last year at over 40 million bucks and what that wasn’t freaking enough so they keep jacking up prices, For F Sakes I’m getting sick of this bullsh*t.
    I guess it’s time to pay up for those purchases Rogers made at the spectrum auction eh SMH

  • jay

    Welcome to North America never felt so screwed before! I had a 35€ no worry plan and now I can get a 100€ better worry plan wow

  • Mr. Jean Bedford

    I currently pay $70.95 a month for my10 canada wide, unlimited text, voicemail and 6 GB of data. There is no way I’m resigning a contract at the new rates. Now it’s $50 just for a phone i bought and brought plus data. How is this justified?!? I’d rather buy an unlocked international version of a phone for $700 and keep my current plan.

  • RogersSux

    I’m porting my number from Rogers to wind and doing the same for my wife. Up yours Rogers