Microsoft Q3 2014 earnings: Surface growth is soft, and Office 365 is a hit


  • Francois Roy

    Logitech K810 FTW

  • Shoey5

    50% growth is soft?

    • jackjiarocks

      Using a surface pro 2 now. Although there are compromises, I would say its still a solid solid price.

    • wes

      Use the surface pro as my daily driver. Love it. Yes there are compromises bu totally worth it for me.

    • Kyle Bly

      I love my surface pro, the digitized stylus is amazing for students

    • jackjiarocks

      I lost my stylus already. Why is it so hard for them to just make a hole to the pen into the machine.. .sigh

    • wes

      I got mine for 675$, but it the price for students went down to 450$!!! That was an amazing deal.. I see my classmates carrying their MacBooks and other laptops and I laugh at:
      1) how heavy their laptops are
      2) the price they paid

    • wes

      Can’t wait for my freedomcase! Always afraid of losing my digitizer.

    • wrc

      I have Android tablet (Galaxy Pro), iPad and Surface Pro 2 in my household. If you want to talk about compromises look at Android and iOS tablets. If you think iOS and Android are better operating systems for tablets than you’re kidding yourself.

    • syounger64

      Had an iPad one year for work while I had my surface rt for home. Looking back I tell people that the iPad is an overpriced toy.

  • gmaninvan

    “It’s unclear whether Microsoft will continue to sell Lumia devices under the Nokia brand”

    I thought the terms of the purchase flat out stated that Microsoft couldn’t use the Nokia name on anything but feature phones (Asha)?

    • monkeymo

      pretty sure they meant they aren’t sure if Microsoft will use the Lumia brand for upcoming devices. The 930 looks some what like a Surface phone, but give me the real thing please.

    • gmaninvan

      Using the Lumia brand would make more sense. As for a surface phone. You will be waiting a while. The acquisition closed today and Nokia likely has a year at least of product in the pipeline.

      Think of Google and Motorola. The Moto X was the first phone to come out of that partnership and it took a year and a half

  • BB BB

    Compared to Apple. The surface 2 non pro is a great general get things done tablet without having to worry about viruses. The Surface 2 has 2gb of ram and can multitask well without refreshing constantly like lousy ios 7 which refreshes every time you switch browser tabs.

    Microsoft obviously needs more apps but for work, and the boardroom it’s a great device. The Pro 2 needs to have more attractive pricing especially with storage considering windows OS leaves you with less than half of what you’re paying for. The $100 for each storage upgrade is very Apple-esque I’m sure Microsoft can be more creative than that considering SSD storage costs about a buck per gb