LG G2 placed on Bell’s ‘End of Life’ list as hints of a summer G3 announcement surface


  • Badbikerbob

    And will probably still be running on Jelly Bean! 😉

    • Lumbar Jack

      The G2 runs KK.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the G3 takes a while to get 4.5/5.0 though.

    • Digi Chan

      G2 runs Kit Kat.

  • rgl168

    I think “end of life” is a misleading term. “End of sale” is more like it.

    • Nachotech

      Obviously current owners of the G2 can continue to enjoy their phones indefinitely. My point is that after all the money spent on R&D, marketing, and manufacturing, the G2 is going to be replaced after a grand total of ~8 months on store shelves.
      In their race to capture market share, the manufacturers are rushing out new versions of their phones so fast only the most tech savvy customers are going to be able to keep up, lets see: GS5, LG G3, HTC ONE M8, Xperia Z8 or perhaps a Lumina 930. I feel sorry for first time smartphone buyers, what a mess.

    • Dimitri

      Lumia 930 and Sony Xperia Z2. Not a grammar troll lol.

      I do agree with you tho. Manufacturers are rushing the on making their new flagship phones within less then 10 months or so. Its starting to get really ridiculous to be honest. Only tech savvy and rich people will be able to afford spending $600+ on a new flagship phone every 6-9 months.

    • Joseph

      Usually device support on devices like this are pretty good on xda, or at least it was on the optimus 2x which lg left in the dust. Also only major techies upgrade extremely often, I myself can say I’ve had 5 different phones in a matter of 1 year but I have the money to go all out like that.

    • St. Misery

      You’re absolutely right, your 9 month old is fine, but good marketing on the part of manufacturers and carriers convinces people otherwise, after they’re locked in a multi-year contract. Loved having to remind clients they had 2+ years left till they can get another discounted phone, then getting screamed at.

    • monsterduc1000

      Samsung has the right release model I believe. 2 different types of Flagship phones to carry the latest tech. Flagship regular phone in the spring, flagship phablet in the fall.

      Can’t wait to upgrade to the Note 4 from the still amazing Note 2.

    • Lumbar Jack

      To be fair, Sony has a 6 month release cycle with each phone being an incremental improvement on the previous one (Z1 and Z2 use the same camera, storage, FM radio, etc.) so as to keep up with the heavy focus on having the latest SoC that there is in the Japanese market. This also makes it easier for them to create software updates for it.

      I mean, literally, what hardware changed from the Z1 to the Z2 are the following:

      Cell Radios: Different set. More frequencies can be used by the phone.

      Case: Redesigned slightly so as to maintain about the same size, with a larger screen (also lighter).

      Screen: Larger and better viewing angles, but same resolution.

      RAM: 3 GB instead of 2 GB.

      Secondary camera: slight improvement.

      SoC: Snapdragon 801 instead of Snapdragon 800.

      Battery: 3200 mAh instead of 3000 mAh

    • realitycheck

      also faster product cycles means older hardware will get no updates sooner… people need to start to realize this. Not everyone can or want to install custom roms.

    • David Feudale


  • Matty

    Really hoping the G3 comes out in may/june so I can upgrade. It’s killing me

  • Usaamah

    The silly thing is that while reducing stock of the G2, they recommend the S4 instead, a vastly inferior phone. Maybe it just speaks to the sales potential difference between LG and Samsung phones… but I find that sad.

  • Martin Chan

    This isn’t trying to diss Android phones but I find Android phones generally get refreshed and end of life cuts quicker than the other OS phone out there now, even iOS, BB10 and WP. But in general, after the two year mark, finding any software update for any phone is generally hard depending on your carrier.

    • Anaron

      Only Apple and Google release updates in a timely manner. Every other manufacturer takes their sweet time. It’s one of the reasons I bought a Nexus 5. I know that once an update is available, I will be able to download it. I don’t have to wait for my carrier to approve the update.

  • Bri Bru

    I wish this phone was pentaband

  • disqusmy

    Recently, Bell moves new phone in faster compare to other Big2.

  • David Feudale

    They are killing the G2 already? I’m sorry, that’s WAY too soon. The damn thing isn’t even a year old yet, LG needs to hold off on its replacement for a little while if you ask me… that’s ridiculous. The hardware in this phone is still impressive, and still in the top tier of superphones.

  • James Stewart

    That means no more updates for the G2. Pathetic.

    That is why i would rather buy the Nexus 5. I am willing to sacrifice having the best camera and 2 day battery life for a product that will not get replaced until 12 months have passed, and will get updated for 18 months at least.

    From what google is experimenting with in respect to ART, i would be pissed off as a G2 owner who would not get an update to the first android version with full ART support (no more experimental). Yes google updates its apps separately nowadays, but the core android OS can still be improved and you lose out on those improvements. What happens if google includes full system wide backups like iOS does in android 4.5/5.0 and your only option to get that is buggy CM 12 Roms?

  • Kitchener

    My G2 is a piece of crap. I got my 1st one in end of Nov 2013. The screen had a yellow blob burnt in by January so I returned it to Rogers and they shipped me a new one. Had this piece of crap since February, and all of a sudden tonight I went to swipe it out of sleep mode to check my messages and the screen is completely screwed. It looks like negatives from pictures. I cannot get it working properly again. Never dropped it, never got it wet, I baby my electronics. It’s a piece of garbage, and I’m extremely upset I haVe to get another one to replace it. I wish I could just get a completely different phone.