Winner announced in our TELUS Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Gear Fit!


  • Mischa Price

    The gear fit is such a nice designed wearable. And the s5 looks nice and the updates make it ready to take on 2014

    • Joseph

      I have the neo and I will say that I love the watch, it has been nothing shy of amazing and I would love to get the s5 but more so cause I like the look of the new touchwiz.

    • andrew konken

      Looks pretty awesome. Would love to compare to the original gear

  • Samy Saied

    Always fancied the integration between the smart phone and watch, and would be greate to try on telus for their great bundles

  • Sajib Saha

    S5 is the besst phone ever. Period. Give me.

  • Paul Gallant

    The G5 and smartwatch would be perfect accessories for my life on the go.

  • David Wei

    The S5 is an awesome phone and my old samsung is really needing an upgrade!

  • DJ-OnZ

    Would be a pretty niche update to my Nexus 4. 😛 Super Combo Kit

  • Darrell Teeple

    Have been looking to try out the combination of the phone and the fit and I am a big fan of Samsung. Could be the best phone of 2014 to date

  • ASH

    I love the S5…I hope I am the one!

  • dmuhamma

    Because that display is gorgeous!

  • Collin dubya

    I’d love to get this phone I’ve been waiting for a phone with a camera this nice!

  • Greg m

    because the GPS sucks on the phone i have 😉

  • ronald

    The reason why I want this phone is because this week was my birthday and I didn’t receive any gifts. since I love this phone, this would be the best bday present I have ever received

  • Timothy Nielsen

    Looks like the perfect birthday present. Yes, please.

  • DM

    sweet contest, pick me!

  • alphs22

    Because I love tech.


    Love to have this S5 and Gear2 replacing my Note 3 . im sure it will out perform the old Note3 . Thanks for picking me lol

  • george le

    Samsung S5 > Iphone 5s gold purple green space turtles and dare i say, 6! say whaaaaat…. 🙂

  • JakeRoc

    My phone is currently experiencing some slow down and wear and tear. It would be nice to get an upgrade!

  • Dino Fernandez

    galaxy s5 and fit is an automatic win

    • Paul R Crawford

      I’ve had every single galaxy phone out so far and love Samsung and also had friends change from iPhone etc and afterwards they thank me

  • Harleen Dhaliwal

    Sounds like a great phone, with a brilliant display while still having great battery life, and the Gear Fit just completes the package.

    • Vic Noble
      Kickass! I just got the s4! But waterproof! And more new features…I am like what!.. ive gotta have this! Samsung your the bomb!

  • Chris

    I would love to have the S5 because…. it would be a free phone and would bring me into the Android fold….

  • Raphael Del Castillo

    Would love to give this to my father to replace his ancient Motorola spice. On mobilizing haha

    • Raphael Del Castillo

      Mobilicity *

  • Richard Lane

    My old GNExus is getting soooo slow. I need some speed and the s5 is fast, fast, fast.

  • cs098

    Like the gs5 and the gear fit, best looking smartwatch samsung made.

  • Mel

    I love Samsung products. Ever since the galaxy captivate I haven’t switched brands. I love the exclusive features that Samsung integrates in their software and hardware. I had the chance the play around with the first Gear and I would love to try out the second one alongside the S5. Also… my carrier currently doesn’t have a stable signal where I live but Telus does so it would be absolutely amazing!

  • Daryn Modien

    would love to win this as i need an upgrade. still stuck on a 1st gen galaxy s.

  • Koolbreeze

    I want one so I can be one of the cool kids

  • frifty

    So that I may turn that frown upside down… while horseback riding with my gf a couple of days ago, her iPhone fell from her pocket and was then crushed into oblivion by my trailing horse #ripiPhone4s

  • Sarah Grace

    Simply need a new phone, that’s why I want to win. A Samsung S5 would be totally DOPE!

  • YourPalRob

    I’d love to hav the GS5 because i can’t afford to replace the broken glass on my phone 🙁

  • Lali

    Does the stuffed animal come with the S5 too? ^.^

  • Mike Innes

    I’d love one, Thanks!

  • Trek S

    Always wanted the combo of the S5 and the gear fit getting married soon. The camera of the S5 would be good for vacation and wedding 😉

  • Ryan

    GS5 is a beauty, that’s why I want one!

  • Jake Peters

    I’d love a GS5 from Telus because I’m tired of Rogers.

  • Marc-André Provost

    I got the chance to assist at launch of the GS5. The phone was some awesome and I really want to have one

  • Harmandeep Singh

    I would love to have the best phone on the best carrier in canada.. Give me galaxy s5… Mobilesyrup

  • walt

    sweet galaxy.

  • David Luong

    I am still on my first Samsung Galaxy S…. I need to upgrade please!

  • Joseph Dai

    Because I am a loyal Telus customer (10+ years) and I am still using galaxy S2 so this phone would be a perfect upgrade

  • winnipegguy2236

    I would love to have something waterproof. It would help with my 2 year old. The durability would also help.

  • Mike Landry

    I am rocking a Galaxy S2x, so would love the chance to see what Kit Kat can do…

  • Jason E Woods

    My TELUS BB Curve is so old and outdated! I really need a new phone.

  • walt

    i need a need a new phone.

  • Alex Land

    I’d love a Galaxy S5! Mobilesyrup, keep up the awesome contests!

  • xlilhappyo2

    always nice to have a new phone 😉

  • Kaiti A

    Having a gear fit watch would definitely help me out when I’m at the gym! 🙂

  • Q

    I need that new phone action. Something to make something happen. No screen cracking. So I can connect across the atlas. My old phone is slow. I heard this one was mad quick. Better than average. Stop the madness. I need to have this.

  • theycallmeWat?

    Would be a nice upgrade from my Telus S3.

  • Linnia

    This may make my inevitable transition to Telus, easier? 😀
    And the GS5 has some pretty specs!

  • Kyle

    The integration between the 2 looks very cool.

  • lil Lisa

    I would love the S5 and Gear because I’m currently rocking an iPhone 5c, and I miss android terribly 🙁

  • Tiguak

    This would be a great progression from the S4 =)

  • TseTse


  • Rob

    Telus has the best coverage in my area paired with the best phone in the market right now. Make it mine. Lol

  • Daniel Allard

    Would love the to try the S5 camera!

  • Justin Whyte

    I’d love a GS5 on Telus to help me part ways with iPhone on Rogers

  • vanessa195

    I would love to win this phone to replace my S2, which is aging very badly 🙂

  • Kavish Kaup

    Why would you not want the best phone on the market? Amazing phone overall, would be a really good replacement for my old one. Great contest as usual Mobilesyrup!

  • krazyking

    Would love to win the Galaxy S5 but I wouldn’t activate it on Telus. I would unlock it and use it with my Fido account. 🙂

  • Efstathios Zografakis

    The GS5 is the most beautiful device with a powerful camera. I’ve worked with Telus before and it’s even better getting a perfect device from a very professional and friendly company. Just with the marketing of the Telus brand you see wonderful vibrant colors, the same you would get with a Galaxy S5

  • Andrew P.

    This would be awesome!!! Good luck everyone!

  • RichM

    I have been consistent with getting all the galaxy device’s since the s2 and I would love to get an s5 to continue the tradition plus I’m a big fitness buff and the gear fit would be a great way to track my progress

  • Frederick Edwards

    I’d like a Samsung Galaxy S5 because I am a fan of their engineering and design. My first phone was a Samsung, and I keep coming back to them. I like that this camera is a big improvement over the N3/S4, and that they simplified all the extras for this device.

  • Hussein

    the galaxy s5 is a great device I would actually give it to my mom, shes using an old htc sensation and it would be a great upgrade for her. please pick me

  • pstratto

    Because I’m still rocking a s2. Would love to try out something awesome

  • David

    Was always hoping to make the switch from iPhone to an android device. Here’s hoping

  • Joe Shanguvu

    I should win because Samsung didn’t prove me yet that they deserve the most part of the mobile market yet

  • MatthewSantoro

    I want this phone, I love the big screen!

  • Son of God

    The Samsung Galaxy 5 is such an irresistible device that has set my soul on fire. If I can lay my hands on it, I’d be very glad cos I’ve never owned a samsung product.

  • Sung Yoon Kim

    I really really want this phone… Samsung doesn’t know how to take care of their old phones

  • Alexander Do Rio

    Ill take a free phone if i am offered one haha

  • Peng Z

    I need them.

  • eszklar

    I’d like to replace my now two-year old Galaxy Nexus with something a little more current?

  • Mary

    I’d love to win this phone! My current one is needing to go into retirement desperately!!!

  • TiMXL73

    Would be a nice upgrade for my S2X. Thanks for the giveway!

  • Eric Pitzul

    Plain and simple, the next best thing is here! The GS5 is a must for any tech savy user. My GS2 is getting old lol


    I’ve been looking for a reason to switch off of Rogers’ shitty service, and this would definitely entice me to switch. I need to upgrade from my Lumia 900. 🙁

  • isopaul

    I would absolutely love to try this combination. Currently in love with windows phone 8.1 but would also love a change of scenery. Cheers

  • Adrian Clark

    Great camera.. Nice pair to get a watch and fitness tracker too!

  • Tdot

    Its an amazing combo.

  • Bo V

    I like that optic TV and INTERNET and home phone bundle, now if I win mobility services with Telus I’ll be on the go with the Galaxy S5 by Samsung

  • Chris Lucier

    My Nexus 4 took a dive into my shower and hasn’t fully recovered. An S5 would surely make me forget all about my water damaged troubles.

  • Micheal Roy Guthro

    I currently have the galaxy s3 and have wanted to upgrade for a while but can’t afford it. This would make that dream come true and then some. I have family across the country so telus canada wide calling would deffinitaly help. And the wife would love the critters.

  • DazPowerz

    Now that Samsung has taken the direction I was hoping for the longest time they would go for, the GS5 is definitely the best option on the market right now!

  • D. Leduc

    because my GS2 is old!

  • RoBinson Shek

    Great for replacing my gf’s galaxy nexus

  • Keith Wong

    Thinking about switching to Telus and this is a good opportunity and its an awesome phone.

  • Sia

    That’s the best phone. Also I’m so used to android now.

  • Jesse

    Would love to get a hand on this!! I don’t do contract and they won’t let you buy out the device yet on telus 🙁

  • Matthew H

    I’ve been off android for 2 years now, I’d love to win this to give the platform another shot!

  • Craig Bowden

    My wife’s Galaxy 3 has a cracked screen, this would be a perfect for her! Please, please please!!!!!

  • alvin

    want my gf to join the galaxy family

  • Gajrollia

    Pick me

  • Russell Porter

    Currently a Telus customer and a GS5 would make a great replacement for my iphone 4.

  • Moosen

    This would be a great update to my original Galaxy S!

  • talex416

    Would be nice for upgrade

  • Paul

    I would love to win this phone and watch! WOOOOOOOOO

  • Nadefrenzy

    This would be a perfect graduation gift for my sis. Especially since her aging s2 can no longer handle the workload.

  • Mike Directo

    These would help me track my progression when I go for my runs.

  • Tim N

    Hope I get chosen for this so I can convert my household to Android/Samsung! #TeamSamsung

  • Guest

    be nice to improve fitness with Gear Fit and G5, maybe I can make it to 60

  • Thom Peppard

    As a long time Telus customer, this would be the next step in my relationship with them. Plus, I promise to pass my existing SIII on to someone who will appreciate it.

  • Thomas Schuster

    I love the S health on GS5

  • Brenda Penton

    I’d love to win this because I love the screen and the camera. I think the watch is pretty neat too and would make things more convenient.

  • Nick T

    awesome phone!

  • Guillaume Forest

    Any luck? Pick me!

  • Felix Rubinshtein

    I would love to have this pair of gadgets!

  • congrey

    I have to win this phone!

  • Ryan

    S5 and Gear would the perfect running companion!

  • ChaZz

    Always wanted to try a Samsung galaxy.

  • Timothy Lock

    I’d personally use the s5 for a nice HD game of candy crush and who doesn’t fancy having a watch that can connect to the internet?

  • Justin Nash

    The s5 is the best phone of the year and I’d love to have it

  • Graham

    Nice upgrade!!

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Mine! Great combo prize.

  • Francis Chasteau

    I’ve been working hard on my getting healthy for the new year and have been doing well. I think the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit would be a nice addition to help me to my goal!

  • tickman

    would be great to have the best phone currently out there and to try out their new wearable

  • Richard Xing

    Hi! I would love to win this awesome phone!

  • Justyne Caron

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade my galaxy s3 for a while and I’ve been trying to lead a healthier life, gear fit would definitely help with that!

  • Cole545

    Round three of entering contests for me

  • _ThaNerd_

    The S5 paired with the gear fit is not only a technological combo but an athletes dream team!

  • GS

    Why do I want this? It’s one of this year’s most talked about phones on Canada’s best network…but most importantly, I need that red panda!

  • Heidi P

    Hubby has the cheap $99 Telus phone…I think he needs an upgrade to a more sophisticated one.. WOW the Samsung Galaxy S5 would fit the bill for his work..full HD display, 2 GB ram and 16MP camera..YUP think this one will do just fine…

  • Ronnie Rabena

    I would love to have the Samsung Galaxy S5 because it would be great to use it while storm chasing. Waterproof, dustproof, and it has a barometer so it will be really nice to have those features for sure.

  • Loralie Baker

    I would love to win this to give to my son for his birthday 🙂

  • Anthony

    i love samsung! ever since my first galaxy S2, i have gotten every galaxy S device! S2, S3, S4! now i would love the S5!

  • Hak

    This pair would compliment my galaxy note 3 and galaxy gear but for my wife

  • Al

    Samsung galaxy s5 best phone in the world. Must have it!!

  • Eric W

    Would love one to track my fitness with the gear fit!

  • Philip Adam

    That screen is amazing. Plus I lost a lot of weight with my s4 and fitbit, id like to see how the gear integrates with the new fitness features on the s5.

  • Bigfriggindeal

    Tried the IPhone, Tried HTC, I would love to see how the Samsung S5 works

  • Handheld Addict

    I would love to win because the Samsung Galaxy S 5 looks like an awesome phone! And I think I might be ok with Telus?

  • Sylvain

    Because it’s THE S5!

  • Trevor Mckenna

    Boy, I hope I win this. I would like to use the camera for my family vacations!

  • milleniumjono

    I’d love an s5 on Telus because Telus is my carrier right now and I would love to switch from my iPhone!

  • Clamdigger63

    I’d like to win in and see if all S5 is true or not.

  • deano50

    The galaxy S5 made me believe in people again!

  • Kevin Vaughan

    Again, a great replacement for my old S2x. I also want the red panda.

  • 9998

    S5 is the best

  • D M

    because i have an htc one x … enough said. Great contest!

  • David Thomas

    I really love Galaxy phones
    I sold my pebble when I saw the Fit to be released…. I would LOVE this package!!

  • bennissimo

    … because my aging Telus HTC One V so badly wants to just curl up and die.

  • Many99

    Galaxy S5 is overall a great phone and I would love to gets chance to use finger sensor with paypal payment. As far as why I want telus phone because anything is better then rogers or bell. As far as the gear fit I will only know if I like if I try it.

  • Trent Anderson

    S5 + Gear + Telus = Win!!!

  • Edsel Abat

    Time to upgrade my S2 and this would be a great step up. Crossing my fingers for this one.

  • ineptone

    I sure could use a super fancy TV remote and a watch I’d never wear.

  • Daniel Gemmell

    Still using a blackberry torch. Needless to say this would be quite the improvement!

  • tony

    I want it so I can make use of side sync on my samsung laptop.

  • Michael tan

    Gear fit + S5 just what the doctor ordered to start getting fit. Being on a great network doesn’t hurt to

  • Nina

    It’s the latest Samsung phone! It’s gotta be good! Hope I win 🙂

  • Slaven Vlacic

    I want it

  • Justin CNS

    mobile syrup is my favorite site and winning this Samsung will solidify it as the best site ever!!

  • welp

    Gear Fit has a curved display that looks great.

  • Chris Townshend

    The first phone with everything for life. Would be a great tool for the active person who needs to organize. Would love both these products

  • Tanweer Azam

    An amazing phone and my s3 can use an upgrade. Please God help me.

  • chris

    The s5 is a solid phone with a lot much improvement over last year’s model. I’ve been waiting for a phone to upgrade my s2 too and the s5 is the best phone of 2014 I would love to win it!! I like the new gear fit and wouldn’t mind being a tester for it lol

  • Nyderny

    Would love to win this ! 🙂 🙂

  • Buzz

    My sister dropped my galaxy s4 in the pool so now im stuck with a Samsung alias 1.

  • Lorne

    Win Win Win

  • mcj108

    “why you’d love to have the GS5” 4. k. video. that is all.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Ready to go all in on Samsung

  • Michael Wallbank

    The gear with a gs5 would be so fantastic! Telus hook me up!

  • Billy431

    Its an amazing phone on an amazing carrier.

  • Joshua Markh

    For my dad, got out of surgery about 3 weeks ago and has been in the hospital for about a month, then when he came home he had marrow infection and has had to be treated now, it would be nice for him to have a new phone, he has an older one so ya XD

  • NJ Borreta

    Dat phone. Dat Watch.

  • Queenie

    Always been eyeing a Samsung device. Still living in the Blackberry world right now and looking to switch. The Samsung S5 looks great and the specs are impressive. Love the quality display and quick response touch. This would be a great upgrade for me! And who wouldn’t love to rock that Samsung Gear watch? That thing is a beaut! That critter I want too, cause it’s freaking cute and I would pet it all the time. I would take pics of it with my new Samsung Galaxy S5 and share them with you. I shall name him Ollie. He’ll be in good hands with me.

  • Derek Zhang

    Great specs and amazing battery life

  • Sam Wiggans

    I’d love to have it because it would be awesome to have a new phone 🙂

  • Thanish Munas

    Need an upgrade lol

  • JC

    Telus best network, and need phone and watch for telling time.

  • Glenn Li

    S5 camera is amazing!

  • KrispyInTO

    In for contest because Telus is the least evil of the Big 3

  • Darren Higgs

    Simply because it’s a Galaxy S5! Reason enough…

  • Mike Cybulski

    Would love this because they are the newest and best out there no comparisons

  • Saleh Bujra

    This phone would be a huge change from my Nexus 5 lol

  • debbie p

    Because it is a great phone.

  • Casey Krapiec

    I would love to win the S5 because my S3 is done and I still have a year and a half in my contract to go 🙁

  • Chris Duggan

    Great phone on a great carrier, enough said?

  • Colton Politte

    Would love to win this one!

  • Dean

    I would love to win this. I’m an avid Samsung product fan. Have used android forever.

  • Gee whiz

    I need this to replace my lumia 710

  • Geoff Freamo

    Love Samsung. Would really like to replace my current broken phone. The gear would be a great bonus.

  • Rory

    I’d love to see what all the hype is about!

  • Sohil Naik

    That awesome camera and the fact that it is waterproof are the sole reasons why I love this phone and the screen!

  • Rj

    Because it’s a gorgeous device and the gear fit is the perfect companion accessory!

  • Nathalie Lavoie

    Just need a new phone 🙂

  • Eric

    I would love to win the GS5. I have a Nexus 4 that needs replacing and have been wanting to try a Samsung phone for some time, but haven’t had the chance. The Gear also has me excited. I hope I win!!

  • rcorlett

    It’s just made for me!

  • Jason Blomgren

    Who wouldn’t want to win one? Galaxy s5 is an awesome phone!

  • Nathan Thompson

    Because it is awesome! best phone on the market hands down.

  • websturr

    Always love to promote the Galaxy!

  • Peter Zhao

    I would love this phone because of the specs of the phone and its on a great carrier.

  • scottph

    I only desire 2 things in life: women and winning this contest.

  • Kryssie Urquhart

    I would love to get this….. my s3 has been horrible since last Android update battery don’t last any more than a hour or maybe two at a time. It would be awesome to be able to get away and not have to worry about where I can charge my phone next.

  • Cameron Inglis

    Awesome! Would be a nice upgrade from my Nexus 4

  • Larry Patrick Lockyer

    I have an iPhone 5 and hate it….miss the android 🙁 that’s why I would love to win a samsung galaxy s5

  • ashley

    already with telus! Cant wait to upgrade from my blackberry! pick me!

  • Matt S

    Looks like an amazing phone and my current phone is getting up in there in age. Time for an upgrade!

  • NX2000

    This will make a nice replacement for my sgsII!!

  • Dave Evans

    A new Galaxy S5 would be nice

  • Jason Kaye

    As I am getting closer to walking again I need the s5 to keep me going the right way.

  • Dion W.

    Definitely love the pairing between the S5 and the smart watch, always wanted to try it out!

  • Anthony S

    I need a phone, you guys are giving away a phone, looks like we both have something to gain here

  • ashmantrevor

    it would be a great upgrade for me from my current telus phone! Plus I could pretend to be fit with the Fit!

  • Christian Rheault

    My one x+ is aging and need the gear fit for running in the cominr summer!

  • Usman

    gs5 on lte.. what more could you ask for

  • BBMann

    That would be a nice upgrade over my current hardware.

  • HeyYoWL

    I’d like this for my wife, whose been clamouring for a new phone for a while. She’s been eyeing this phone and I thought it’d be cool to not have to buy her a birthday present. 😛

  • Eric Doolaar

    The S5 would make an awesome replacement for my long in the tooth One S. And the gear fit sounds awesome!

  • It’s Me

    Because the Gear Fit is the best looking wearable that Samsung makes and the critter makes it awesome.

  • Pierre Bourque

    I always love new technology, the gear would be awesome as I do not even have a watch :s haha and I love my Telus service 🙂

  • Ryan McFarlane

    Telus is a great provider. I need to upgrade my S2 and this looks like just the phone I need! Water resistant too!

  • Salman Saghir

    Have had the pleasure of having the s3 and s4 would love to add the s5 to the collection

  • johentie

    Whoot need to win this

  • David Williams

    I would love the GS5 on Telus because my Note 2 on Telus has a cracked screen 🙂

  • Mike

    The gear fit is so sleek a d probably the only gear I’d wear. Hope one of us wins!

  • Edouin

    Yo, Telus! My G2 is getting long in the tooth. Could do with an upgrade. Tell you what…you give me that phone and I won’t call Telus to come replace my Optic Box every month, eh? (Just kidding!)

  • Jinho Kim

    I broke my Nexus 4’s screen. The inner LCD broke so I can’t use it anymore. So I would love to have a GS5

  • Sk Kim

    it’s just one of the best phone out there..

  • Dhiren Chohan

    I would love to have the Galaxy s5 because they have taken what was already great from the s4 and added much more functionality to it. The improvement to the Samsung touchwiz makes it so much more appealing to use. From the heart rate monitor to the water resistant and dust proofing that they did, the new fingerprint sensor and as always the amazing screen, Samsung has clearly outdone itself on this one! The ultra power saving mode is an incredibly awesome feature that is what I believe to be one of the most important additions to the s5.

    Having the opportunity to own one as well as the galaxy gear would be incredible. The integration between the watch and the smartphone is genius!

    This combo really would work for me!

  • Dwayne McConney

    Why would I love to have the GS5? Because I am a father of 5 year old triplets and really could use an “adult” toy of my own!

  • Shezy Khan

    My friends have been bragging about the integration between their S4 and Gear… With an S5 and next gen Gear, I’d finally have the last laugh! Or at least for a year…

  • jrmtl

    The S5 is one of the most innovative phones on the market and on telus’ network makes it quite an experience

  • Francis Morales

    New phone new watch and new provider looks great for me


    I want one!! GS phone save me from drowning once and fed my family and telus…. well i like the color green.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    For the love of god please pick me!!!!

  • Ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓞ

    I will Love yo win it so I can be popular Like my friends hahahaha

  • Luke

    Great phone, and it would be neat to try out more parts of the Samsung ecosystem. And really…who can resist Red Pandas?

  • Guelphtonian

    Want to get rid of my iphone 5…lookin for something better!!

  • Jonathan Parminter

    I’m always on the go so this would be a great fit.

  • ScottWong

    I love Telus, S5, and Gear. Simple.

  • Marco Bairos

    I need this for my life

  • jamesbond00769

    My grand son Will have it!!!!

  • BobM

    I’d love it for the amazing isocell camera!

  • Bart Verheijen

    I am completely in love with samsung as a brand and the s5 especially! I could certainly use one! I can haz s5 phone?

  • Kelvin Chung

    Surprisingly Telus has good retention deals, at least for me . Hate dealing with robbers (rogers). Phone is a galaxy, what more do I need to say. If I did win though, gift for my girlfriend

  • Joel Thomas

    Finally upgrading from the crackberry life!

  • RicHSAD

    It’s a great phone and I want it. 🙂

  • Robin Mitchell Wakerell

    I want this because of reasons.

  • Aleks

    to upgrade my aging Gnex.
    Telus customer already.

  • Ogre

    I’m in

  • Pierre roy

    Wow! As soon as i saw this, it screamed my DAD! He is a huge samsung fan, and needs a new phone, he even wants this one! He is also big into fitness, and he recently told me that he wants the Gear Fit too! He definitely deserves it! he would love it! Me? i’m an iOS kind of guy. Oh and he’s already with Telus, has been since before they were called Telus.

  • Kevin Vincent

    Would love that combo

  • Tosha C

    I have and love the S3 but my son wants it lol I would lovvvve to have the S5 with the gear fit smart watch. 16mp camera?! Whicked!!!!!

  • Jason Hazen

    I went to the roadshow in Toronto looks like a sleek device with some pretty cool features, water n dust resistance would come in handy for me

  • Jeannie

    I would love a GS5 beacause I think it’s about time I join the rest of the world and have a smartphone! It looks like a very snazzy phone too!

  • Pierre roy

    Wow! As soon as i saw this, it screamed my DAD! He is a huge samsung fan, and needs a new phone, he even wants this one! He is also big into fitness, and he recently told me that he wants the Gear Fit too! He definitely deserves it! he would love it! Me? i’m an iOS kind of guy. Oh and he’s already with Telus, has been since before they were called Telus.

  • TechInfo

    Would love this one, my phone need a refresh anyway !

  • Shams Tabrez

    Let me replace my iPhone 5S with S5 😀

  • Christian McDade

    I need a new phone…for real…

  • Jason Elliott

    Great phone! Nexus 4 is old and aged.

  • Alex Chavez

    Pick me. This phone has the features and specs I need!!!!

  • itsthemaiaa

    I have way too many reasons to mention why I want this phone. Let’s keep it short and simple 🙂 …I WANT THIS PHONE

  • Daniel Lebitania

    The Galaxy S5 is one of the best phones you can get right now and I’d really like to own one.

  • Travis Flaro

    I think I would break out in dance if I win this.

  • Geila

    This looks so far advanced than the sad phone I have..I am glued to my phone and when u can’t even DL an app for lack of space on a new phone ..ugh some phones.. I need a new one

  • Detilly

    I need a new phone. My Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is gonna die soon! And i really want a smartwatch too! Good luck all of you!

  • Steven M

    Hey guys! I’m a big fan, thinking of giving the s5 to my sister for her bday! She’s been threw so much this year I’m sure it would give her a head start on some positive for a change!! Thanks you guys rock! #mobilesyrup #s5contest #telus

  • Jai Sadhwani

    Its curves, its luscious body, its gorgeous pair of…speakers. Can I haz it? 😀

  • Tennyson228

    nice phone! good luck!

  • Dawn

    I love new technology! Would love to have the S5!

  • Marck Simon

    My provider is TELUS and i dont want to change carrier. I will be happy if I am the one who will win the Galaxy S5. I’m eager to have one.

  • Marco De La Rosa

    I’d love to win one cause my galaxy note 1 needs to be replaced.

  • Melissa

    I have never had an android device and what a great chance to experience the wonders of the phone by winning it 🙂

  • ballisticpantz

    I’ve love to win this especially the Gear Fit smart watch as I am very interested to see “wear” new technology will be taking us. Great giveaway guys!

  • Peter

    I would love to win this!

  • Mohamed Abdourahman

    My Sister needs a new phone badly using a 2005 Nokia phone come on !!!

  • Sylvain Tremblay

    Love to get one .plus my birthday is may 7.

  • Kyle William Owen Stillwell

    I would love to try out a samsung device!

  • Gabriel Shiu

    Because my gf still uses a BB Torch…

  • Brian Kent

    S5 looks to be a nice upgrade from the S4 and The Gear fit would be a great addition to my watch and technology collection and I could really see myself using it in my daily life.

  • Dee

    I would love to have this phone because it could replace my “dinosaur Iphone 4” and I am also with Telus.

  • Rick Day (wrcfan)

    I’ve love to win this for my son. His phone is on it’s last legs.

  • Cory Kanderka

    I could use both, I need a new phone and watch

  • andy c

    Would be nice to upgrade my phone this year.

  • Leif Toews

    Oooo… Dibs!

  • Colby Watson

    Would love to win this beauty. My S2 died and I’ve had to switch to an iPhone. It’s terrible. Life isn’t the same without my android. I’ve patiently been waiting for the day this was released. Telus is amazing for giving the opportunity for you guys to give this lovely duo away!

  • Leo Milligan

    Beautiful phone. I have multiple lines with Telus but this would go on mine! Also selling phones this would be on heck of a show price at my work!

  • Nelson Wang

    Newest Samsung flagship phone on a fantastic mobile network! Best of luck to all entrants!

  • DeeZ

    The S5 is a beast on paper. I’d like to see how it performs in day to day.

  • danny wood

    I’m really looking forward to wearables this year, this combo would be a great place to start. I could put my GS3 into retirement finally.

  • Brandon

    I am in no way lucky enough to win one of these contests so..

  • Michael Farrell

    I’m trying to get healthy and back into a shape other then round…. That gear fit would certainly help

  • Vince1983

    Its a nice phone. Plus I need to lose weight so the fit would be a nice touch.

  • Francois Roy

    I would love it cause my Nexus 5 battery just cant keep up

  • Kim Long Luu

    The phone is just the best on the market. Such a nice phone.

  • Soils

    My chance to try something else than an iPhone.

  • Theresa M

    It is great phone would love to have one.

  • Trevor

    Great combo!

  • Rimz

    I would love this for an upgrade

  • Felipe Castro

    I must confess it: I´m not into Galaxy but Mrs will be WAY happy to upgrade her G3 for this beauty!

  • Frank

    I need a new watch and phone, so it’s a perfect match!

  • Patrick Rodgers

    I got the S3 with telus when it came out. best decision i ever made. is it posible to go wrong with the galaxy series?

  • Danny Ruppert

    What better to get rid of this beer belly than a galaxy s5 paired with a gear fit. The combination will hopefully let some love back in my life. Cheers

  • Stevert

    Because it’s an S5…

  • Vicko Ma

    Randomize to meeeee. it’s new phone time.

  • John Daigle

    II do so much personal and professional business that the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit are just what I need to keep me organized while on the go.

  • Alfred Paul J

    Sweet! Hope I can win this 🙂 This is a great upgrade from my Nexus 4 and the waterproof feature is something I’d want in a phone.

  • neville

    Would love to have a Samsung Galaxy S5 because I work at Bell and would get it unlocked to use at Bell

  • Ian MacInnis

    GS5 is the best phone ever and I need a new watch.

  • Annie Chung

    Always wanted to try a Samsung!

  • Rafael Atienza

    I have a GNote3 and it’s a little too big. I think the S5 is the perfect size and i’d like to stay in the samsung family. Me likey please 🙂

  • Roland S.

    Upgrading from a GS3 to a GS5 would be awesome!

  • Alex

    Because I’m already with Telus, workout and love Samsung products.

  • johnnymtl

    I love that this phone has everything one needs : removable Battery, SD slot, LED notification indicator… Just simply a well thought out Android phone 🙂

  • Carl Presseault

    I would love the new gs5

  • Stefan Stralbiski

    Would to win this to give to my beautiful wife for her birthday

  • jay

    Just give it to me

  • John Dorado

    I’m ready for an upgrade and a TELUS GS5 is just what the doctor ordered!

  • Syanth Param

    HAHAH I definitely want it. It’s faster than my old computer. 😀

  • Grace eischer

    The GS5 has a great camera, vibrant screen and great specs.

  • Scott Wood

    Simply because I love tech and as someone who works out daily, I would like to see how the Gear Fit does for me.

  • Dave

    Cool phone

  • Dan Daigle

    This phone is a beast! And my galaxy s3 is starting to show its age! The smart watch looks awesome and was looking to buy this! Please pick me so I can scream mobilesyrup is the best site from the highest mountain…. 🙂

  • David Livingstone

    Love samsung products and would love to give the s5 a try!

  • Nav Pannu

    id love to win the GS5 and gear fit so i can use it for future workouts!

  • Michael Warren

    Would be great to win the s5 and gear fit, my current phone keeps losing signal or tells me there is no SIM card, and I could use a new watch and the gear fit is just what I want

  • aLai

    Because waiting for the HTC One X update for Telus is taking too long T_T

  • priority9

    would be a great upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus.

  • mizkitty

    The beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5 for the Win!

  • MMcCubbing

    My phone is a few generations old by now and is showing its age. I’d love to be able to get my paws on a new model and experiment with its features (not to mention brag about it to all my friends :P). I’d maybe even do a bit of hacking to start working on a home automation set-up with this phone at its core.

  • George Christopulos

    I made the mistake of going with a Windows Phone and wouldn’t mind the upgrade with the watch being a bonus.

  • Richard

    I need a new phone!

  • Mike Neri

    I’ve been using a Motorola RAZR for way too long. It’s about time for an upgrade!

  • Pat Simeon

    Holy goodness I want this. I’d be set for a long time. Plus I’m already with Telus.

  • Phil

    Try all the new camera functions, and the improvements of touchwiz

  • Z A

    Need to measure my heart beat

  • Osvaldo Vega

    I really want to test how the galaxy gear and phone complement each other

  • Linda Zhao

    It would be nice to upgrade my current phone.

  • Felix Wing-Ho Pau

    GS5 looks amazing, would love to move up to it!

  • John Cartmel

    This would be the perfect replacement for my Galaxy Nexus which is starting to show it’s age.

  • thomasjpower

    A comment

  • Alex

    Need to do everything! Then a certain family member can finally get my current smartphone

  • Mastermystc

    Because my current phone is kind of broken. Also I think smart watches could be really useful. wouldn’t it be cool if you could link them to bluetooth earbuds and use em like an mp3.

  • Becky Best

    I need an updated phone!!!! 🙂

  • Sarah-Jo

    I would love love to win this phone!! I have a crappy old Iphone, and would love to rep a Samsung instead!!!

  • Thanh

    I wanna know Apple iPhone 5S & Samsung Galaxy S5 which phone is better 🙂 & kind of interesting in the gear fit.

  • Matthew Phan


  • Andrew S

    Needs an upgrade

  • Yanis Sauvé

    One more smartphone for my collection… Why not? 🙂

  • James Huntley

    Winning would be super awesome. Thanks for the giveaways mobilesyrup!

  • Anas Ingar

    Because I need to upgrade from my S II X which I got from Telus.

  • iusearayK47

    Woohoo another contest! Thanks!

  • Edmonton1

    S5 is the best phone available in the market today!!

  • Dragon N

    Cause you don’t say no to a s5…pick me 🙂

  • Max Fireman

    I want one because I love phones!

  • Lee O

    Have unfortunately lost TWO phones this year, the second one died after dropping it in a drink and was funnily enough the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now heartbroken because I can’t connect and share with friends and family though apps and pictures with my replacement Samsung E770. I’m a clumsy Samsung enthusiast and with my birthday in a weeks time and a Gear Fit thrown in as well, this would make for the perfect present!

  • Lee O

    Have unfortunately lost TWO phones this year, the second one died after dropping it in a drink and was funnily enough the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now heartbroken because I can’t connect and share with friends and family though apps and pictures with my replacement Samsung E770. I’m a clumsy Samsung enthusiast and with my birthday in a weeks time and a Gear Fit thrown in as well, this would make for the perfect present!

  • Brian Bentham

    Great promotion by a great company! The S5 is an awesome phone, and the Gear is the icing on the cake. Would love to win!

  • Brian Bentham

    Great promotion by a great company! The S5 is an awesome phone, and the Gear is the icing on the cake. Would love to win!

  • Sheldon Thunstrom

    My Galaxy S11 X has served me well, but it is so tired! it really needs a vacation and the S5 could carry the work moving forward.

  • Diana

    Love Mobile Syrup! Love Telus! Love Samsung Galaxy S5! Love smartwatches (well, okay, in theory)! Pick ME!

  • ryang_78

    The camera.

  • Chris Parsons

    Samsung is still my favourite device!

  • Matthew Polsky

    Whatever springs me from BB

  • travelinty

    yes please

  • Ryan Laker

    I’d love to replace my aging iPhone 5 with a new S5!

  • Jeremy Oakes

    Would love to try it out and see if Samsung is better than my HTC One M7.

  • 994196003

    replace a gs3!

  • Nithunedel

    Would love to upgrade my old iPhone 4 to the new Samsung Galazy S5

  • lee

    I gotta get my fitness going, this combo would be a great help

  • Varto

    the best

  • JohnnyY

    I’d like a GS5 on Telus because it’s a heck better than a Galaxy Discover on Rogers prepaid.

  • Natalie

    I’m currently using a 4+ year old LG that won’t upgrade past Android 2.3.3 and it only has 170MB internal memory! I am long overdue for a new phone and Telus is already my provider.

  • nathan wiersma

    This would be amazing for my school exchange program this fall 🙂

  • Pasalacqua

    I’d like it because my S4 has a faulty SIM card slot and I can’t afford to do anything about it

  • wandajane1

    Would be nice to have a new phone

  • Matt Watson

    Would love to have a phone that is waterproof 🙂

  • Jackson

    Love Samsung’s new approach with active lifestyle…gear fit and S5 will be perfect for my workouts!!

  • andrew konken

    Would be awesome. And I’m on telus too

  • Golucky

    I envy my wife’s S5. Need to have my own!

  • kb

    still have a year left with my iPhone 4s….feels way long in the tooth…need a bigger better phone!!!!

  • ciretos

    It’s an excellent phone. I want one!

  • Vivek Soundar Rajan

    GS5 is the best smartphone ever

  • Nachotech

    I’d love to own the Samsung Galaxy 5 on Telus.

  • Michael Owttrim

    Be interesting to see is smartwatches live up to the hype.

  • Nascar Dog

    Beautiful phone with a cool accessory. Just what I need.

  • Jesse Laurin

    Would love to win this phone for the 16Mp camera and 4k video dayum!!

  • Vaj Castro

    S5 has lots of special features. The gear is a great accessory

  • Meo

    Want this..

  • Colton Blumhagen

    The S5 is awesome, & so is Telus!

  • RG

    Would love to try a smart watch for the first time

  • Brent Bedard

    mine died,,, an upgrade would rock!

  • birdman_36

    That would be awesome

  • chopstickz

    I’m very interested for the GearFit, as reviews were great about them. The S5 will be give me a much of an upgrade from my S3.

  • Kpax


  • Mike Roberts

    I want to see if Samsung indeed has built a phone than kills my Nexus 5. I would like to review the smart watch as well.

  • Neal T

    Cool contest. I would love to have this awesome tech.

  • Elbert Lai


  • Senseless

    I’d love one! Would like to get this as an upgrade for my wife, she’s using an S2… Me please!

  • Rick Braich

    I’ve had no complaints about my life companion, my GS4. But I’d love to upgrade to the GS5 and the gear fit watch if means my future will be friendly! 🙂

  • KindOfABigDeal

    The 5 looks Amazballs!! Give it to Meeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Jmlowes

    Gear Fit looks pretty slick. I could use this in conjunction with a new S5 to get back into peak physical shape. Or at least think that I will. 🙂

  • John Nolan

    Would be a big step up from my S2X

  • echozoom87

    Lots of features on the S5!

  • dannythechoppa

    I’ll take the red panda if no one wants it.

  • Ed Toth

    Well being an advanced user I enjoy the thrill of exciting new advancements in tech. I’d love for the opportunity to get a new phone as well as a fit to keep with my steady lifestyle.

  • Ildar Takhautdinov

    Great phone, just hold it at the store, love it must have 🙂

  • Jérôme Bélanger

    For me! Gonna be a good person and give my n5 to my wife and get this s5 for me!

  • Chris Miller

    I’d love an S5. Have a note 2 now and its awesome…..still waiting for kitkat tho…

  • Jordan

    Both are amazing devices and I’d love to rock both!

  • Matti Ellis

    Love to win, you guys have the best prizes and contests. Good Luck to everyone.

  • abualjooj

    sure….I’ll take it.

  • ZepperDude

    G5 and smartwatch !

  • fudoki

    Who wouldn’t want a nice camera like that? I for sure do

  • jayR_are

    These devices are the perfect fit for me. Please let me win it!!!

  • Carter Hall

    I would love to have the s5 because I really think it’s the best smartphone of 2014 so far :p

  • Winston Lee


  • Tracy Prince

    The S5 would be a great replacement for my much loved Samsumg galaxy Q

  • Matt W

    Truly an amazing phone. Had a chance to use one for a few hours and was blown away. Can only hope I win!

  • Justin

    The S5 is an awesome phone that could easily replace the S2X I have.

  • qu3becker

    Great phone. Not the best but far from the worst.

  • dmcd


  • Mr Alain

    My son dropped my S3 last week and I don’t have money to replace it 🙁 would love am S5

  • Elsten

    I’m always a sucker for wonderful new toys 😀

  • Yitzchok wagner

    I would love to have this phone as a great upgrade from the s4.

  • Darren Yung

    WANT! Just because they’re new nice mobile devices. 😀

  • Samster

    Best phone ever!

  • Hon Lam

    I need a new set of features to play with. IE, I need a new phone.

  • Jason Nickerson

    S5 and fit would be such a sweeeeeet combo. Great upgrade. Top notch devices.

  • Dano B.

    I want a GS5 – still using a GS2

  • Ernest Tong

    The new toggle design in the notification menu looks awesome

  • Poik

    It would be a great replacement for my Telus Nexus S. Great phone.

  • Kegan Belina

    I’d switch from Rogers to Telus if I win.

  • See-ling Liew

    Great phone to have!

  • maaz

    id live to use those tow devies on a daily basis

  • Ernie

    This would fit my needs for a phone upgrade nicely

  • Aruna Koindala

    Would be a great upgrade from an iPhone 4

  • sk1d

    Still stuck on a Galaxy S2, could really use an upgrade…

  • Ben Lerer

    Always wanted to have integration between my phone and my watch!

  • Francisco Coutinho

    I have a big pocket and an empty wrist just waiting

  • brett newman

    A version of TouchWiz I could finally enjoy

  • C P Q

    It would be sweet to win this. Such an improvement over this phone. 🙂

  • Vince Cripps

    so i dont have to worry about shattering my phone…again

  • Muhammad Rochim

    oh God, I want this one. Give me please 😀

  • Jeff VanderWal

    The Gear Fit and the S5 together would be an awesome combination to not only track your daily health and exercise, but also keep track of emails and social media contacts (Facebook etc). Add the superb camera and you’ve got a sure-fire winning pair.

  • Napoleon Dautant

    galaxy s5 is the best phone avaliable, as simple as that! Thank you Telus

  • Emi Lucã

    Always a Samsung fan!

  • Paul Phoumsavanh

    Haven’t skipped a Galaxy S model as of yet. I’d love to get my hands on the S5 and share my unbiased opinion about it.

  • Cam

    Be a nice replacement for my busted old S3

  • AD

    Yes please!

  • Tyler McQuaker

    The main camera on the S5 has been getting great reviews. I would love to win the S5 for taking pictures of my two young kids.

  • Reckful

    My CDMA phone with Android 2.2 (Froyo) just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thanks!

  • Kevin Pereira

    I would love this prize package to help me get fit.. I would use the heart rate sensor daily, and the gear fit daily to monitor my heart rate and my exercise habits. I would also use it to track my daily food intake and view calories on the S Health application as you can pretty much find any food on there. I would also utilize the fingerprint security for my work email as there are alot of documents and emails that come in and out of my device that contain sensitive work information. With the fingerprint reader, no one could break into my device. I am and have been a member of the Telus company for over 8 years now and they by far have the best service, and with this device it would make accessing there LTE network faster, but also give me the opportunity to use the download boosting feature to help speed up those larger files when i need them. I am the perfect candidate for this device and would put it to use in every way it was mean to be used.

  • Garren Cho

    Thanks guys!

  • Colin White

    Would love to upgrade my mobile!

  • Troy Joseph Francis

    I would love this

  • Allan

    Telus is the best!

  • Debbie Lyons

    Would love to replace my old iPhone.My daughter has the S5 loves it!

  • Waqas Unsar

    Always been a fan of Samsung and the gear is a cherry on the top. Been participating in all the contests 🙁

  • Alex

    Simple. Free is always better.

  • Joel LeBouthillier

    Thank you!!!!

  • Ajanu

    We are about to move and my wife could use a phone. This would be awesome to have!

  • AJ

    I would love to win! It is such an awesome phone with great features for this day and age, the use of kid mode, private mode, being dust and water resistant, plus I love pandas and hope the red panda is included as well! I am still using the S2 and hoping to win the S5 as a sweet birthday present!

  • direkt555

    Some of the best tech out right now. On a sweet network. What an awesome giveaway!

  • Derek D

    I would love the Galaxy S5! I’m on a 4S right now and I’d like to switch back to Android! Plus the Gear would be a fun new piece of tech to play with.

  • Jaeha Lee

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best phone out right now! I would love to stay up to date with technology! Also, the fit seems like a great device, was thinking of purchasing one!

  • Rafee Hoque

    To last a lifetime since its one of the best rugged, premium phones out there!

  • Sacred Weed

    I wanna GS5 with telus coz I’ve never win anything so far in my life. Hopefully, Telus will give me this opportunity to win something.

  • Jerrik Nordlee

    I have owned the Galaxy brand since the Galaxy S Vibrant. I’m a huge Samsung fan and huge Mobile Syrup fan. I’m using the Note 3 on TELUS right now and would love to upgrade to the TELUS Galaxy S5. My job is to teach my clients how to use smartphones and it would make my job so much easier to teach my clients how to use the S5 if I had it in my hands. Please, award me the TELUS Galaxy S5 and I would be forever grateful to Mobile Syrup.

  • Rob Drummond

    Might be the only reason I would use the S5– the wearable!

  • Maurice Lee

    hi yay

  • Ryan McGuinness

    The GS5 and galaxy gear combo is a killer combo! Good luck everyone!

  • ghostzero

    A new Galaxy S5 would be a sweet upgrade.

  • Rick Delorme

    Samsung is best in design and quality if i am chosen this setup would be in good hands.!… and wrist!

  • Lex B.

    Just shattered the screen on my GS3. I think it’s a sign for me to finally upgrade.

  • Arthur

    Would love the S5. Was a iPhone fan for a long tine until I made the switch to my S4. Now I just need better and better. Thanks

  • Devin Lam

    The phone would be a nice upgrade 🙂

  • DF

    Spring is here! Why not to enjoy it with a new smartphone?! 🙂

  • John Trask

    Would love to try a Android, always been a BlackBerry fan. Plus the new Smart Watch Tech seems pretty cool.

  • Garry

    I’d love a GS5 and gear so It can make my life easier with the new functionality of fitness apps and the innovation of the gear would make my experience that much more intense! Pick me!! 🙂

  • john

    I have a galaxy gear and a galaxy fit would b a nice collection with the s5!

  • Paul Hicken

    This would be an awesome win! My GS3 is starting to show it’s age!

  • Micah Halter

    The Galaxy S5 has great specs and cool features like a fingerprint scanner.

  • Tarrance

    i want one because it looks nice

  • nmr123321

    love my nexus 4 but the camera has always bothered me, the S5 would be a nice upgrade in that department

  • Christopher Spook Mullett

    Help a poor man get the device of his dreams, I would probably use this on Koodo though.

  • Kyle Vantaa

    This Phone and smartwatch would be ideal! It s camera is perfect for catching the Family! The smartwatch would be awesome for myself, as I could leave the headset in a safe spot when working, and still be able to have full funtion! Go s5!

  • Pushpinder Purba

    S5 and galaxy gear…like cake with a cherry on top…please give me one

  • Rawrrr

    Would love to win this! My brother has the GNex and it’s so beat.. I think he deserves a new phone since he’s too poor to afford anything after his wedding lol! It’ll be a good surprise! Thanks guys!

  • John

    I want it

  • Bobby Lau

    I would love a new fancy toy to add to my collection.

  • Gixxerfan

    My S4 is cracked so a new S5 would be awesome!

  • AllanVS

    STILL trying to get my great aunt a phone. She’s picky (women!) so this would be up her alley.

  • AReid

    MS at it again…SWEET!

  • David Deane

    Love it

  • Dru

    Never owned a Samsung Galaxy device and would love to see what the hype is all about. Pick me, please!

  • Sebastian Maurino

    Who wouldn’t want an S5 of a fit?!

  • Taimour

    Would love to have one because I am currently using a 3 year old phone. Need an upgrade.

  • John Savvas

    I think that maybe i deserve the upgrade…i’m still running with an almost nonfunctional galaxy s captivate with cat bites on the rogers network 🙁

  • Kaldrak

    S5 seems like an awesome phone. Besides, my Nexus 4 is getting old and I need tout change it. I’ve been looking at the Galaxy collection for a long time but never managed to jump in. Now is the time.

  • justin brown

    Would love to upgrade my s2. Wife and daughter have the s4 and s3 respectivley

  • Tomi Les

    To play with the new features

  • Danny Pelrine

    Because samsung makes the best Android out there. Why wouldn’t someone want this combo ?

  • IanDickson


  • Morgan

    I’m in 🙂

  • susanhanley

    I need a camera that takes good pics. This would be great to win.

  • Cebwizz

    Easy why I’d like to win…I wouldn’t have to buy it…lol…

  • Tung Do

    I want to win this phone

  • Vincent Carrière

    Such an awesome android phone. I really need something fresh to replace my old phone.

  • Ina Hassan

    I need that phone I have an old Samsung flip phone and is breaking apart now.

  • Alexandre Cardinal – Leonard

    Because it is one of the best phones out there, I heard the battery is awesome, I always wanted a samsung phone but they are pretty expensive… and I never had a phone with a fingerprint scanner before, but I think it would be nice… and I can’t afford one… I hope I win this, Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Rob

    In the market for a new smart phone and GS5 is looking like a winner for me, the gear fit smart watch would be a great complement to it. Im out of contract as well, so free to make the switch to Telus.

  • Greg

    I could finally give my Samsung flip phone running Infraware Polaris 5.01 the rest it so richly deserves.

  • Brian Breit

    I am due for a new phone and the Galaxy S5 is the best phone available.

  • Lee Tran

    Samsung has always created such amazing technology, and integration of a watch is a wonderful idea

  • Neil Osadchy

    Because of its awesomeness

  • Lauren Toews

    Left telus when I worked at bell and regretted it ever since. This lovely device would be a very welcomed bonus.

  • Justin B

    Awesome phone (dem specs), awesome carrier/coverage/speed, and great customer service to boot.

  • G.P.

    I would use it as it would finally allow me to switch away from Bell!

  • Charles Mabanta

    Been a blackberry/apple phone user…until i finally went with the S4, and never looked back! If you want full control of your device…android is the way to go!!! Pls upgrade my S4!!!

  • Francois Langelier

    Best phone ever!

  • Ryan Cavalier

    I’d love to win this as a way overdue upgrade for my wife’s crappy old not-so-smartphone!

  • Mariam

    Because I need an upgrade from by Blackberry.

  • Ryan Cresanto

    I’d love the S5. After being a longtime ios user I made the leap to Samsung…never looking back!

  • bobby yit

    my phone screen cracked :/

  • kevin

    Sick phone id love to own one!!

  • stacey dempsey

    I would love to win firstly because it is Samsung and it is on Telus which is great for me and the camera sounds great. Where I live being waterproof is very handy as well

  • Yves Thibault

    This would be great to replace my aging Nexus S

  • Hasan Khan

    Would love to have this one. Pick me please! 🙂

  • James

    I’d love to win the GS5 because my Galaxy Nexus is showing its age and would love to see the difference in power and speed the new device would bring.

  • Ward airy alkhaldi

    U always admired Samsung products every product they got out was the best in the market and on top getting it from Telus the best phone company out there would be like a dream come true for me I hope I can win this phone

  • Ka Hin

    I would love to get this to test the merits of a smart wearable device

  • Steven Moxley

    Would love to get both of these for my everyday bmx and all super active lifestyle and they would suit that perfectly

  • Orlando Chang

    S5 is the next level of smartphones! it is a must HAVE!

  • Adam Morley

    Great phone would love to have it and always loved Samsung phones and would be a great reason to get rid of my moto g

  • Christian Boucher

    The s5 is a must have smartphone!

  • Peter D

    That camera image quality, just makes me drool looking at it. So goood!!

  • Ryan Askew

    I think its about time I upgrade from my Samsung Focus and this would be a great new phone to have.

  • jamesavramenko

    I just can’t afford an upgrade but would love to try out the new phone

  • Fawad Ashraf

    Because @ TELUS future is friendly and looks great with GS5

  • Joseph Duong

    It would be awesome to upgrade from a Curve 8520… Haha

  • bedlam13

    S5 would be a nice upgrade from a S3 😀 Pick me!

  • Sydney Légaré

    With 4 kids under 7, I could really use a new phone.

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    I never had a phone! So I hope to win this one! it’s like all in one phone!

  • Andy Nguyễn

    Great prize pack!

  • Bruno Pettersen Coulombe

    To replace my Galaxy Nexus! Soooo old

  • Ro Tep

    The S5 with the Gear2 will be an awesome gift if I win it!! 🙂

  • Temp

    Because you’re allowing people who are not interested in social media to have a chance at winning.

  • Waseem Chamaa

    This would be an awesome upgrade from my S2 we’ve been through thick and thin

  • Victor Petrescu

    Cuz dis fone bez za baws

  • Thuy

    I just want new phone

  • Tung Nguyen

    Would be great to upgrade from my old Xperia Arc

  • Steven Gamboa

    I love telus, ive been using telus for phone, cable and internet for years now

  • Pawv

    I’d love to try out the new heart rate monitor and the fingerprint sensor!

  • Maggie

    Best phone ever…

  • Grant Henderson

    It would make a great birthday gift for my wife!

  • Husein Patel

    Would love to win this, because who wouldn’t want a free phone?!

  • Steve S.

    This would be a nice fit for me as I would love to give my S3 to my son and have the S5 for myself. We are with Koodo, so this would work well for us. Bless you guys!!!

  • Amandeep Singh

    S5 is best of Galaxy’s.. Speaking of specs

  • Frédéric Harvey

    I neeeeed it!!! All my stuff is Samsung! Also, Telus is THE provider here where I leave! come to me… that’s it.. dont be afraid!

  • Henry Lao

    Im only entering this contest for the plushie.

  • Matty

    Would be an amazing upgrade to my iPhone 4! Been wanting to get a samsung for so long now not to mention the gear fit would be awesome!

  • andrew

    Smartphoneenohptrams for me…. thanx!!

  • Ryan

    Samsung Galaxy TELUS5

  • Steven

    I’m using an old galaxy s3 and am jealous of all the new tech out today.

  • shaune

    Love to win this package. I’m currently a Telus customer and love their service. This new Samsung S5 would work so great on LTE and look amazing at the same time

  • nunzio

    I have the gear first edition, nice to use, the s5 look great phone

  • iva

    Had an iphone got the S4 LOVE IT and will never go back to apple. Would love to have the S5!!!!

  • Diamond710


  • tishabarr216

    I would like to win because the Galaxy s5 is awesome, and I want it! And a smart watch too?! Please baby, Jesus!

  • Bob Wang

    Cause Samsung rocks

  • Dave

    The Galaxy s5 with Gear is a match made in heaven. Both are made to show case the newest tech.. Both are beautiful…

  • Mickee

    Because it’s an awesome phone!!

  • Eric Reardon

    Would love to win my galaxy SII is about to die.

  • Thasean Pakee

    Because its on telus and the phone deserves me 🙂

  • Milosh Jovic

    Because my Nexus S badly needs to be upgraded!

  • Igor Dragoman

    Just gave swapt my s4 for an iphone, now my wife loves the galaxy and i’m stuck with the stupid thing. It would be amazimg to get the S5, i miss my samsung, and i will give away my iphone to the first stranger on the street.

  • Anthony

    who WOULDN’T want to S5? Some pretty cool new features! Count me in the contest.

  • Bruce Graham

    It’s spring. Time for an upgrade.

  • @peggymeowmeow

    Would love to try a new gadget.. and of course the S5 looks gorgeous

  • John Neild

    It would be great to upgrade from my S3..and not have to always carry a couple spare batteries with me.

  • william

    oh yes that will work!

  • Mohsen

    I keep commenting though I know I’ll never win :/
    Why I want it? Because it’s good for you to have it! What can beat having an awesome phone and wearable tech?

  • Daniel Eaton

    Would love GS5 as my Galaxy Nexus is starting to show its age…time for a upgrade and I’m on telus

  • Clayton Ranville

    I have had all odd S models 1and 3 and love my 5 I would like to show my wife what Samsung has to offer and being we are both on Telus is a natural fit get it fit, I know sad.

  • Steve Konrad

    I need a new phone!

  • Dan W

    As a recent convert to the android realm, this would make the experience complete.

  • Naveen Verdi

    time to upgrade my sg3!

  • Albert Dat Ly

    Always a well written piece, love the new health accessories that samsung are producing.

  • thiswasdelish

    It’s about time for me to upgrade from an Sg2 to an Sg5.

  • Khalid Abdulle

    The GS5 is at the top of the android game, who wouldn’t want to have it?

  • Andrew Pomeroy

    I love every samsung device I’ve ever owned and the Galaxy S5 is amazing. I personally feel that the reviews complaining about the design is ridiculous. Having replaceable battery and expandable storage is also a great feature for cell phones.

  • Samuel Bolduc

    My galaxy s3 has been a beast phone, but its now time to get my hands on the next big thing!!

  • Daniel Fathers

    the back is so nice

  • Darla

    Sign me up

  • Mike Montgomery

    As much as I love my old 4S, my 3G connection stalls to the point I need to upgrade badly. I’m an early childhood educator who really doesn’t need the frustration of a smart phone that’s only smart if and when it feels like it. I also CANNOT afford to pay for an early upgrade.

    Help me MobileSyrup, you’re my only hope!

  • Dave Pereira

    Love my Note3 and galaxy gear, now I need to change my Apple wielding wife to Android!

  • Rob Czepil

    I currently have an S4 an it it a vary great device. As a developer an S5 would be a great new platform to start from.

  • Vincentec

    gs5+telus=bread + butter

  • Adam MacRae

    My wife is currently using my nexus 5, that worries me. For the sake of saving that nexus 5 my wife needs this phone. That would probably lower my blood pressure too. Also by using that new Gear Fit and tracking my rides, I could further preserve my health, and start using my nexus 5 again 🙂 PLEASE!

  • Peter

    I want it because i want to upgrade my phone!

  • Lance Stewart

    I could really use this Device.

  • mark

    Would like to change my iphone 4 to S5

  • s webster

    Who doesn’t need the latest phone. I know I do.

  • barbara

    The GS5 on a top notch network would he Awesome!

  • karolina.w

    Love Samsung products, would be such a great combo to have <3

  • Kyla

    I am the only one in my class.and family that don’t have a phone. I would really love to have a phone for myself. I LOVE SAMSUNG GALAXY’S EVERYTHING, I REALLY THINK ITS AWSOME AND UNIQUE

  • gw

    I need to replace my Galaxy S3

  • John R

    My Galaxy S2 is getting OLD

  • Sequoia46.2

    Always been curious to explore the multitude of settings in TouchWiz! Would love to get my hands on an S5.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    The Galaxy S5 is a great phone. I would love the new 16 Megapixel camera and the fast processor. I would love to have the gear 2 neo because I can see notifications and carry out other various phone tasks from my wrist.

  • sortifcon

    Great prizes!

  • Dan W

    As an Apple user…this would surely woo me to the droid world

  • Rob Rempel

    I need to upgrade my GS2 and I can’t think of a more worthy replacement.

  • iamthedruman

    I’d love to win! Thanks to Mobile Syrup and Telus!

  • Pankaj Sethi

    A loyal Samsung fan till date since last 12 years. From the day when Samsung was rising from nowhere to everywhere. Every electronic I have is Samsung be it TV, DVD, S3, tablet and what not. With Telus for last 5+ years already. Need to say more?

  • Kevin

    The new Fit isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but surprisingly, I am finding that the Galaxy S5 is something that I might prefer over the HTC One M8. Yes, the build quality isn’t as good and yes, the screen is still oversaturated. Still, I really enjoy the size and ergonomics of the device. In a darker color, the back actually looks better in person and is much grippier than the aluminium finish of the One. Shame the speakers are out in the back though.

  • jeremyg

    Hopefully be able to talk with my family more often and try out something new for this summer and more.

  • Nathaniel

    I’m already with Telus so it would be nice to upgrade my phone to the latest & greatest.

  • petertinh

    Hope I win it.

  • Matthew Yang

    My phone has a crack on it and it lags when I try to text people, and if I get a new phone I’ll show it off to everyone.

  • FayeW

    Would love to upgrade my phone.

  • Reese Lamond

    Because water resistance should be included in every phone!

  • Doltz

    The wareable idea is awesome, and that phone is so nice!

  • Seith Keough

    I’d like to get o the bandwagon of integrated fitness!

  • Kevin

    Cool lookin box, would love a hot new sammy phone to use for work and play.

  • Danial Chamberlain

    The S5 and Gear would make juggling full time job and operating my separate online business so much easier!!! I have been waiting for the perfect smartwatch and the Galaxy gear is only compatible with Galaxy…me and my poor Nexus can’t enjoy the gear

  • chily CHEA

    Thank you MobileSyrup for all those contest ! I would love to have the galaxy S5

  • Rishabh Chandra

    I would love to win a Galaxy S5 as it represent me.

  • Drew Singer

    Because Samsung does it right!

  • expos9439

    This would be the perfect upgrade for my aging (but nonetheless still capable SN2).

  • Amardeep Takhar

    upgraded most things want 1

  • L Joel

    I would love one. And winning it from Mobilesyrup my daily site to visit for all things canadian mobile would make it ever sweeter. 🙂

  • Navid

    The GS5 has an amazing screen which I love to look at it everyday. Good Luck … 🙂

  • Dave

    Yes Please! Summer is coming, time to get fit. Would love to add to my Samsung family!

  • mahoganyheart

    I just love android. Hopefully this time it will be mine!

  • lilmilkshake

    Being a Telus customer, I would like this elegant phone-smartwatch combo as I have read all the mobilesyrup articles on the specs of both devices.

  • Mike Steinacker

    My S4 is still great but an S5 would be awesome!

  • Dimitri

    I would like to win one. Not just because i like the phone, because i have never won anything in my life and honestly i might have a phone that works but the screen is damaged and have no money to buy one. I am not one to come on here and beg every time you guys post a new phone to give out and this is mu first time doing so. I would love to be the winner of this phone is possible. Thank you MS for doing this!

    If i do not win, i hope the person that does loves this phone and takes care of it!.

  • rmurphy

    Would love to move on from apple to samsung. Come on S5!!

  • softturbo

    Great phone

  • Dark4eons

    I could use a new phone, the fingerprint sensor would be a plus for me. The gear… well I do need a new watch.

  • Andrew Phillips

    Trying to get away from my old provider

  • Dan

    The S5 is great and the fit would be great for me as a new father. Already with Telus and ready for an upgrade on my S3

  • Canucks__Rule

    I still use a flip phone.. please help. *hangs head in shame*

  • Midknightsun

    I want it, I need it, I love it!

  • Eric Tackaberry

    I’d love a pack like this because I have an s4 already and can’t justify the upgrade….

  • scott

    should be a great handset. the watch is a
    really neat tool.

  • Rick Collins

    Wicked network wants a wicked phone

  • sathi ranga

    the camera and the battery on this phone is amazing

  • darkdragon88

    I have an old dumbphone and would love to finally get a smartphone (I’m stuck on the old 3 year plan). The Gear Fit smartwatch would be amazing for my workout routines. Hope I can win. Good luck to all.

  • Greg Carl

    Been a Samsung faithful for years and want both of these new devices! The fit looks awesome, great companion.

  • zarcash

    Great phone to have! I would love to show this phone off 🙂 A lot of my friends got the 5s and they always bragging about the finger scanner on their phone so it would be nice to brag back with the finger scanner on the S5

  • Patrik Hashem

    A good looking samsung phone thats water/dust proof??? 😀 OMG

  • JD Kliewer

    I could use a bigger screen to read books!

  • Miss N

    Gs5 is the newest, hottest and best phone on the market currently. I would love to wear that samsung gear.

  • Najeeb Babak

    When will be my turn to wait ?

  • Philippe Tang

    Shine bright like a diamond 🙂

  • Jonathan Kostiuk

    Id love to upgrade to a s5 my s2 is sooo slow!!! please pick me! 🙂

  • Fortunato Caronzo

    I’m already a long term Telus customer and would love the opportunity to try out this new phone and smart watch combo on the best network in Canada. Will help on those long call shifts in the hospital for sure.

  • Kenny Ng

    I’d like to win this phone because it’s one of the best Android smartphone available.

  • Harley

    Would love to get the S5, as my current handheld is in need of retirement

  • nafixes

    I’d like to win this!

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I’d love an upgrade from my current budget phone! The S5 would do nicely! 😀

  • jk1m

    I’m with Telus and would love to win the Galaxy S5 so I can use it throughout my outdoor adventures this coming summer…especially during a dip in some clear blue waters! 😉

  • Steven Whyte

    Because its the best on the Best

  • jeremy kinch

    I’m thinking seriously about leaving Rogers, if I won this phone it would make the decision even easier!

  • Jhay Money

    Man, had the S4 and Gear and sold them to put in place of the Gear 2 and S5 but still a little money, would be great to get this bundle! Cmon Mobilesyrup this would be a great Easter gift 😉

  • ColeMcLean

    Would love to win the S5 as it’s big HD screen will be nice on the eyes.

  • David Riedl

    Best phone on the market on a strong network, couldn’t ask for anything more!

  • Gord H.

    My iPhone 4 is so sloooow these days. I’m ready to make the jump to Android. Please pick me?

  • Aiden

    I need one badly. Me me!

  • Avik0

    Would love to have this phone on Canada’s best network…gs5 + telus LTE = true love 🙂

  • TrDxIt

    I want to try android for the first time

  • David Hollister

    S5 would be a nice upgrade from my S2x

  • Piranavan Kethees

    I need a new phone !

  • Kareem Rahaman

    Been waiting to try Android.

  • Kayla Lam T Do

    LOVE the S5! Probably my favorite thing about the phone is the ultra power saving mode! Everyone does go through the day and want to go out after work and their phones is dying. With the feature having 2% left will last you like forever!!!! Love it!!!

  • Joe Arslanian

    Because it’s bad a*s!

  • Grant Culbert

    time for an upgrade

  • arctic_canoe

    Looks to be the phone to have.

  • rF

    just the right size and features…hope to win this time

  • Odie

    would love an S5

  • Jason Reisch

    Wouldn’t mind competing with my wife’s Note 3 & Gear. Please hook me up, MobileSyrup.

  • Raimond

    Thank you Telus and MobileSyrup. Good luck to everyone.

  • Mavrick Savard

    Mobile Syrup. Hook me up!!

  • Rob

    Been with TELUS for 12 years. Paid almost $800 in System Access Fees. TELUS: You owe me an S5 😉

  • Kim Harrison

    Best phone ever S5

  • Ann Koo

    I hate Robbers…oops Rogers. Is that’s good enough reason? Lol!

  • Matthew Peleskey

    000000h! I’m on TELUS! Choose me!

  • Rudolf Cagalawan

    this is very interesting.

  • veezoo

    S5 euh, why not. But Telus now that’s awesome.

  • MW

    I love to have the S5 because of its multitasking features and fast processor. Plus I need a new phone!!!

  • gaber c

    I’ll take it!

  • Jordan Lambe


  • Apocalypso

    Excellent 16mp camera. Amazing screen. Great battery life. The latest Snapdragon processor. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t have to unlock it to use with my carrier (Koodo).

  • cancron

    Hook a guy up

  • Trevor Holm-Laursen

    Looks like a great pack.

  • ScottfrRobb

    I am in

  • David Yggdrasil

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Edward Martinson

    s3 is great, s5 must be better!

  • Amanda Lyn

    I’d love to have the new S5 because I’m still rocking an ancient and broken Optimus One.

  • zhu

    Great phone & accessory.

  • Philip Baker

    my galaxy S3 is dying and I would REALLY love the new S5

  • Jeremy Oeg

    Still running an old S2 with a broken power switch; volume wake & quicktile to sleep. Need something new and this would fit the bill perfectly.

  • Chet Manly

    I wanna give one of these watches a go. The phone wouldn’t be bad either. 😉

  • JP

    I need a new phone 😛

  • Dave Dman

    Would love to have one as I never have the laest and gretaest.

  • Pico

    If I win I will get rid of my antique.

  • Mike C

    Why not add another Samsung to the household pick moi

  • Jen Smuck

    I love Samsung ♡ we even have a samsung dishwasher… you guys make everything!!

  • Dave

    Would love the S5 and Gear Fit! A dynamic duo!

  • Jason Macdonald

    Would be great to try another wearable and the S5 looks amazing . Would be great to switch to a great network like TELUS to get the phone to reach its full potential

  • Marvin Catbagan

    If I win the Samsung galaxy s5, it would be the perfect fit for my athleticism from the built in app and the new heart rate sensor. Also having that smart watch would make my life easier without taking the actual phone out.

  • Marvin Catbagan

    If I win the Samsung galaxy s5, it would be the perfect fit for my athleticism from the built in app and the new heart rate sensor. Also having that smart watch would make my life easier without taking the actual phone out.

  • Dave Walker

    Who wouldn’t want an S5? And a wearable too??

  • Simon Kwok

    I had the S2 – would like to get myself an upgrade!

  • Samuel Sogeke

    The best phone on the best network! Missing the opportunity would equate madness

  • Peter Kho

    Would be nice to win this device

  • jrupan

    I would like to check S5 with my hand :),

  • The Haligonian

    Already in the contest for the Bell S5 why not double my chances, Good luck everyone!

  • Kevin Desjardins

    I need a new phone this one would be perfect!! Love your contests!

  • Jonathan

    I need to upgrade my nexus 4 to something better! Thanks,

  • Mel K

    I would love 5 update too what looks like a wonderful phone

  • Susan

    I would love to win the GS5 because I just switched one of my lines to Telus and my old BlackBerry has been giving me issues. I love the Samsung Galaxy series devices. But more so what Touchwiz has to offer.

  • sitbit

    I heard TELUS has the best network in Canada and I would love to test it and the S5 out. Either way it looks like the S5 (on TELUS?) may be mine in the near future…

  • Mark Thurston

    Sweet. That would be a great upgrade to my existing phone!

  • Terry Prior

    4th Gen Galaxy user here, would love to be able to say 5th Gen. Much wow !!

  • Faisal

    heard S5 has some new features under the hood, would love to try them

  • Metroyyc

    The Samsung S5 adoption centre is now accepting all contest giveaways !

  • Carefactor_Zer0

    I love my S4, S5 must be better!

  • Iman Roy

    Because having the latest phone neber hurt anybody. Plus my GS3 is getting old/

  • Darryl Mayo

    I love the screen size and the fact that it is waterproof and dust proof. Looks like a great phone. GS5 and Telus, win, win.

  • Sheylon

    Best smartphone and smartwatch combination available today! Would love to give it a try on TELUS.

  • Dom1n1c

    I want that!!

  • Graeme I

    Time to kick my kid sized 4s to the curb.

  • James Robinson

    I have wished for an S5 since before it was released. 🙂

  • Nao Yamamoto

    Be nice to get a personal phone….

  • Eid

    Yes, I would love to win. Rarely as it may be.

  • Jordan Kelly

    I need a change from rogers so badly! I have been with them for 10 years and they show no customer appreciation. I have an S3 that is on its last legs.

  • yuki

    Hmm…another great contest from @MobileSyrup~ I’d like to win it because then I can be one with the latest and the greatest!!! muaaajahajahhahahahahah!!!

  • yuki

    Do we get the red panda too>?????

  • Alonzo de la Cruz

    I would like theS5 because I am on Mobilicity right now. So Telus calls me to tell me I have to get a new contract after they acquire Mobilicity, I can negotiate better terms because I won’t need a phone!

  • Paul Astles

    I have no cell phone of my own.

  • Carmen Andujar

    The S5 would be the best replacement for my s3

  • David Ng

    The New Fit looks nice! also S5 would be a bonus!

  • Joshua Bryant

    I would love to win the new GS5 because Samsung makes the best mobile devices on the planet, and the GS5 + Fit band are no exception. Also I would love to be able to play games in the shower without a case

  • Cody Hansen


  • GuyGrenier

    Would be cool to get the Gear

  • Michael Brown

    That’d be perfect prize. Super Phone for me, the gear fit for my wife and the stuffed red panda for my daughter.

  • Luis Guev

    Great contest, good luck to all contestants.

  • csaif7 .

    Who doesn’t want a free phone? Give me one. Time to upgrade and say bye bye to iphone!

  • JMK

    S5 looks to be a great phone, good luck to us!

  • huukeonfonix

    S5 + Gear Fit + Telus = AWESOME !

  • Jeff KIM

    I would love to upgrade from my apple iphone 4 to the new galaxy s5 on the telus line.

  • Edgar

    I’m with the GS3, so step of two would be awesome

  • Kyle W

    A long time ago, I wanted a galaxy not so far away…cue opening crawl.

    And trust me, this is the Droid I’m looking for.

  • Abdul Q.

    S5 = Awesome…Telus = Awesome…S5+TELUS?!?! = DOUBLE AWESOME (what does it mean??)

  • David La Pegna

    Pick me. The S5 is looking great!

  • leak73

    Nice. Good combo

  • Roy Jebson

    It sure would be nice to win this, then I could change with the times and get rid of my old flip phone

  • fayeza

    I am using s4 worth rogers is signal not that good at our house so wanna try telus and love to have s5 and its gear

  • Cen Net

    S5 is amazing plus I need a new phone.

  • Maxime Deschênes

    This phone is awesome !

  • EPAT

    I would love to have another Samsung phone…I have had no problems with them. My daughter has one of the Red Pandas…She named her Aubrey.

  • Marwan Alani

    My contract with Bell is about to be done, this would definitely make me switch to Telus

  • Kienerman

    omg I want that i’m with Telus perfect combo! please pick me!

  • monsterduc1000

    Yes Please!

  • anne

    Well i would love to win these as ive never won anything and need a new phone

  • Duey

    I wouldn’t be able to afford this on my own, but it would be great to get a new phone after using mine for 2 years

  • Henry0623

    Why do I want an S5 you ask? I want to give this phone to my dad since his phone is an Ace 2x. It would be a great father’s day present, even though it’s 2 months away from now.

  • enrai05

    I’m using S3 and I’m on Telus. I think it’s time for me to upgrade my phone and stay on Telus.

  • ‎​Jon Burke‎​

    Would love to give the new S5 a go. Friends speak highly of the previous ones. Plus already being a Telus customer should make the switch easy.

  • Clarence L

    love samsung phones…thats why i want the latest one!

  • Rudra Pandya

    I would love to upgrade to this phone from my Ace 2x. I’m thankful to Mobilesyrup for the multiple giveaways they hold. Hope I win!

  • shan joz

    Best phone with best service tells

  • James Egan

    I would love to have the package – definitely a great showpiece of technology from Samsung and definitely happy with the provider – Telus (vs the not-to-be-named telcos)

  • Krew

    Need a new phone and I’m already with Telus, would be pretty sweet! Have a pebble but the gear looks much more hardcore! Fingers crossed….

  • Sunnyb

    Samsung has come out to be a progressive, future-minded manufacturer and it shows in their latest smartphone the S5. Would love to be a proud owner of the S5 and the gear fit.

  • Mike Dickerson

    I’d love to win this package. It would allow me to upgrade my phone and give my amazing girlfriend my trusty Galaxy S3.

  • lewdvig

    I love it because its not my iPhone.

  • Yen Dino

    The most awesome piece of smartphone that I’ve been waiting for. Great camera, superb screen resolution, waterproof enabled. What’s more? The Gear Fit!!! I wanna throw away my Lumia 920 into the trash bin so badly!!

  • Ash H

    I would love to get my hands on one!! I would say bye bye apple!! 🙂

  • Stephen_81

    I need a new Android to complement my BlackBerry collection and other devices. plus I’m interested in gear, but can’t ever see myself actually buying it

  • MonishB

    Heart rate monitor!

  • Lori

    I would love to win this! Samsung is such an amazing brand. The waterproof feature is really important to me! I’ve had a few washing machine mishaps in the past.

  • Mad-elph

    Sweet action. I wanna win this.

  • Mike Sun

    Never used an Android phone… Would like to get one, but winning one would be sweet 😉

  • Vic Noble

    Kickass is all I got to say! to have it… you’re awesome Samsung. ..

  • Brad Moriarity

    I want. That is all.

  • David Henry Lawrence

    I’m already with Telus and love my S3, so an early birthday upgrade would be great!

  • Jonathon Squires

    S5 has the screen and the speed and on Telus its even better.

  • john

    S5 coolest phone of the year

  • Tainan Lu

    I still don’t have a smart phone~
    I need it!

  • Anders Anderson

    I’d love to have this super amazing phone. 😀 The screen and camera are amazing, as well the heart rate monitor seems super cool too.

  • Mannyman

    Just another reason to start getting fit 🙂

  • david


  • Guest

    If i win this package i would sell it to get the Z2 lol

  • Eric

    could use an upgrade

  • Jennifer Sautner

    It’s time for an upgrade! Reviews havr been great so far too!

  • Jack Evans

    Android would be neat to try out!

  • Tony Lu

    I love all the features~

  • Chris Zhu

    Hope the battery life will be better than my HTC M7! 😀

  • Tarek Amin

    IMO it’s the best phone on the best network. It’s that simple!

  • west465

    Great phone! It would be perfect for me

  • Justin

    No time like the present to try a new device!

  • Bryan Carter

    could use on, GS4 battery sucks

  • vijay

    S5 with telus ……. owsome. ..

  • John Holman

    Well I could always use more motivation to be fit. Plus shiny things are pretty. And from my experience Telus has the best service where I live (both kinds of service).

  • theRKF

    My wife desperately needs a new phone and she would love this!

  • harsha

    Good to have a healthy lifestyle product which makes people lives much better and easier

  • RustyBallz

    I would love a chance to win this device. Have been a galaxy S user since the S2X. The only reason I don’t have the S5 already is because the price is just a little too much for me. oh and yay TELUS!

  • John Chewvray


  • Aldrin

    Why I want the G5? Simple reason. It’s Samsung.

  • Hussam Eldib

    I still have the galaxy s 2 and would love to continue my love affair with Samsung by upgrading to this beautiful phone.

  • treefrog

    Would love to have the Telus S5 because my LG Optimus One is showing its age.

  • bluerage

    Would love to win this! I’m really intrigued in pairing a smart watch with a phone.

  • Evan Salter

    I would love an S5 because it is waterproof! Thanks for the contest, you guys rock!

  • YankeeJatt

    I like S5’s 4k shooting camera. It has great display. Specially kids friendly feature is great

  • Chris stouffer

    Because I’m pretty.

  • Paul Constantin

    I’m out of date on technology – time to catch up! Claim!

  • Nitin Gaba

    The phone survived being run over by a cover with nothing but a cracked camera lens, who wouldn’t want this phone!

  • Jason Knibbs

    please help me get rid of this crappy virgin payasyougo phone!

  • mangoesrepent

    With spring (hopefully!) starting to take hold I could really use a shiny toy or two to make morning runs more appealing. The gear fit to get me going and the S5 for taking trail photos worth sharing. A perfect pair!

  • Sherman Lam

    I would love to have a Samsung S5 because it would let me have an amazing opportunity to get into the android ecosystem and experience all of its wonderfulness! The gear fit would let me get into shape from my current “large” body… THNX!!!

  • shuelin

    Definitely time to check out a top phone like the S5 and I would love to have a Gear Fit!

  • Derek Chan

    The S5 would be a perfect replacement for my current cracked screen galaxy and I’d love to give that samsung a gear a spin.

  • chalbe

    The Galaxy would be a nice upgrade from my Nokia.

  • Kemp Gambit

    Get Smart was my favourite show this will give me a early start on my Halloween costume. Great phone and a great watch a match made in heaven

  • Danijel Dorontic

    I need an S5 because I’m getting sick of my S4! Please gimme!

  • Francois Pigeon

    Because Samsung is Samsung.

  • Sardar Rushan Sher Qaisrani

    Just give me the phone 😛

  • William Z. 

    Haha, My gf need a new phone to replace the broken S4~~

  • Yong C

    Because I like the Super AMOLED Full HD display.

  • James Vey

    I’ve had an iPhone for a while and I’d be interested to see how well the S5 works.

  • gurjit bains

    i need a s5 I have a s3 need a upgrade

  • Amanda

    I like the waterproof and dust resistant.

  • cyndiinbc

    almost time to renew my contract, winning this would be perfect timing!

  • Savannah

    i would love Samsung S5 because of how powerful and reliable it is on Telus network and samsung gear would be icing on cake!! thank you for the chance, i am following on twitter, facebook, google + and signed up for newsletter!!

  • Sebastien Coulombe

    I had the Galaxy S and the S2, I’d love to give this one a try !

  • Mart Babaan

    I dream of this phone everynight! Please choose me!

  • xrevolution

    I need an upgrade from the S2

  • Skyler Berntsen

    I do need a real phone. these cheep pay as you go ones are crap. but i cant sing a contract and they are so expensive….

  • Jason S

    i have the first gen gear and LOVE IT! id love to see this new one. ID LOVE THIS PHONE! even if it is the band-aid edition lol

  • Phillipe Jennings

    PLEASE GIVE ME ONE!!! They are absolutely amazin!

  • Jewels Ritchie

    i would actually be winning this for my girlfriend. she has an s3 with a busted charger and i feel bad because i have an s4 that’s bran new. i can’t really take the s5 yet because im still in my term and i like the s4. so it would be a sweet gift for her if i win 🙂 thanks

  • Larry Chen

    The S5 has a whole lot of awesome features

  • Kormakur Danielsson

    I wonder if it’ll fit into my sgs3 gameklip

  • Kerwin Poon

    This is one of the best phone out there… Telus would really help me pick S5 over M8 if I win this! Btw… I notice Telus reception is getting better than R0gers around in downtown Vancouver…

  • Jasen_H

    I’d love to have the S5 so I can upgrade my S2!

  • Mark Hammond

    My wife has a GS4 and I can’t let her have a better phone than me 😀 Would love an S5!!

  • hedgehoggy

    I want this because I’m still using a very old Nokia phone which is barely doing its job…

  • john

    Its an upgrade in my network.. Mobilicity up to Telus, the motherland.

  • Vineet Sharma

    Awesome, Rocking, Amazing…Keep up the great work Mobile Syrup!!

  • Ken S

    I don’t need this phone, but would like to use this as a give-away-incentive for my work charity for United Way Run for Kids. I can use this as a prize for ‘friendly competition’ within my group and possibly extend the competition to other groups within my organization.

  • Patrick Wirt

    Because I live in Vancouver – and it always rains – I need a waterproof phone or I might get water damage too.

  • Mitchell Estrada

    yeah yeah

  • popcultboy

    Because it is a sweet phone

  • Jnunz

    beautiful phone! pick me!

  • brian

    I would love this for when I start working out

  • Gurneet Virk

    good luck t me!

  • Lloyd Parsons

    That combo would be totally awesome

  • retrophiliac

    This phone looks incredible! looks better then not having one

  • Byron Sieben

    Already a TELUS customer and itching for an upgrade. S5 could scratch that itch quite nicely. Please!!

  • Mary Mouhtouris

    I would love to try the S5. I have been an Iphone girl but haven’t been happy lately with my phone and have been dying to try the android S5. The large screen is a huge plus for me. If I switch to the S5, I will be bringing lots of my Iphone friends
    over to the android side!

  • Eric J. Dunnett

    Time to give up the iphone…this device looks smart

  • David Spencer

    I’m due to update my S3….

  • Jaimee

    I need a smartphone. Definitely would LOVE to win one, save me the money of buying one haha. I would love to own the GS5.

  • RuinerX

    I was just playing with the S5 earlier tonight and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • JK

    Llama Llama Duck

  • skyngai

    It will be my pleasure to win this piece of jewel.

  • Nicolas

    Don’t have any phone. Would be great to have one like this! And I love Samsung products!

  • Jiro G.

    “How do you win? Easy! Just leave a comment below on why you’d love to have the GS5 on TELUS.” lol at the time of this post 887 people have won this phone 😛 I believe a few words are missing in the first line. Make it 888. I’d love to win this phone on Telus because it’s a sweet phone and their service is good.

  • Patrick Lacelle

    I would like it to say bye bye to my phone on 4.1 vulnerable to HB!

  • Franco

    I’d like it so I can use this and give my old phone to my gf

  • Sam

    New galaxy s5 would be great!

  • ED SA

    I hate my iPhone 5 from Rogers. Telus’ Samsung S5 & Gear Fit offer would have the greatest fit for my current needs. It would be good to ditch my current unit and provider.

  • Cedric

    The Galaxy S5 looks really nice, with nice new features !

  • Joe

    Best phone 2014, would love it.

  • David Bacon

    my nexus 4 is broke i would love to have it!

  • Julian Hathaway

    Im getting married in July and trying to get into tux shape. The combination of my running apps on the GS5 and the tracking ability of the Gear fit would be the perfect combination. Help me get to my wedding day in shape and on time with the galaxy s5 and the fit. On a side note being a telus customer already … doesnt hurt.

  • AB TechTalkGuy

    Now that would be one hell of an upgrade from my Nexus 4 on WIND !

  • Angel Ding

    I want the S5 for the 16 mp camera so i can paparazzi my 5 mo old baby

  • jmitr

    Awesome as usual! Gear fit and an S5 would be wicked

  • Eric Yang

    Need a new phone and watch, thx

  • Ididar

    I would definitely like an upgrade to my S3 on Telus.

  • Jason Li


  • Darci Paice-Bailey

    this looks so awesome, I would love to ditch my 3 yr old blackberry and upgrade big time…I am on Telus already so this makes it simple and awesome!

  • Martin Chan

    I’m not an Android guy anymore but would love to see if I could get back into it.

  • Bartman

    Say why, really? I took it as a given that everyone would want a stunning Samsung Galaxy S5 and attractive Gear to go along with it. Here’s hoping I get picked to win this dynamic duo. Good luck to everyone … but please let it be me.

  • natehanielayers

    So sexy I need both

  • Rhyan Lewis

    Still using a Galaxy Nexus here.

  • Mark Morrison

    I would really love to take advantage of the dual downloading feature! All phones should have this!

  • Elnest Wijaya

    I’d love to have both of them. The fit looks great..and the S5 looks powerful.

  • Young Jung

    Currently have a galaxy s2 with bell… Its so slow and i don’t want to wait until october until my three year plan is done.

  • Ray

    my flip phone just isn’t cutting it anymore!

  • Olivia

    Everything will work together to make it streamlined, and TELUS is always ready to help their customers! Also, the fox is adorable!

  • Ronaldo Pardilla

    Gear fit excites me more than the phone. With that said, winning both would be a way out from my current service provider and For me to try out telus.

  • Cyrena Pettit

    I would love the new Samsung GS5 because my phone is old and I my vision isn’t like it used to be. I need a larger screen! I’m already with Telus (brownie points?)

  • Erika R.

    I’d love the S5 on Telus because I just moved to a different province and need a new phone since my contract is up! It just so happens that I’m with Telus for home services too so this is perfect! Oh, and the S5 is BEAUTIFUL.

  • AMB_07


  • Michael Huynh

    The best one I have seen

  • Aaron

    Love my N4 (and not yet ready to give it up), but my mom or bro could really use a sweet new phone!

  • corey Dyck

    It’s high time for a new phone.

  • thedesmodes

    I would love to win this phone because my phone’s battery is dying and the phone has a nonremovable back.

  • Kenn L

    Better selfies here we come.

  • Éric

    We never know! The S5 with Gear Fit would be sweet!

  • Niko

    My phone doesn’t work, I need this

  • NuclearMayhem

    I could really use a new phone and would love the new S5 🙂

  • Zvi Vaxman


  • Zvi Vaxman

    need to upgrade my very old 4 generation iphone

  • Van Tung Nguyen

    I love samsung’s phone and wish to have the update phone S5!

  • Caleb Wilkison

    Everything I’ve read days the needs S5 is fantastic and a definite step above the S4 which was not much better than the S3. Would love this new phone.

  • martin

    breeaauty cam

  • Mathieu Parenteau

    oh yeah! i like Telus!

  • Jean Charestan

    would like to win

  • Deebs Bruin

    This phone would be amazing to win!

  • Zul Rizvi

    Awesome features, amazing screen. I would love to have one

  • Donny Beveridge

    Really hoping to finally get a phone I can activate. Also, if Samsung ever opens the gear up to developers I’ll be one of the first to release a soundboard app for Tizen.

  • Billy Bui

    Private Mode and the Ultra Power Saving Mode really changes the game for SmartPhones, plus with having it on the best network Telus!!

  • scottk04

    I would love to get back in shape, work off the freshman, sophomore, and senior 15s! Gear Fit sounds like quite the workout partner!

  • Jean-Christophe Neu

    My wife needs a new phone and it’s time to bring her over the android side

  • Sami Rezaie

    The S4 was a great phone but Bell’s network isn’t so i would be so happy if I could win the s5 which is much better than the one m8 and Xperia z2 sorry it’s the truth

  • WirelessBoy

    This would be a definite upgrade from my LG G2! And the Gear Fit is the best accessory available for an Android Phone!

  • zax2014

    I need the upgrade!

  • Sami Rezaie

    Sorry Rogers service sucks only speaking the truth

  • Tpickles

    Would love to replace my note… It’s starting to fail with random reboots freezing and just other weird issues

  • Antoine Brault

    i need an upgrade from my S3!

  • Aman

    I’d love to get this phone I’ve been waiting for a phone with a camera this nice!

  • tecamilolo

    I have the S4 and love it… would love to have the new features… and a phone without giant gashes in it. + I’m with Telus and love them.

  • Zain Mohammed Ali

    I want to get rid of my iPhone 4 and want to try out one of the latest Android flagship. Samsung Galaxy S5 is a good choice. I would also like to test the Gear Fit, it looks pretty interesting!

  • Jojo Ma

    I love it, love any Sumsang phone

  • Mel Dimaculangan

    Why do they have the wooden box theme going on? I don’t get it.

  • Bri C

    S5 is water resistant and is perfect in terms of size not to big or small. The watch works in sync with the phone and has better battery life than the original

  • Wayne Wu

    Man you guys are going hard with these giveaways! The S5’s camera and battery life are what’s got me excited about getting this phone 🙂

  • Darryl


  • bmaz

    Because I recently broke my S2.

  • Jean-Philippe Baril

    Very simple, my phone is almost 4 years old and is very sluggish.

  • derp

    I want the G5 because I’m still stuck on a entry-level phone

  • Bradley Marlborough

    Would love to replace my 4 year old phone and with Telus finally in my area with comparable coverage, I want to try their service. Heard their customer service is amazing.

  • Dan Fraser

    I love my S3,but would love the chance to upgrade. I can’t afford the Gear, but love gadgets!

  • Kevin

    The GS5 is the best smartphone of 2014 and I’d love to have one on Canada’s best network

  • Drew Leedham

    I could use me a new Samsung!

  • Se-renity

    I would love to get my hand on those beasties 😀

  • GolfGtiFan

    I need a new phone. Thanks

  • howie_j

    Would be nice to get the S5.

  • Jose

    S5 and Telus; awesome team.

  • Jeff

    Wish I could spend on myself like I used to before kids…. A contest win would be great

  • Taylor robinson

    The gear fit is probably one of the coolest hings ever, i’m not one for the smartwatch stuff, but it’s interesting how it’s a curved screen.

  • James Bransfield

    Started with an S2, and upgraded recently to the S4. Always like to see new technology and Samsung certain is leading the way..moving wearable technology forward despite the short sighted critics.

  • bunpuck

    if i win this GS5 i would test it my self how fingerprint works

  • Maryanne

    Need an upgrade from my Nexus4

  • Mathieu Bergeron

    I had tried one of Sony’s first smartwatches 2 or 3 years ago and was disapointed by the execution.. Have been waiting fot a better fit ever since.

  • Shane Adams

    sure would be awesome to get updated samsung phone and gear

  • Steve Hope-Jones

    My phone was recently stolen. An HTC one X, not a bad phone I’ve never had a Samsung but the people I know who have one love them. The gear fit I mean come on I’d feel like James Bond with that on my wrist 🙂

  • Taka_San

    Having the galaxy fit with the GS5 would be an amazing combination, finally get to try out the hype about smart watches

  • Steve Porter

    The S5 & Gear would be a nice upgrade from the original HTC Desire!!

  • motomeup

    I love the Galaxy S5 because I love galaxies because they are so cool and swirly and I love the number 5 before it comes before the number 6. But also beauty is on the inside because I love Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processors. They so speedy!

  • John W

    I don’t mind switching to Telus if I get a GS5 free.. 🙂

  • Kevin Wong

    I used to have the Galaxy S3 and loved it. The S5, I hear, is a lot better.

  • Ian McAndrew

    Would love to win this to help me lose the weight I been putting on since I got an iPhone 4. The battery would last longer than the 2 minutes I currently get on my iPhone 4

  • Adil

    Wining this would be awesome right after exams so I can play on them 24/7. And even better when i go out of town and still be able to have reception!

  • Prashanthan

    I would love to win this 🙂

  • Glas4d

    Because it has the battery life of a tablet! No need to bring a charger along with me anymore.

  • Joseph Watson-MacKay

    I’ve been waiting for a phone to send my sluggish, old phone into oblivion. Adding the Gear Fit in there would make upgrading to the Galaxy S5 even sweeter.

  • zubir jangsi

    i would want to have early taste of s5 in Malaysia, if this contest is international

  • Nguon Lim

    After owning an s3, I only swear by Samsung. S5 is light year ahead and another great phone by this company.

  • MasterP

    Because my phone is a piece

  • Mario Briones

    Time to upgrade my S4….

  • Jim Jessup

    Please pick me

  • DB

    Why? Because of that gorgeous screen combined with the awesome gear fit combination!

  • Brandon Vasquez

    I’d love a G5 because my current phone is not aging gracefully – 2.5 years old with water damage. I need an upgrade!

  • rabellj

    Would love to upgrade my phone

  • Jason Truong

    Pick me pick me!

  • RyanC

    I deserve to win in part because I dont have luck winning things.

    Plus this is a Great piece of hardware, worthy of the Best carrier of the big 3.

  • Jimmy Halley

    Do want
    Tired of lag n iOS
    Must get rid of crappy iPhone 4
    Must get back on android bandwagon

  • Nabeel

    Samsung S5 and Gear fit? yes please!

  • jo ruer

    The galaxy s5 is an awesome piece of technology loaded mainly for staying fit 🙂 Telus is an additional for making this duo perfect 😀

  • Tim Viers

    Besides being awesome .. i love to be able to get the most out of my tools.

  • Mike_from_Saskatoon

    I’d love to have the S5 so that I can get my wife a better phone than her old iPhone 4.

  • Xavier de Salaberry

    I’d like an S5 because my S4 is no longer under warranty. I love it, but I’m ready for something new!

  • Tornado15550

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S2. I’m a hardcore gamer, so the S5’s top notch hardware will enable me to run the latest games in 1080p HD without any lag. In addition to the improved specs, having a waterproof device would be very cool!

  • Sung Chul Sam Hong

    I’d love to have the GS5 because my S2 is getting too old….and I love to have G gear………..

  • Dustin Thorley

    Broke the screen on my Telus Galaxy S3 and would line this as a replacement. Especially with the Gear.

  • Saaaraa Bajwa

    Telus is the best carrier and the s5 is one of the best phones out there. The combination of the galaxy gear and the s5 with great telus plans would make it an awesome experience as well as getting to experience the great features and specs of the galaxy gear and s5 together.

  • lori b

    i’ve dropped my phone so many times, the back is taped on, i need a new phone

  • Alexa

    Samsung is always improving step by step. The camera is amazing and the screen is fascinating. Besides, we all love the removable battery and the energy efficient super AMOLED screen.

  • disqus_QP8eppnsHc

    I want the S5 because it touched a red panda!

  • SP_Fever

    yep, I’ll take it

  • Pooja Malhotra

    I would love to have the GS5 on TELUS because it will be like a dream come true and i wish to have this dream coming true

  • Himanil Gole

    Alright, as we all know Samsung has been innovative throught their next-to-next models. Samsung S5 is one of the beautifully designed smartphones, packing high power nd also better fitness apps! I love the gear 😀 Samsung, you’re awesome!

  • Jack Chen

    I love to have S5 on Telus because their customer service is the best. (Not only wireless, but also home Internet) I have Telus Internet service for more than 2 years, and they have no problem treating their customers well.

  • Basem Chafik

    My gs2 on bell sucks. This will be very nice upgrade. Hope I win

  • Rob S

    Please, please, please…make it me. I’m still running the original Galaxy S since I don’t like signing contracts and can’t afford to buy out a phone.

  • jeep89

    The GS5 and Gear Fit look very stylish and would be great upgrades on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Michael May

    Good luck. Here’s hoping

  • Double-O

    would love to jumpy from Nexus 5 to S5!

  • sushrukh

    I don’t have a smartphone…Still using a Nokia…Please give me the Galaxy S5 & the Gear Fit because they are the best of their worlds & i would be highly thankful to you & TELUS if i win…Thank u very much… 🙂

  • Jean-Paul Phan

    My SGS3 is a mess, I might go for a iPhone6, unless…. 😉

  • Kevin Vaughn Pringle

    Need a new phone. This phone.

  • Micheal Stewart

    I’m in for the plushie… I guess the phone and gear would be nice to have too =P

  • Kristi Price

    Can you believe that I don’t even have a phone right now? lol So, I would truly love to win, especially this one, thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Sean F

    Snapdragon 801 SoC + GS5 + Telus – nuff said.

  • Daryn

    I need a new phone!!!

  • Eric Kung

    Thats awesome! just in time for me to get fit

  • Edwin Yuwono

    i think the combo works great with people who likes fitness gear. awesome flagship from samsung

  • Herb

    S5 is probably the best phone out there now!! telus is pretty fast

  • Miles

    🙂 Would be great as a replacement for my current phone

  • d3v14n7

    The new GS5 would make an excellent upgrade from my current HTC One (M7), the Gear Fit would also help me track all my workout routines and general activities!

  • KMart

    Been waiting for this one!

  • Ijaaz Dossa

    I love it because its made by Samsung… Thats why 😀

  • Alexander Smilensky

    I’d like to have the GS5 on Telus for 3 reasons. Firstly, I dropped my iPhone 4s in the toilet, and it no longer works, so obviously I need a water resistant phone! secondly, my replacement phone has been a crappy I phone 4, which I accidentally dropped and now the entire back is shattered, so I think the samsung’s plastic covering would be a lot better! Finally, my contract just expired and I’m looking to switch from Rogers, and I promise to switch to Telus if you choose me!!

  • me

    Because it is pretty

  • Mike Griffith


  • Nuruddin Kamil

    I hope i lucky enough to get that Samsung Galaxy S5, i love the newest technology that applied in S5 and it will be perfect for me to increase my productivity at college life. so please choose me. :3

  • Patrice Berube

    Have been with Telus for 14 years, no intention to change but would surely like to try an Android. This one for sure! Love the contests dear MobikeSyrup!

  • Amedeo

    I would love to win this S5. My wife’s S4 screen is completely cracked and this would make her happy.

  • NativeKingstonian

    Just because

  • Kaj

    This is the first Samsung device in ages I’d consider owning. They’ve taken the UI of TouchWiz in a direction that isn’t aged and derivative compared to their previous revisions, and the hardware side of things is looking fantastic with the IP67 rating and Gear integration.

  • Basem Shams

    I would love to win the S5 and I love to try out the smart watch as well … plus the fact that I never win any contest whatsoever … Please pick me! 🙂

  • Marius Pranauskas

    It’s a super-mega-turbo-awesome gadget that would make a daily mobile expierence sweet as mobilesyrup 🙂

  • Giuseppe A

    These are the droids I was looking for.

  • Kelvin Young

    Would love to get a hold of the S5 so I can prove my iPhone 5S is better 🙂

  • nayab9

    wicked epic deal here, free super amoled? OK!

  • scotty_01

    would loved to replace my s3 with a new s5 on telus. the galaxy gear is an added bonus! 😀
    ps great contests!!

  • TSK

    Great Amazing Phone

  • Craig Cooper

    My co-worker just picked up an S5 and watch and I am super jealous 🙁 I would love to have one to match!

  • Thomas James

    I’d love your face if you chose me! I would lose my mind to win a new waterproof S5 and a gear! Gives me the tingles!

  • austin peters

    Looks nice

  • JungleBoogie

    The S5 is a killer phone and the Gear integration just seems awesome! I’ve been excited about this phone since it was announced, but can’t afford one right now. Would be awesome to win this! Thanks guys.

  • Leifer

    Yes please, would love a new phone!

  • woonja

    Good luck, all.

  • Frankenstein


  • Kevin Kuo

    One of the best smartphone with the best coverage? Free? Of course I’ll take it.

  • disqus_BIq5G12Kuz

    a comment

  • Brent Slade

    As techie and a mid-contract TELUS customer desperately in need of a new phone (and desperately in need of exercise), I’d love to win the SGS5 and Gear Fit!

  • Gary Lo

    I love TELUS, time for an upgrade!

  • Jonathan Hadweh

    galaxy galaxy samsung galaxy s4 wait its a s5 me want me want

  • J_techie!

    Water resistant design? What’s not to want? Highly coveted in this camp!

  • Dshwet91

    Yes amazing contest again! Would love to win it! 😀

  • Munim

    S5 looks to be a great phone with all the cool new features and gear is just made the combo great for everything. I hope I win.

  • Osama Odat

    Thank you for the offer. I wish to win this great device

  • Noah Roesler

    I want to win one because it would be a super nice upgrade from my Galaxy S3 🙂

  • Albert Thai

    I’d love to have the S5 because Samsung makes the best smartphones in the market today..

  • Aaron Brandon

    Would love to give it to my girlfriend for her birthday!

  • Tommy Cheng

    Because I still us a flip phone.

  • offwiththeface

    I would love to own a phone like this it looks absolutely perfect

  • Blake Smith

    I’d love this phone! I’ve been wanting a galaxy for a while!

  • j villa

    my gs3 is aging really fast…

  • David Lam

    I’ve always wondered how the Galaxy phones would interact with the Gears – now’s the chance to find out!

  • Jason Tobias

    Amazing, I hope I win!

  • Gael

    Upgrading from the original Galaxy S to the S5 would be quite a jump. I’m ready for it!

  • Hot Toronto Deals

    IT would be a great combo to be able to use the Gear and GS5!

  • Jonathan Wong

    I could use a new phone!

  • Andy Sidloski

    Would love to have a GS5 on telus because it would actually work well where I live…we don’t have great coverage from rogers out here at all

  • Finky

    The screen on the S5 is meant to be the best available right now which would be awesome to view. And hopefully the Gear Fit would get me more active, if not just a cool looking time keeper!

  • Jocelyn

    I still have the original Galaxy and am in desperate need of an upgrade.

  • Johnny Phan

    Because, Samsung.

  • LB

    I need something to replace my htc desire from 2010.

  • Cammodus

    Would love to experience the best samsung and telus have to offer!

  • Karen

    The G5 would be a good Mother’s Day present for my mother who is needing a phone upgrade badly

  • Anthony Grapé

    The S5 is baus!!!! And so is telus!!

  • Nathanael Trinh

    The new waterproofing is just a wonderful addition and I would love to get my hands on and S5!

  • Basil

    Watch and phone – a perfect pair

  • Manpreet

    Samsung’s new devices really are top notch

  • Jireh Leung

    Keep the contests coming ! I would love to win one!

  • Roderick Doe

    This would be a great upgrade from my GS4!

  • Bri Bru

    I’d love to win the devices! I want one because those are great devices!

  • Citra Pramadi

    Why I want to have GS5? Why???
    Because I want!!!
    I can feel it. I can feel it. This is mine now. MINE!!!

  • Taurin

    I don’t have a cell phone, let alone a SmartPhone, but I’m looking to get out from under Bell’s tyranny of sh*tty cost and sh*tty service.

  • Kevyn Chau

    Because I love new tech!

  • cobakk1812

    I want to win, Samsung is the best phone maker period, and the new powerful 2.5-GHz Snapdragon 801 processor rocks! Also Red Panda likes it!

  • Justin Wong

    I’d love to have the GS5 on Telus because I think the GS5 is absolutely amazing! I love the GS5 and the Gear Fit!!!

  • Christian Eduardo Pavez Schröd

    Nice smartphone. I’d like the chance to win! Please enter me in the contest.

  • kerv

    GS5 on Telus. Not only the best phone…. the best network! I’d watch Netflix at LTE speeds! Good luck to all!

  • Chris Mitchell

    Didn’t think i’d want one, but I want it. Here’s hoping!

  • Desi Jatt

    I deserve an S5 because my old phone is a startac, so please pick me. Thanks

  • antonio

    My reason is that I never had a Samsung device in my life and I would like this model to be the first 😀

  • Karlos Alpajora

    Because samsung galaxy s5 is extremely a futuristic phone with fingerprint scanner, i also want to experience super amoled screens with full hd display, this phone has adreno 330 which means can play hardcore games, and it has superb battery and battery saver app, together with the awesome samsung gear which makes it way badass , this is so good and amazing . 🙂

  • Mason Bidulka

    What an upgrade from my S2X the amazing S5 would be. So glad it’s on an awesome network as well.

  • Peter

    Such a great contest. I’m looking for an upgrade now too

  • Benjamin Gronberg

    Oohhh…. I’ve been dying to see this phone… Some say best android phone? I’d like to test that

  • Joe choi

    I need a new phone and a watch ~

  • userofAndroid

    add me in

  • Angela

    I’d love to win so that I can replace my aging HTC cell phone.

  • Eric Lau

    Big pretty screen, fast, dust water proof, swap battery, sdcard slot, etc etc… wow my kind of phone~

  • Carmen

    S5 will be a great upgrade from my S3.

  • Maricruz Esquivel

    The S5 and gear fit are amazing products and awesome presents 🙂

  • Sean Harrison

    My S3 is getting old. Need a new top of the line Galaxy!

  • Alister Zhao

    me me

  • Jack Lee

    absolutely love the waterproof feature.

  • David Wong

    The Gear 2 and S5 will be the best gift for my wife for our wedding anniversary!

  • Frédéric Viel


  • Sam NaChampassak

    Note 2 died and now my galaxy tab 3 had to be sent back to Samsung for repair! Need it!

  • Nolan Birdstone

    No problems with any of the S series so far. S5 has to be good

  • mary

    Comes with the critter

  • xionbunny

    hoping for the best.

  • JA

    im still using a galaxy s2! would be great if i can win the new galaxy s5! im also on telus!

  • Jas Kamoh

    Phone and fitness, who would not want to win. Gear me up please.

  • Surge Govender

    Galaxy is a cool improvement. The gear fit is an awesome device in the world of wearables. Would like to win them.

  • chris nichol

    I would say I need a better phone than my discover. No wait that’s it I need a better phone than the discover.

  • o_zzy

    i think s5 would be awesome with vanilla android


    Thinking about possibly switching to a new carrier and if I win it would make choosing between carriers just that much easier.

  • Huy Pham

    I want one! But my odds of winning this device is slim to none lol

  • M. Zulfianto, Sy

    I really like the Samsung Galaxy S5, because it has a lot of advantages in addition to its very attractive, which has a 5.1 – inch Super AMOLED screen Full HD (1920 × 1080, 432ppi), 2.5 Ghz processor quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a built-monitor heart rate, 16MP camera with a 2MP front-facing camera, 2800 mAh battery and is also waterproof and dustproof. It is fantastic if I could have it because it is the dream of every person.

  • Liz Goldston

    I would love a Samsung 5 and a gear fit as the wearable with help with my getting G fit program as per my cardiologist.

  • Tyson Meldrum

    looks like a sick phone

  • datdudedre

    I would love to use it to track my heartrate during excerises… it would be crazy not to give it to me now….

  • dilawer

    I would like to win Samsung s5

  • Spongekie

    Would love to upgrade from my GS3 to GS5 with Telus! Hope to win!

  • Patrick Cho

    Dayyyum I wants it

  • Andrew

    Omg, I would love to win this! I am still rockin the sg 2! Please please let me win!

  • Andy

    Wow! What a great contest! Sg5 is a powerhouse of a phone! I hope I win this! The gear fit seems like a cool accessory too.

  • Geoff Lo

    The S5 is like the Lamborghini of phones. Who doesn’t want to drive a Lamborghini!? I’d love it!!

  • George Roubicek

    The best phone on the best Canadian network!!It would make a great gift for my son.

  • tanuj ghosh

    S5 is the winner of all android devices. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. SAMSUNG’s the best

  • Justin

    I think samsung phones are the best and the S5 would compliment my galaxy gear nicely. Can’t wait to replace my S3!

  • Franz Krauth

    The Galaxy S5 might be a worthy following to my all nexus setup, especially with a gear fit at it’s side!

  • g. leong

    need a phone that’s waterproof and dust resistant

  • Lyn

    I would love the s5 because it’s my dream phone and I’m in need of a replacement!

  • jet

    woooohoooo s5 and gear fit !

  • Rita

    I’d like a S5 because I depend on my phone for everything! I could use better coverage with Telus, too.

  • Joel Paulsen

    Have had an iPhone since the original would love to try android.

  • Reuben Bibera

    I would love the S5 so I could give my mom a new phone, she had to give hers to my dad and she was just getting to like android. As for the Gear fit, I have begun exercising again and it would be a great addition to help keep me on track. Good luck to everyone! !

  • ntligence

    IMe want me want

  • Jonathan St-Jean

    its just perfect !

  • Bryan

    The S5 is top tiered phone that will really take advantage of the great Telus network!

  • sinesthetix

    Not one but TWO ways to enjoy red panda wallpapers! YES!

  • marcia

    I would love samsung new phone , i think its amazing and it will make my world if i eon because right now i am rolling around the lg1 which is clapped and cant hardly do anything on it

  • Marshall L

    Somebody just told me the Easter Bunny isn’t real. This would be a solid consolation prize for my sadness.

  • Trent McLaughlin

    Just got a S5 on telus. Great phone. Now I really need the watch and I need my a S5 for my wife.

  • Tom

    I would love to win this, my current device just about had it.

  • surasak

    Luck of draw!

  • Mashimaro Snatched

    Does the prize include the critter?

  • D4Ge

    Yay contest!

  • stunna27

    would love this!!!

  • Dennis Ly

    I still have a flip phone from motorola….

  • Edmund Szeto

    I would love to own a flagship phone for once, and the S5 fits the bill 🙂

  • realitycheck

    i would definitely rock the s5 and gear fit if i won that is. =)

  • Kyouya

    I’m already on Telus that needs an upgrade. I heard the GS5’s screen is the best display to be ever produced..

  • Gladys Paras

    Hello. I’m Gladys Paras. A college student. Samsung Galaxy S5 is really a great phone which include its awesome features and specs I really want my phone to have. But unfortunately not everyone have an opportunity to have it because of its price. I’m not a rich girl but I badly want it. Huhuu 🙁 . I hope I can have this chance from mobile syrup courtesy of TELUS. Please make my wish possible. Thank you and more power.

    • Gladys Paras

      Please I want to won.

  • Allan Briggs

    My wife still doesn’t have a smart phone and if I win we’re getting her up to date in style with the s5 and Telus!

  • Muhammad Raahib Aashir

    Plz give me samsung galaxy S5 and gear fit plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz and on 26 April it’s my birthday

  • ryan friese

    Would love to win this!

  • Mark Davies

    S5 would be awesome!

  • Tara00

    Love the phone and functionality! My S3 needs an upgrade 🙂

  • Brad Peters

    My S3 is getting tired. The S5 would be a great upgrade.

  • William

    A Gear would be a very convenient tool when I get bored or forgot my phone, its easier than using a normal digital watch!!!
    The S5, well I need to upgrade my phone plan in a month time and would love to get something just worth it, so winning a S5 means that I would only need to pay for a plan and not need to buy a new phone and the battery is way longer now!!! Also my old phone is old and rusty now!!!
    Good Luck to me and all the other competitors!!!

  • Raff

    I will love to have an GS5 because I have not won anything yet and I will love to replace my aging GS2 (still stuck on a contract). Also, because I love MobileSyrup, best site ever!!

  • Maz

    Just woke up to feed my baby and saw this post. I would definitely need the upgrade and the smartwatch is a great addition

  • Jason Lum

    My current phone (an S3) is getting slower and slower (maybe that mobo/flash memory thing the i9300 had?), so this awesome new phone would be a great replacement.

  • Roger Leblanc

    I have to get rid of that old iPhone 4.

  • timc

    Still on S2 right now, so this would be a pretty awesome update. Also, I’ve always liked Samsung products more than Apple.

  • @thecdn1967

    I need something to replace my fuelband now that Nike is ending production of them.

  • Malcolm Smith

    Great pkg, great provider!

  • ft

    Can’t be behind on Technology. I currently have S4. The S5 and the gear fit which will shine on Telus fast network.

  • IslandBob

    Ready to make the move from my iPhone to the S5 and Android an am a Telus customer and they are the best.

  • Mario L

    Need to replace my iphone4!!

  • Ray

    My daughter wants one. 🙂

  • Devi Virgia Perwita

    Who would not love to have GS5 at TELUS, obviously I’m sure everyone will be very happy!
    With a very cool models and advanced mobile GS5 make sure all eyes staring G5s.Yang obviously I would be very happy and ran, jumping up and down all the way if I can win and get it! Because GS5 is a dream phone for everyone in 2014, but unfortunately not everyone can have it because the price is expensive. I hope to win GS5, because I can not afford it. Hopefully I won in this contest’s extraordinary. 🙂 In addition, my phone is outdated and very inexpensive, when compared with the G5s, my phone like a slum, and G5s as palace .. It is much different .. X_x

  • Aaron

    I love tech. And MobileSyrup.

  • chanelle

    My family almost own all the samsung devices, from phone, tablet, 2 tv’s, camera and gear were all we use everyday. It is amazing! Nice to know this Samsung give away would add on my daily life. Thank you and my family trust u for a long time. Perfect!

  • ChrisP

    I would love to get this new phone and test out the gear fit, My galaxy nexus is getting old…

  • Cassandra Foran

    The phoneI I am stuck with is ancient. I had an s4 once upon a time but lost it in a major accident. I love the galaxy line. Plus the telus network has the best reception around here. 🙂 I need a phone with an excellent camera. I have a picture hobby and it’s nice not dragging a huge camera around ALL the time…at least it used to be

  • shinsnyper

    Awesome prize good luck!!

  • Ka On

    GS5 is a good phone and will help to build up body fitness. Iy also backup by a good network support by Telus. All win situation.

  • Jeffrey Laporte

    I would love to win this for my girlfriend. I just got a new s5 from Bell for my upgrade.her s3 is starting to go plus the fit she can use for the gym to track all the amazing progress she is doing.

  • Aaron

    Hey – I have a 2 year old son and would love the 16 MP camera on this phone to capture the memories of him growing up. My iPhone 4 is dated. Cheers.

  • James Hoffe

    Love my S4 and I think I have my fiancée convinced to get rid of her iphone in favor of the samsung. Would be a great way to make the switch.

  • Rino D’Errico

    Great Mother’s Day gift.

  • Chris Johnston

    I’d love to try out the Galaxy and see what it is all about

  • hoyt blohm

    I would love to have this pairing, because after losing 200 lbs, ive gained back too much and could use some high tech support. I love fit technologies!

  • Jose Torres

    I need one for my daughter

  • Francisco

    Would love to see the integration of a smartphone and a watch ive been a Android/samsung user for a few years now and a Telus customer for ten plus years. What strides has samsung made from my very first Samsung spha540 to my current (outof date I know) gakaxy note 1 would like to see the new strides on the S5.

  • umhhmm

    i could really use a new cell phone i have been using this samsung l810v steel for so long i do not remember when i got it but its so old that you can barley make out the model number 🙂 but its still my daily driver. lol

  • IgnoranceIsBliss

    Oh well, I’ll give it a shot…

  • Iz3man

    It would be nice to see if Telus is gentler on my back side than Bell. And the phone is really nice too 🙂

  • Zuhair

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hope to get selected for this amazing phone from this amazing tech site
    Thnxx @MobileSyrup & Telus

  • Josh Brown

    Me please.

  • SG

    My GS2 is feeling tired!!! Better give this a shot!

  • caanda45

    I would love to be on Telus with this wonderful phone…..

  • Jean-Francois Laplante

    Love to look at all the new features but I’m thrilled with the download booster as I feel it’s a game-changer…

  • Kris Rogers

    Still using my Galaxy SIIX with a broken screen, time for an upgrade!

  • Lesley Nadine

    Love the display and excited to try out the camera. Give me this phone! 🙂

  • Faizan Contractor

    I should win this as it would be a perfect gift for my wife. Thank you telus and mobilesyrup

  • Tony Nascimento

    Awesome phone and gear fit are the perfect duo. Would love to win them. And the racoon is the ici g on the cale. Lol.

  • Shawn B

    Need a bigger screen!

  • 队长别开枪!是我!

    Is like to try android!

  • Zachary Haire

    I recently made the switch from Apple to Samsung and will never go back. New generation of fan boys arrive.

  • Chris Hazen

    Been looking about moving back to Telus.

  • Michael deJong DC

    I would really enjoy that s5

  • Richard Jackson

    I need to replace my cracked S4

  • Nick Gifford

    Because my Galaxy Note screen is cracked like a spider web!!! And… it is showing its age, the S5 is much much faster.

  • ledan

    Great thanks

  • Eric Parisien

    I like my S4 but I know I will love my S5. I also have an empty wrist …

  • Stephen

    S5 has an amazing camera. I look forward to the great pictures I could take with it.

  • David

    Really nice phone. would love to win it!

  • Aamir

    Could totally use an upgrade!

  • Impartial_Observer

    Combo #S5

  • Jim Duffield

    This would be a great win for my family!

  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah! I’m getting ready to exercise… Need those gears… Please randmos Gods…

  • Debbie Bashford

    never owned a cell phone and everyone raves about the S5 so would love to win this set for sure!

  • Harold Mitchell

    Time for me to start the new diet (for the nth time!). This device with the Gear Fit would kick start me on my way!!!

  • Jim Ervin

    S5 is the next logical step in the evolution of the smart phones I’ve owned…
    Good bye S4 – HELLO S5! 🙂

  • André Dallaire

    Pretty sure it’s the only thing that’ll make me qui Apple!

  • DW

    Samsung & TELUS is a match made in heaven.

  • 2kfire

    I’d like to win this so I can sell it on Kijiji and buy an HTC One 😀

  • JD

    Perfect fitness combo

  • Mathew Walker

    The galaxy S5 is a feature packed phone that is love to get my hands on to try. The gear for would be the best workout companion too!

  • Nordinne BABOUCH

    One of the best phone 🙂

  • Chad Westcott

    I don’t have a mobile phone currently but a CDMA Samsung S5 would be my pick for sure. Like android and it would be very clear for phone calls

  • Tyler McIntyre

    The s5 just looks like an awesome phone with some cool features. I’d love to have one.

  • Rey Carrie

    TELUS AND SAMSUNG, Both companies produces great products that harmonizes innovation and productivity of every person who uses their products.

  • Chris Abrahamowicz

    I love the integration of the s5 with the fit!

  • arj_85

    Why the GS5 and the Gear Fit: I’d really like to see how these devices integrate with one another bringing wearable technology to the masses. Also want to check out the newer features such as the heartrate monitor and the fingerprint scanner.
    Why Telus: It’s one of the most environmentally conscious company in Canada, which I truly support and so I’d like to be a part of that.

    Thanks Telus and MobileSyrup for the chance to win such amazing prizes!

  • Brad Sonnenberg

    Great looking phone S5.

  • Jimmy Grenier

    I would like it cause I got the s4 and i think it works well. I plan to buy a gear smartwatch and the is compatible.

  • Em B.

    Would love to have the S5 because you’re offering it, would continue my use of Samsung phones.

  • Kevin Tam

    Because life is beautiful when the two go Hand in hand and Telus makes it a threesome.

  • Teresa Z

    Good luck to all contestants, this would be a welcoming addition to my new career adventures!

  • Shawn Leonard

    The S5 rocks and the gear fit allows me to roll.

  • Kyle Ferris

    It’s great to have the opportunity to try out the newest technology!

  • My

    The GS5 and gear fit are just perfect and excellent that everybody would LOVE to HAVE!!!

  • Loccus

    I need to replace my nexus 4; the GS5 would be an amazing replacement!

  • Barca84

    Amazing phone and band would love to get it. Please pick me.

  • Esmeblabbed

    The S5 looks great and I’m interested in seeing what the gear is capable of.

  • Rhino

    I would love to have a S5 and Gear Fit!! Such a beautiful looking fun and love the wearable technology that we are now seeing!!

  • Alexandre Blondin

    One day she will be mine… oh yes, she will be mine.

  • Eric Dufour

    Its time i’m move from my cellphone to smartphone !!

  • Rhonda Morrison

    S5 has an amazing camera, Telus has fantastic plans. Simple!

  • Jin

    Why is mobilesyrup so awesome? The s5 will be a perfect gift for someonespecial! Thanks for having such amazing contests!

  • Nenad Gavrovski

    I want the gs5 because I’m still using an original galaxy vibrant and can’t afford a new phone

  • Gordie Hrehirchuk

    I just dropped and cracked my poor LG Optimus G this week at work. The GS5 would definitely help to ease the pain. 🙂

  • Tony Tao

    I need to utilize S health and Gear Fit to help me start working out for the summer!! Give me give me!!

  • Tim Coleman

    My main goal in life was to win an S5 from Telus. If I could accomplish this, then I could die knowing my life is complete.

  • Luckshay

    IMO this is a great phone with very nice smart watch integration. Thanks Mobilesyrup for all the amazing contests!

  • Ravneet singh

    Double excitment combo…

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    I have never had a cell phone and would like to start off with a great one.

  • Rob Malloy

    I have a Telus GS3 and it just died last week! would love one!

  • Ajb.esquire

    Love to have one because mobilesyrup is so awesome!

  • Sean MacNeil

    Picked up the S5 on the 11th and it’s been amazing. Turbo download is incredible and the camera is awesome. Virtual tour feature is amazing, sent a cool tour of my hotel room to my girlfriend. Been with Telus for 5 years and never had a problem.

  • Jeff Ngo

    Would love the to try the S5 camera!

  • Stingcharger

    Please would like to give to my wife. She desperately needs a new phone

  • edgartamch

    Galaxy For Life!

  • Bobby Jaquay

    Samsung never makes a bad product. They’re galaxy line is always on top. The new gear looks awesome and is a nice break from traditional watches or health bands.

  • thePUSH

    .. And my bday is right around the corner.

  • Faisal

    I would love the “critter”. A new phone and “watch” wouldn’t be bad either.

  • Rashesh-Jyoti Soni

    Pick me up…..!!

  • Amit Jain

    I would love to have the Galaxy S5 because it longer battery life and Telus has good coverage in my area

  • Edward Busse

    The gs5 looks amazing! Better battery than my gs3 and faster processor. I could get like all the work done with one of these!

  • tesp

    That would be a awesome update to what I currently have

  • Maxim Bourgie

    I would love to get this phone to use it as much as possible till it dies on me

  • Tony P

    Samsung make the best phones and devices. S5 is awesome.

  • redsymphony

    really nice devices never had any issues with TELUS either great contest

  • Yi Zhao

    What a nice phone…Thank you for the contest to give us the chance to get it….

  • Edmond Tse


  • KusunokiMusashi

    I love that it takes 4k videos. now i can share my memories in 4k

  • tomputer

    looking for an upgrade and i’ve been burnt by my last device in the past. need reliable samsung help.

  • Joe Mikhael

    Would love both!

  • Zachary Bergeron

    S5’s new processor and battery life blow the previous S devices out of the water!

  • John Hallanger

    The Galaxy S5 has all the features that I’m looking for.

  • kmact

    Excellent. I’d love to have the S5 and see what the Gear can do.

  • Peter Lee


  • Richard Lavoie

    Galaxy s5 and Gear will help me to be effective and stay active.

  • ursula

    Love my S3, would really love an upgrade!

  • Arooj Hamdani

    well, GS5 is something really cool with awesome features and i’m really looking forward to have 1 and ofcoarse TELUS is giving out for free so it’s a great chance for all of us so i guess shouldn’t miss it.

  • Dick

    I don’t have an android or a smart watch and I need to keep up with the new technology and the S4 and the gear would make a great start.

  • Ali F.

    No doubt, having both is the best integration so far. The S5 is also a mature device and worthes all respect. Send them to me, I am waiting.

  • Sam Monty

    “Best of breed from samsung + Telu’s cool plans” is why I would love to have GS5 on Telus.

  • Dylan Stolk

    What an awesome combo to win! As ALWAYS, awesome contests from Mobile syrup!

  • Matthew Hill

    I love the idea of both wearable technology and smartphone integration.

  • Claude Chancy

    The S5 is bound to stay near the top for 2014 and with the Gear 2, they’re a hard combination to beat!

  • Joseph T

    The S5 would be a great replacement for my wife’s HTC One V 🙂

  • Adam Sutherland

    My s4 broke…reduced to a z10

  • artyboy

    The gear fit sure looks nice

  • Michele St-Louis

    kicks a*s on my crappy and ancient HTC Raider. I need a new phone.

  • Anthony Cordoba

    It’s simply an amazing phone, enough said.

  • Robbie Tan

    I love the Samsung phones. I had an S3, have an S4 and would love to win the S5 🙂

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Need an upgrade!

  • Kevin Hodder

    S5 on super fast LTE…sweet Telus!

  • Geoff Mckay

    I want it

  • Faron Dubois

    I need it… Gimme

  • Percy

    What a great catch, to score both of these products

  • Derrick Rockwell

    I’ve had an S1, S2 up to the S4 so far, would love to win the S5 to complete the collection.

  • Owen Horn

    The GS5 is a fantastic device, with a beautiful display. Would be a great upgrade for me!

  • Adam

    The gs5 is amazing and super fast plus it would be a bonus for my B day!

  • Karen H

    I don’t own a cell phone of any kind and I need to be brought into the Twenty first Century gently please.

  • Kevin Labonte

    Because my Wife now has the better phone. Screw the Jones, I just want a better phone than her.

  • God

    Because I’d love a switch from my current provider that I’m not too happy with. Plus, owning the phone will mean a cheaper monthly rate on a carrier with coverage!
    The S5 itself, it would be nice to upgrade from my somewhat slightly dated and cracking Optimus G. The fit would just help keep me motivated on my workout regiment I think 😉

  • Tom the Agility Dog

    Never owned a Sammy smartphone. Maybe it’s time.

  • Ali Yassine

    My contract is up and time for an upgraded phone and carrier 🙂

  • Roberto Cadio

    I would love to win both item. I am a novice bodybuilder and the TELLS would definitely be beneficial to my progres. As far as the GS5 is concerned. I haven’t had a new phone in years. Keeping my fingers crossed; -)

  • audio42

    Need to replace my aging Motorola Razr HD LTE (still no kitkat!)

  • aamd11

    Yes please!

  • Michael Sangalang

    I enjoy using my Samsung products! I love the new s5 and all it has to offer! Yes please…

  • penumbra vincent

    Transitioning from Bell to Telus with a free phone would be the icing on the cake 🙂

  • Lucas Kitchen

    I really like the faux wood paneling on the box, it reminds me of a PT Cruiser

  • JBangz

    Samsung is known for always having the hottest gadgets, they are what you call the untouchables when it comes to wireless!

  • vn33

    I would love to use a Samsung phone again!

  • Francois Poulin

    Because I am happy
    Clap along if ou feel like a room without a roof
    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth


  • baleener

    Simple: Best network. Best phone.

  • bunyan69

    Pick ME!

  • Graham McLeod

    I’d love to have the G5 on TELUS because working around water as I do, the waterproof design is pretty appealing. Fingers crossed!

  • Tom

    Would love this phone!

  • David Le

    I would love to upgrade from my S3.

  • Ivan Erazo

    Still using my s2 so this would be a lovely upgrade. Thanks mobilesyrup!

  • Mikie

    I wish I could afford the s5

  • Michelle Root

    I’ve had a lot of technical issues with my current phone but don’t have the cash to replace it with the S5 and all my home services are with Telus except my cellphone!

  • Moiz Adamji

    I have owned the S1, S2, S3 and now I want to get the S5 with Gear 2. No matter what you cant beat the camera, and removable battery.

  • Christian B-H

    I’m due for an upgrade and the GS5 would be fantastic!!

  • Aisha Akber

    I love Samsung phones, and I’ve been on the market for a wearable fitness device butjustcouldn’t find one that met my needs esthetically and functionally; this one seems to fit the bill. I love the display!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these! 🙂

  • clee666

    Time to upgrade my S3 and Gear 1!

  • Thrasher

    I would love to have the latest and greatest from Android and Samsung !

  • Christopher H

    YES! My life would be so much better. The glass back on my Nexus has broken 🙁

  • Zach Leggott

    I would love to win this prize pack.

  • karamjit

    Sure is nice phone like to win it

  • Sypheed

    to upgrade from my old crunchy s1

  • Towyn Mackenzie

    I would love to have the gs 5. I love samsung products and love seeing the new technology they come out with each time!

  • Nelson Liu

    Perfect combination!

  • Gabbie Spisak

    Love Samsung!!! Would love an upgrade to the best phone out right now!

  • Jennifer Nijp

    I am moving to Nicaragua and will need an Android phone and have not been sure which to get so this would be great!

  • Vincent

    This bundle would be an awesome upgrade from my blackberry. I’ve always heard good things about Telus and how fast and reliable their network is! But never jumped ships. This would be a great opportunity!

  • Clint Goerzen

    Would love to try out the S5

  • Anupam Nath

    The GS5 is a power powerful phone and is loaded with features

  • Talal

    would love this.

  • Eddie Dang

    beautiful screen, long battery life, the perfect 2014 phone

  • Leonard Slogotski

    I would enjoy this if I won!

  • Tim Stewart

    I’d like to get it for my wife who currently just got a blackberry q10 last year and the phone isn’t doing to good now after dropping it but her early upgrade fee is to high with the cost of phone and we’d like to switch to Telus currently with Rogers and getting sick of them. It’d be nice with the watch for her to I have the original galaxy gear and she loves it I’d like to get her this set and my daughter would love the stuffed animal

  • James Bomd

    I want it 🙂

  • Graeme

    I like new phones and watches! Already have Telus.

  • deya

    Looks like nice phone I hope I win the phone it’s about tome for me to get a new one

  • Denim Tuxedo

    I’d like it because, gosh darn it, a nice phone on a nice network is a nice prospect

  • David Wu

    I’ve never had a Galaxy phone before and would love to own one.

  • Isaac C

    Would love to have it. Thanks.

  • Pando Simonious

    my phone right now is extremely laggy and it crashes 24/7. i really need an upgrade like this

  • Dustin Betts

    Would love this new phone. Looks great!

  • Loccus

    I need the GS5, otherwise if my current phone dies, i’ll be forced to use an iphone :S

  • Joe Shebib

    i like the box

  • Petro Giannikos

    I need a new phone!!!

  • Dwest1814

    I love to finally win one of these contests!

  • Bstar1975

    Never tried a Samsung phone before, perhaps this could win me over.

  • Sunny Lalli

    To finanlly have a phone i can feel safe giving to kids to play with. The combo of kids mode, the dust resistance, and the 1 meter for 30 minutes water resistance makes it a no brainer. Also whilst kids are poking about in kids mode i can keep track of who called via the fit, while the kids play and attemp to drown my phone in the toilet (silly kids)

  • Edwin Lam

    Telus has great plans and it accommodates to my needs also the S5 and the fit can help me finally exercise and lose weight this summer!

  • Justin Snell

    Yes, please!

  • Probably Complaining

    Looking forward to winning. I won a Christmas-themed LP record in 1987 and it’s been pretty much downhill from there.

  • Geneva Fung

    The S5 is a nice phone and my old Galaxy S2x is on its last legs

  • Thomas A. De Long

    If I win, I intend to use this phone for everything. More powerful than my laptop and a light year ahead of my current phone, I want it pretty darn bad. I’ll make you a pledge.. If you have me that beauty I’ll track my next 50lbs of weight loss, and send you an email update every week.

  • Brittany

    My blackberry q10 is a piece of garbage I’d like to upgrade but my upgrade fee is too expensive

  • Simon

    Love to have it.

  • Matthew Wahab

    I’d love to try out the waterproof feature!

  • Nilay Sondagar

    Totally want that!

  • Wesley Lau

    hi mobilesyrup i need a change from my iphone 3gs

  • Cyrus R

    This will be my first Android phone. Would love to try out a new phone.

  • Brydon McCluskey

    I’m a big technology fanatic and would love to see what the S5 could do!

  • PatrickWatson

    Could definitely replace my ancient phone.

  • Pascal Gagné

    Samsung always make awesome products!

  • Richard

    Just lost my S3, a new S5 would be an AWESOME!!! replacement…

  • Marc Williams

    I’m jumping off the Apple machine and into the Android one with this phone.

  • Daniel


  • Mohamad Khazaal

    I’d love to try Android and what better way than to use the most popular line of phone. The S5 looked great when it was first announced and the gear fit seems very cool too. Hope I win!

  • Colin Yuhas

    What a great giveaway! Thanks @mobilesyrup and @telus

  • Sebastien Dicaire


  • Andrew McMurray

    All I have ever trusted is Samsung devices from my old Samsung flip phone with the pull up antenna to my Samsung link. Now I just have my work phone the note 3 Samsung stays true Sam sung of dreams of the best phones and that dream is now a reality.

  • Matt C

    Because I love Telus and Samsung and winning stuff!

  • Peter Frankel

    I’m starting to really like the Samsung devices. Looking forward to ditching apple.

  • TLS2000

    This would be perfect to replace my aging S3.

  • Mit Mehta

    I am telus customer for 4 years and no problem with their service at all. S5 with telus LTE would be a great combination.

  • lucatenuta

    I’m in dire need of a new phone. I’ve been a Telus client for 12 years so this would fit me perfectly. Please let me win.

  • Pamela Lee

    Well my birthday is coming up & and since I skipped upgrading my phone :'( (I had s2->s3 but no s4) I think it’s time. LOL Plus I’ve been dying to try out the gear fit smartwatch

  • Ronald

    S5 a top contender this year

  • SP9911

    I’d love this phone as I really need to upgrade my GS2 soon!

  • Armando Abad

    I have been a samsung fan from day one!!! Iwould love to get my hands on the samsung 5..and try on the Telus Network!!

  • hypervoice

    I would love to have the S5 because it can shoot 4K video.

  • mcdotca

    My phone is an extension of my arm and in serious need of an upgrade. I ride my bike everywhere so I’d love the watch to match the phone. Please pick me!

  • Jeanne Ships Karezi

    I don’t have a smartphone at the moment (mine broke), so it’d be pretty rad.

  • Roger Antony

    Love a phone on Telus since they always have signal at my office.

  • Bret Jarvis

    I love it, and “telus is great”. Let’s rock and roll……Get dirty with the phone.

  • Admirer69

    Time for an upgrade, pick me!

  • Jim Whitesell

    Pick me! Pick me! Time to upgrade from the S3…

  • Jen

    The S5 looks awesome! 🙂

  • Brad Hermann

    been without a watch for a while now, was thinking of diving into the smartwatch game. always room for a new device, right guys.

  • Orest Bilyj

    Its been a long time since Ive upgraded and I promised myself that my next phone would be a samsung S4 when i graduate this year, but then came the S5, and i just had to have it. That along with the smart watch would be the best gift for graduation.

  • Nick Apostolakis

    The S5 is great phone and I love the look of the Fit, I come to this page everyday for info would be great if I could read it on a S5 🙂

  • Andrew Bertram

    I would love to win the gs5, I have an s4 and gear now so I think the 5 and fit would be awesome

  • Super_S

    Why wouldn’t I want to win. Free stuff is awesome, especially when it is a new device to replace an ageing GS3! 🙂

  • Erwin Ignacio

    Two reasons why I should win the galaxy s5 and fit: stay fit by losing 20 pounds and feel good using it with my favorite carrier, telus.

  • Ai-Kao Chang

    The combination of the s5,and the Samsung gear will maximize my daily lifestyle.

  • JohnnyDoubles

    Thanks Mobilesyrup, love your contests!

  • Andrij Bilyj

    I have always loved the Samsung phones as they are the only ones that I trust. I have had the s3 and currently have the s4. Getting the s5 would be amazing.

  • Olerius

    With spring coming in (finally!), a new phone AND a Gear Fit to go along with it would go a VERY long way toward getting me back into a healthy lifestyle.

  • Logan K

    An S5 + Gear Fit would be awesome!

  • Corey Hanson

    Would love this phone, ayes around with it, it’s wicked fast and smooth 🙂

  • animesekai

    s5 is my favourite phone!

  • rumthin

    My contract expires soon and I want to jump ship away from Rogers. Plus, I’ve never owned a Samsung phone before.

  • Scott Williams

    Would really love the phone upgrade as an end of the year bonus to surviving my first year of school! Thanks for the opportunity guys!

  • Clint Ellingboe

    Would like to have ANYTHING from the SaskTel competition. .. be a nice, welcome relief!

  • Michael Wu

    the s5 and the gear is a good combo, would love to try it.

  • ELIO B

    Love the new s5, and the improved functionality with the Gear looks great !

  • pairofdox

    I’d love to get the S5 because it’s a great phone, practical and very valued.

  • Annie

    Will be a big upgrade from my 9900… LOL

  • Edson Lai

    Such a great phone, it’d be a great upgrade from my Nexus 4!

  • Phil – it – up

    Would really enjoy running and hiking and being able to keep track using the gear fit.

  • Juliusz Maciejewski

    Hopefuly I will win this time 🙂

  • Jide S. Agbe

    love this phone it reminds me of the note but 10x better

  • David Castillo

    Great phone with great service!

  • g1rthj

    Have been considering a new phone and this combo looks like it would Fit the bill.

  • Colin Brown

    wow, what a powerhouse. I love my BB Z10 but I might be talked into changing.

  • RN Simpson

    Yes please I want to try something non apple

  • Robin

    Currently have a Note2 and would love to see this new s5 compares.. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • alantsay

    Great phone on a great network, who can ask less
    Thank you TELUS and mobilesyrup

  • María Eliana Lorca

    I’d love to upgrade my S2 work the S4! I think the galaxy is a great line! 🙂

  • Larry Lamoureux

    What an amazing piece of hardware I’d love to replace my s3 with it!

  • Andrew Hood

    I would love to have the GS5 on Telus since I have always had good experiences with the Telus network and Samsung phones.

  • gmaninvan

    Sign me up!!

  • manpreet singh

    hope I win

  • Nicolas Bedard-Maltais

    For the camera!

  • joel

    I never win at those things but it’s worth a try!! 😛 I’m in need for a updated device! Would love to use the nice camera and try out the Telus network. Used to be actif and the gear fit would definitely make me live a more actif life !

  • Don Dupuis

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is so yesterday, time to move on to the next big thing……… Cheers D

  • Guy Mauve

    Awesome specs! The 16 mpix camera must take incredible pictures. I would love that phone!

  • Chris

    Mmm telus s5 🙂

  • LS

    Id love to replace my iphone 4. Good luck everyone!

  • Andrew

    Love the new design and camera and plus the gear! Great contest guys!! Thanks

  • Ernie Chan

    The waterproof features and amazing battery life makes the S5 a winner 🙂

  • Shuaib Yunush

    The Samsung S5 and the Gear Fit would make my work life so much more organized.

  • oceansaber

    Yes please!

  • Johnson

    I’m still using a Galaxy Nexus and I could definitely use an upgrade. I love everything about the S5!

  • Brownie

    I’d love to have this phone! My galaxy s3 is finally dying and I refuse to switch to an iPhone.

  • JJohn

    I’d love to give the galaxy line and TELUS LTE network a try

  • Thorsten Garbe

    I’m phone less for 4month now, and now it’s time to get a new phone! Telus would be nice, since I never had telus service before!
    So: pick me pick me! 😉

  • Philip Chan

    This would be an awesome gift for mothers day.

  • Prasanna

    Why ? well where do i start, the Dust & water resistant ?amazing battery ? talk bout the supercool fingerprint sensors or intelligent the heart rate monitor + a Gear Fit
    who wouldnt 🙂 shut up and give me the S5.

  • Jesse Costa


  • Fred

    Always been a huge fan of the galaxy family, can’t wait to try the awesome new galaxy paired with the gear fit!!!

  • Riccardo Amoruso

    Simple. I have the gear and s4 and have had every flagship Samsung device since the first galaxy. Never wait out my contract beautiful phones!

  • Leigh-Ann Murphy

    I would kill for this phone! =) My friend has one and she is almost overwhelmed by all the things to do on it. And it would be supercool to own a smartwatch! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, nice bundle of prizes!

  • Matt S.

    Yes please.

  • Alex Sabatino

    I would love to have this amazing phone, what is there not to like? Another great Samsung release

  • Doug H

    They are perfect design for accessories and both are truly amazing in everything including upgrades and quality. I am also only using the samsung galaxy ace II-X and I could use an upgrade. I would be happy to get an upgrade.

  • B Ha

    Need to replace my captivate

  • Kristian

    Would love a upgrade from my s3

  • pamartia

    May be it is time to upgrade my Galaxy Note 2

  • Luc

    FINGERPRINT scanner :)!

  • Anson Chung

    beautiful display and water resistant phone with removable battery.

  • Val Cartlidge

    I just got a Galaxy S3. I can’t stop playing with it. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to have the S5. I’d pass my S3 on to my daughter. Wish me luck.

  • Jack

    I have used the s3 and s4 and is in love with the device. So it would make sense for me to get the s5 too.

  • Alicia

    Looks like a cool phone

  • Isaac Gacura

    I’d love the S5 because it’d be the perfect companion for all my summer adventures. The water resistance would be awesome I’d never have to worry about water damage when I’m out running or biking.

  • Kevin Scott Jolly

    There’s so much room for activities!

  • Brian Hui

    Extreme battery saving mode is going to come in handy! That and it’s shift to fitness.

  • Marc Fournier

    An awesome phone and watch I’d love to have!

  • Jamie Totten

    This phone looks awesome and winning stuff rules!

  • dman89

    Would love to check out the integration between the two devices!

  • Mathieu Poirier

    I’m actually more interested in the gear fit than the phone, but I considering the last non nexus Galaxy phone I used was the Fascinate, I would love to see what Samsung has been able to put together.

  • eastend pb

    A great smartphone and super cool accessory companion! ! I want one!

  • John

    Reviews look incredible. Would be great to get my hands on a pair.

  • Jason

    I wish I had a Galaxy S5 because it is cool and my phone is not so cool because it is old and I am sad.

  • Abdul Zain

    S5 and Gear look like Samsung’s best product yet, never owned a Samsung phone… would love to have one!

  • Richard Williams

    At first i wasn’t that impressed with the GS5–specs-wise, it didn’t seem to be as big a jump as the previous two Galaxy phones–but the more I read about the GS5, the more interested I am in owning one.

  • MarKeeMarK

    My Google nexus s is dying and living the last stages of its life. I’m crossing my fingers to win this fantastic contest prize! Good luck all!

  • Jasdeep Goraya

    This phone would greatly increase my productivity at home & work.

  • Aytakin

    I need a new phone! And the GS5 is awesome!

  • Char

    The S5 is hot. Love the colours

  • Romel

    The S5 is a great phone both physically and functionally, I would like nothing less than the best on a great network like Telus!

  • Mohammad Jaber

    good from telus

  • Igor Litvinov

    it would make a great replacement to a certain blackberry with a cracked screen…

  • Daleshane LaFontaine

    I need this phone

  • Bond Lai

    Love the screen and the camera! #fingerscrossed

  • Andrew Jack

    I love Telus and I love Samsung. I currently own a Galaxy S4 and would love to upgrade but, alas, I’m not eligible yet 🙁 I’ve always thought the Gear was AMAZING! Surely the next generation of tech gadgets!

  • Lawrence

    I’m due for an upgrade!

  • kikonico

    because of that big beautiful screen

  • seculleslady

    Finally I can stay in touch with my phone and my health, thanks to the gear fit . Good thing Telus chose the Samsung s5, the next big thing that provides more quality and value to our daily lives.

  • rlenny

    Because the Samsung GALAXY S5 is an amazing phone, and I would love to make it mine

  • Paul Gallaway

    Because I have a Telus HTC Desire (yeah, the 1st Desire)! It’s been/is good to me, but a replacement would be welcome!

  • MP

    So much awesome being given away. Love it.

  • Dennis Sanford

    My Rogers term just ended, and I need to upgrade my Samsung S3.

  • Noah Pryce-Baff

    I want them because reasons

  • plefebvr

    Great contest! Good luck to all 🙂

  • Wes Werkman

    I take one.

  • Dannee ♥

    I would love to upgrade my current phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S3. I went from an iphone to a Samsung Galaxy and I can’t see myself with any other phone then a Samsung Galaxy. I read pretty amazing reviews about the S5. The specs are amazing. I would love to have it ^_^

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    I’d love to win

  • beyond

    I’ll take one, just because.. 😛

  • loginatnine

    I’m in need of an upgrade ! Pick me 🙂

  • Reid

    really need a new phone

  • kvimbi

    Following the whole series from S3 to S5 and so on. With you, or without 🙂

  • Adam Kilner

    Never really used Android. Don’t understand the hype at all. Interesting to see how the smartphone and smartwatch team up on Telus.

  • TCToronto


  • James B

    I want to win the galaxy s5 because it is the best phone ever. That’s why!

  • blzd

    Let’s see what Telus LTE has to offer.

  • Tanner Williams

    I NEED to win this new phone because I am well over do! Currently rocking the vintage 3G. C’mon baby!

  • Fred

    Love galaxy family and can’t wait to try the best smartphone of 2014 paired with the awesome gear fit

  • David Bruce Simpson

    Samsung Galaxy rules! It rules even better with the Smartwatch! (which I could never afford) lol

  • Johno Crawford

    Your web, the way you like it.

  • aureads

    This will help me finally achieve something I can never afford as a broke college kid away from home out in the unsheltered real world…

  • David Lee

    Telus is a great company and the s5 is a great phone to go with a great company. The gear fit is the cherry on top 🙂

  • abcdandy

    best camera and gotta have the wearable in the new day and age

  • teeslee

    I need to upgrade from my iPhone

  • Vincent Moya

    Nice phone!

  • Juliusrock

    Whoa, I’d love to use the S5 to keep track of my fitness!

  • Madison

    The GS5 is probably the first device I have been extremely excited about. From a sales perspective, I would love for all of my customers to have this phone. It’s so sexy. Ahhhhh plus the Gear! Major bonus.

  • Hipster with android

    i want!!!!

  • Malcolm Engel

    I would to get a new phone. I’ve been running with the iPhone 4 for 3 years now and need a new one.

  • Vincent

    Having a GS5 on Telus means I could finally get my wife over to Telus too by giving up my older Galaxy to her 🙂

  • janvierrr

    I’d never had a smart watch, but the gear fit seems pleasing to the eye and looks comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.

  • Jake Zheng

    I want to win this baby!

  • Bob Parr

    I would love to replace my S3 for something that is faster and has better battery life.

  • Nathan Hepting

    My current phone has a crack on the screen!

  • LiLAzNNewB

    Hmm! Galaxy S5 with a Gear fit. 🙂 Sounds really good!

  • Teban

    Almost time for an upgrade and there is no better phone to go for – Galaxy S5 please. And a Galaxy Gear to boot.

  • Robert K

    Can I Haz Phone Please?

  • Gary Perry

    I’m still using my GS3 but would love an upgrade to the NEXT BIG THING!

  • Joyce Barrun Choi

    The Galaxy S5 is one of a kind phone. It’s really amazing and useful. I admire the designers. I’m really grateful that telus had this kind of contest. I reall want the S5 and the gear but destiny happens if god wants me to win then be it. More power to Telus and Samsung.

  • Jaime

    I want the s5 so badly and really wanna try out the gear fit! Lol i need an upgrade from my phone

  • Serjical

    Hope to win one of these contests! 😀

  • James Lee

    The chance to change providers and enjoy a month to month discount on a premium device sounds amazing!

    Love this contest!

  • Charles Cote


  • Lev

    Finally a phone that I really want!
    Thank you guys.

  • flash403

    My galaxy nexus is slower than molasses now, nothing like upgrading to an S5 and sweet new gear to pick up the spirits after a long winter!

  • Josh Perry

    I want the S5 because it’s the best phone out there yet, and i need something new

  • Grant M

    GS5 VS. Iphone??? I choose you GS5!!!!

  • Andrea

    very very nice. I have a son who would LOVE this 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  • Scope

    Papa needs him some new cellphone!

  • Jonathan Maki

    Great phone on a great network. It would really help me out!

  • Justin Maglunob

    Would be a nice upgrade for me. And gives me another reason to wear a watch again.

  • Steph

    Best prize! Love it!

  • thomas nguyen

    ohh, s5… I can put it beside my s3 and s4! 😀

  • Thomas Tsang

    I have always used an iPhone my whole life. All my buddies have already switched to Samsung and I am the only one left. Would love to try out all the cool features!

  • Iva Joy Macneil

    I want to join real world in technology.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    BEING WITH TELUS FOR 13 yrs , So what better way to jump from iOS to ANDROID than Samsung GALAXY S5 that too with TELUS!!

  • Goraya

    I leant from discussion that S5 is a another great invention by Samsung. I wish I own one.

  • vince

    I’d sing its praises far and wide and show everyone how great a phone it is. My gs 2 is all I can afford and I see how great a phone it is. So I would shore how incredible the 5 is. Let me have a chance.

  • Harrison

    Fantastic give-away. I’m still really struggling on making a decision between the S5 and the M8… winning this would make the decision much easier 🙂

  • danny wood

    I’ve read so many reviews of both of these items, good and bad… but I’ve learned over time, that when it comes to smartphone reviews, you really can’t take 100% stock in any of them! It would be nice to get these in my hands and try for myself. My GS3 could use an upgrade!

  • Ludovic Gollion

    Really want this one, hope I will win it! The phone is really good and finally touchwizz is lighter.

  • Speng

    with this s5 i’ll be finally free from the bondages of contracts.

  • Irina

    Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best phone currently available in the market. Great battery life and 16 megapixel camera are the most important features for me. In addition, a new processor should make browsing fast and enjoyable especially on TELUS LTE network. Truly love everything about this phone and want to try it with TELUS!

  • Reg Liauw

    The GS5 is a fantastic choice even though are so many good phones out there for us to choose from like the HTC One M8, Sony Z2 and LG’s upcoming G3 to name just a few. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this phone.

  • Robin

    I would like to win this glorious device because bacon

  • Mik3469

    After almost three years, I think my Galaxy S2 needs a replacement! Would be nice to stay in the Samsung’s Galaxy line.

  • Ryan Darryl Lane

    Sweet!! Pick me Telus, I have been a customer for thirteen years now, and a loyal samsung user since the fascinate days. My s3 and gear could totally use an upgrade, cause I dont want to have to change my plan to resign a contract. too poor.


    Nicely done

  • Steve Pui

    Need one….then the watch afterwards

  • Robbie Elias

    Maybe if I say I don’t want it I will win…

  • John Yao

    Because that battery life is amazing!

  • berklon

    Me likey! Me wanty!

  • Ryan Williams

    I’d love the galaxy s5 for it’s health tracker and I’ve also never tried android.

  • Jeffrey Wong

    I have been using the note 2 for the past years but the phone is dying out on me. I would love to have a s5 and continue to support samsung! Telus’ LTE network is fast as well and the combination would be amazing!

  • umneelyd

    I would like to try out the new Samsung -galaxy s5!

  • Victoria Ess

    I’d love to win — it’s a great phone and my current phone is pretty old!

  • Kayla Cho

    Would love to have the chance to own one of these bad puppies. Have a Note2 at the moment and am looking to upgrade in the next few months. All the specs are much better than my current phone without the bulkinesa. With the gear fit, would neve have to take out the phone again…

  • alexpb1

    The S5 looks amazing. It blows my phone out of the water. I would love to own one.

  • Edmond Lee

    Would love to win this phone to replace my broken Note 2

  • dyl

    For bragging to friends. Truly a great phone.

  • Brian Lee

    The GS5 has amazing specs. Never had the Gear fit watch but looks cool and interesting. I’d love to own the pair.

  • ArTi Dixit Tewari

    I am a Samsung-ite. It is the best phone and it is the perfect tool for me. Camera – Phone – Audio – Video – Email – Internet – – I can connect with the world!

  • Aziz

    The gear fit would look so nice on my wrist…

  • Alain Arseneault

    Having a free phone and gear 2 would be definitely worth it.

  • Simon Liao

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  • Sandy

    Pretty please

  • Nelson Vieira

    More speed is always a good thing. Count me in!

  • Not Fail Whale

    iPhone just died and I really would love to switch to Samsun

  • Roger

    I need this. My GS3 is coming close to its slow death.

  • Chris Yung

    nice little phone! :0

  • ArberBeq

    I would like the Galaxy S5 on telus becuase of the phones and networks amazing speed

  • Jason Qaqish

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  • Jay

    Best phone on one of the best networks

  • AdamC284

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  • mathewpacman

    The Galaxy S5 with the Gear is a very handy combo, no need to constantly check the phone for messages, etc.

  • witepanthur

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  • XopherTaylor

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  • ナタニエル ハリエット

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  • Pati

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  • ipolski