TELUS teams with Tranglo to help Canadians top up talk minutes to family in other countries


  • Joseph

    Well that is not a bad Idea since all my wife’s family live in china, only thing that sucks is I’m with Wind so I can’t use this but it only costs me .01 cents per minute to call over there so its not a big issue.

    • Desi Jatt

      FYI. Wind Pay before clients have had money transfer to most prepaid cell phones around the world for the longest time.

    • LeTricolore

      Do you mean one cent a minute or one tenth of a cent per minute? I have no desire to ever call China, but I’m generally curious.

    • Joseph

      One cent a minute lol sorry bad communication on my part

    • LeTricolore

      haha, it’s all good. I knew Wind had cheaper plans, but didn’t think they were THAT cheap! lol

  • elitest

    How can it work without SYN packets?