John Legere knows how to troll BlackBerry


  • deltatux

    and the flame war begins!

    • r0v3rT3N

      Not really a war, Legere is just talking to himself. I doubt Chen will respond, he is way to classy for that.

    • MrHrvat

      You’re so full of yourself and that shitty company. The guy is having some fun. Blackberry is in the stoneage and the CEO of a major network is having fun at what everyone else already knows.

    • Dimitri

      That’s not having fun my friend. A CEO of a major network never does that. No CEO in the right mind will do that. Point out one CEO that does that for fun.

      Stone age? Guess you haven’t used a BB10 phone. Stop trying to be a bully and a troll and smarten up.

    • MrHrvat

      haha yeah I’ve used a BB10 (z10 for a couple of weeks). Aside from the resets and poor app selection for the average user it’s nothing special. Chen tried to take a cheap shot and stir some publicity because his company is fell into obscurity years ago.
      This is t-mobile; they’ve been fooling around like this over the last year.

      …but yeah…I forgot where I was for a moment. Please let the BB circlejerking continue mobilesyrup commentators. One day I hope you realize that BB is more interested in USD than Canadians. There’s nothing patriotic about cheering for a company. This one should have been gutted a while ago

    • Dimitri

      Like i said, No CEO in this world would do that. Not even Apple & Samsung CEO’s are doing this to eachother. So give me a break.. Cheap shot? Bud you try being a CEO of a multi Billion dollar company then you can talk. Your just a normal joe that comes on here & trolls users & companies for the hell of it.

      For someone that so call has used a Z10, try using the Z30 or Q10 then tell me how the resets / nothing special. Funny you mention poor apps as the apps are almost the same as the Android & Apple ones but less farting apps / flashlight apps & less stupid apps that are third party ripoffs of actual games & less games. Also as a side not, Android apps now work on Blackberry 10 devices. You never really used a Blackberry 10 device or even researched before making your post did u.. Blackberry was made for business, not for kids to play games on. Some people like you fail to realize this & put the company down for nothing. I use the Z30 & Note 3 ( Z30 for work & Note 3 for personal line) & i can tell you i rather use the Z30. Why? Better apps for business / multitasking is better for me, the phone doesn’t restart or overheat, Battery lasts longer then any iPhone & most android phones i have used ( Battery usage same with the Note 3. Dual Stereo speakers & they are pretty loud for phone speakers. I love the Note 3 for the size / battery & stylis, USB 3.0 & a 13MP camera that i barely use to begin with thats about it. I can go on & on but honestly i have no time to waste with someone that comes on a internet blog / site & troll companies & people without even using their latest phone / know anything about the background & software.

      How about you try to make a phone, OS & sell it to people & have no debt & have thousands of patents.. Lets see how you will make it. So before putting any user down / company down look at your self. I am rooting for Blackberry as i want them to succeed & go to the top like they should be. I am not a Fanboy of Blackberry at all either.

    • Guest

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t android app apk’s now compatible on BB10. In other words, can’t you just download and install an android apk file off of google onto a BB10 device? Doesn’t that mean that it literally has the same app selection as android therefore making a big part of ” MrHrvat “s comment invalid?

    • Dimitri

      You are correct sir!. Android apps can work with all Blackberry 10 devices. Sadly ” MrHrvat” has no clue of this & never used a Blackberry 10 in their life or actually took the time to search to see that. Sad to say their post is mostly invalid but wait! i will receive the ” you are invalid” post. lol

    • Canadianman23

      I still do not get how a phones best claim is that it can load apps from another phone OS ecosystem. Everytime I tell people they can load Android apps onto a Blackberry, they always just say why dont I just get an Android device, which I agree makes more sense. I am not telling people to drop their blackberrys and buy an Android, but I still do not seem what a Z30 can do that an Xperia Z1 or Samsung Galaxy S IV or an HTC One cant do, and in most cases does better.

    • Dimitri

      While that may be true, the only good thing Android has is the processors which are Widgets / quad-core / 1080p Displays which are not nessarry as 720p are just fine & 3GB RAM. If Android phones did NOT have those specs, they would be the same & run the same if not similar. They both have LED notification lights, Huge batteries, Big screens, Stereo speakers ( HTC One & Z30 do) & more.

      Slap BB10 on a HTC One or S4 for instance & it would run the same if not a bit faster due to the processor & 3GB RAM ( which you do not even need 3GB RAM or more) Specs are overkill now & i am sure other will say the same but specs are what people want i noticed.

      Either way, adding Android apps on BB10 is the best they could do as developers never wanted to really help out or bother with Blackberry YET there are many Blackberry 10 devices that people have & use.

    • Canadianman23

      I do not disagree. In fact I would rather a 64 bit dual core Android device with 2 GB of RAM and all major apps to be 64 bit. This may well be were Blackberry may be able to step ahead of the game. Because they alone make the software to go with their hardware, I bet if they released a simple 64 bit dual or quad core processor and 2GB+ ram device, and have a 64 bit version of BB OS with everything being 64 bit not many devices could touch it in terms of speed.

    • Matt


      “The only good thing about a Lexus is the powerful engine/leather interior/excellent handling suspension. If a Corolla had those things it would work just as good. So therefore, a Corolla is just as good as a Lexus and paying Lexus prices for a Corolla makes sense.”

      Are you even listening to yourself?

    • Davan Mills

      Are you even reading?

      “The only things different about Lexuses versus Corollas are their powerful engines/leather interiors/excellent handling suspensions. Both DRIVE. If Lexuses did NOT have such fancy things, then they would be more or less Corollas. If Corollas HAD these Lexus goodies then they would drive the same, if not better because Corollas SAVE GAS since they’re lighter and smaller. So, therefore a Corolla is JUST AS FUNCTIONAL as a Lexus because not everyone drives or needs to drive at 200 km/h or plant their asses on dead cows as a fashion statement.”

      Point being: BlackBerry 10 is perfectly capable. Samsung spends more money on advertising their mostly useless specs and features, so we associate them with being better when such a question is open to debate. And it’s a bonus when BlackBerry 10 is speedy and handles better than skinned Android 😉

    • Josh Perry

      you have said absolutely nothing about anything that BB10 has better than android, but a lot that android has better. so you just made your own point invalid.

    • Dimitri

      Really? Read my posts before making that comment.

    • Josh Perry

      i already did, clearly

    • Davan Mills

      I refuse to buy that argument- that the best claim for BB10 is its ability to sideload Android apps. Its best claims relate to the sectors Mr. Chen is focusing his company on: enterprise and government. Samsung and Apple and HTC and all the other manufacturers cannot in their right mind say that their systems are rock solid when it comes to security and stability- the honour there belongs to QNX, on which BB10 is based. Instead, Samsung elects to tout useless specifications such as 3 GB RAM, or Air View, or similar rubbish, and Apple joins in by touting the spiffy new colours and font choices in a tired operating system. I agree that for many folks only the latter specs seem to matter, but they heavily discount the excellent details of BB10 devices. For me, it’s logical to value, for instance, an excellent keyboard (on-screen or otherwise) over eye-dazzling amounts of RAM that are really used up powering things (TouchWiz, anyone?) no one really needs anyways.

    • Canadianman23

      Blackberry is not a secure system, at least not any more. There has been numerous articles about how the NSA has cracked the Blackberry protection long ago. If the NSA can do it, any hacker with the right knowledge can. And because Blackberry is used by those in government and businesses (Which businesses are moving away from BB) would you not agree that makes them an even bigger target for hackers and others who would like to have access to their devices. A quick google search will show Blackberry is not secure or immune to snooping, its just slightly more difficult to do then to an iPhone or most Android devices.

    • Supa_Fly

      So then why should Apple have BootCamp, you know that software and driver set that allows you to install Ubuntu (linux) or Windows 7/8 onto a Intel C2D/i5/i7 chipset based Mac?!

      Maybe because millions of people do so because they’re workflow is actually better on their Mac hardware, maybe because it saves them $$ by owning two different devices to get 1 holistic experience, maybe because of the security that such apps will not affect.

    • Canadianman23

      Boot camp was brought about by the fact many programs were still windows only, something that occurred because there was no real distribution model for OSX. Thats all changed and more and more companies are releasing versions of their software to OSX and coincidentally enough Linux thanks to a very similar architecture. Not sure what your point about bootcamp was to counter mine but there we have it.

    • Sweet

      The ability to load Android apps is not the BB10 phones’ best claim. The Hub, Peek, Flow and the keyboard (virtual and physical) are BB10 phones’ best claims, and they are better than what any other phones offer.

    • Canadianman23

      The hub is an interesting feature but in my opinion not a killer feature, Peak to me was just like the pull down notifications menu in Android and iOS and the keyboard is no better or worse then most keyboards I have used. A physical keyboard is nice, but not at the expense of screen. Those who like Blackberry phones are die hard fans and no one will ever convince them to switch, but Android is a more powerful, more customizable and a nicer overall user experience for most. Blackberry is doing the right thing going back to targeting corporate and business clients, as I think they know they have lost the battle for the everyday consumer.

    • Sweet

      ”… the keyboard is no better or worse then most keyboards I have used.”

      Bullsh1t. The BB10 virtual keyboard is without a doubt the best keyboard on the market. Even people who tried and didn’t like the Z10 have said so.

    • Canadianman23

      Wow insecure much? I have tried it and it is crap compared to some keyboards I have used. But its nice that you take what a few people may or may not have said and consider it everyones opinion.

    • Sweet

      Bullsh1t. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

    • Canadianman23

      Hahaha ok there little kid. When you grow up and decide realize other can have an opinion you can come back on the forums. Until then have fun living in your little dream world.

    • Bodmon

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t android app apk’s now compatible on BB10. In other words, can’t you just download and install an android apk file off of google onto a BB10 device? Doesn’t that mean that it literally has the same app selection as android therefore making a big part of your comment invalid?

    • Francois Roy

      You gotta admit that’s pretty funny..

    • DrAwesome

      No one uses a BB10 phone, dude. That’s why Blackberry has 0% marketshare.

    • Dimitri

      Really now? Here come to the BMO tower / Exchange tower aka First Canadian Place & tell how how many people do not use it. Also on the Go Train every morning around 7-8am i see many with a Q10 & Z10/Z30

      Just because little kids do not want it / techsavvy do not like BB10 does not mean no one has it. 0%? Please show me a accurate & actual poll that says this. Not from some site like BGR / MobileSyrup or 9to5mac or any tech blog like that. Show me from Blackberries site or a actual poll then i will believe u.

  • Diane

    is the boardroom the new school playground? impressive immaturity for a ceo.

    • r0v3rT3N

      I concur, he even goes so far as attacking customers.

    • cartfan88

      This apparently is his whole approach to business. Appeal to hipsters. Look it up. If you ask me he looks like a buffoon and beyond arrogant.

    • Dave Grant

      Blackberry users are stereotyped as being uptight. If you fit that stereotype then I can see why you would be upset by these comments, which were designed to get exactly this reaction, and at the same time elicit laughter from users of other mobile platforms (i.e the vast majority of market share).

      Brilliant marketing.

  • G.P.

    i remember in another post earlier this year where it was revealed that Apple had created contracts with U.S.A. Carriers, that they had to sell x amount of Apple products or else the fines imposed by Apple would make them go bankrupt. This most certainly sounds fishy, possibly another move by Apple to push their products now that they have seen BB gain some good lead?

  • alamarco

    I don’t know how the T-Mobile CEO thinks this will be a positive. This has only seemed to make it worse for himself.

    • cartfan88

      At least we know what the T in t-mobile stands for. Trolls and trash.

  • Sensualpoet

    T-Mobile CEO Legere seems to enjoy making a public laughing stock of himself. As a shareholder, I would be appalled at the outrageous behaviour of the CEO and would seriously question the board that continued to give him a platform. We have seen this behaviour before in “celebrities” that burn out in drug induced crashes. Deja vu?

    • Dimitri

      I am sure his shareholders won’t be laughing until Blackberry pulls out of T-Mobile around the world & their customers will get up in arms & pissed that they have no Blackberries including businesses that are with T-Mobile.

      Sad part is he is known to be a troll / i***t around others & has put down his own customers many times. Why do they keep him as CEO i will never understand. His Shareholders must be drinking the same Kool-Aid he is if they do not realize this screwed them up really bad.

    • Dave Grant

      Only to you and the 2 other remaining blackberry users. Myself and most others are laughing along with him. I think it was calculated and brilliant.

      The company is now getting incentive from both apple AND blackberry. apple for the exchange deal, and blackberry for free shipping (if you think t-mobile is eating the shipping cost as an ‘apology’ you are deluded)

      As a shareholder I’d be pretty happy. Blackberry on the other hand got baited and played.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Has he been drinking? First time seeing a CEO behave immaturely on their official account.

    • Dimitri

      He is a American i***t. He doesn’t understand that by him doing this, destroys any relationship with BlackBerry and any new Products BlackBerry will release. Sucks for their customers that will suffer due to his immature actions.

      You do realize, Chen can take legal action on them seeing as as they are attacking him and BlackBerry. Guess John has been drinking to much kool-aid lately.

      If he is acting immature like this, how can someone take him seriously to run a company?.

    • Dave Grant

      Legal action? Really?

      IANAL but I don’t see much of a libel/slander case here. And most everything else is protected by freedom of speech.

      Good luck with that.

  • wildspin

    I must admit that I really like both of them for their colorful personalities … I’m crossing my fingers for Chen’s response. 😉

    • Dave Grant

      Me too! I’d love to listen in on the backdoor phone calls that are happening between Blackberry and T-Mobile too!

      Maybe I’ve been watching too much House of Cards but to me it looks like Blackberry’s getting played!

  • Davidyyz

    The recent success that T-Mobile has enjoyed has clearly gone to Legere’s head. Clearly he’s forgotten that T-Mobile USA was just like Blackberry not too long ago, on the verge of not existing.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    I was a big fan of Bb until I realized they’re just as greedy when it came to being pigs as Apple. You see they released playbook but priced it like the iPad and didn’t allow free bbm on it because they couldn’t figure out how to cash it in. At the time it came out it was great for reading PDF files and watching mp4 movies. It was horrible for everything else like maps, browsing, gps etc. So it took them a long time to realize their worth.Playbook was a great device at 299.99$ for the 64 GB version.

    Now the reason I trolled on about that is because I want to point out that Apple to this day doesn’t compromise on price point for the devices they’ve been putting out. After a long time one android device was released that can claim to look as good as the iPhone and that’s HTC one. Android devices are more powerful? Actually they really are..! But the problem is all that power is wasted on Android. Android for the most part wastes all the power it gets from the device. If apple were to make use of a device as powerful as the ones used by Android, I tell you what it could be intelligent enough to drive a car.

    Before u call me a fanboy of any kind, let me tell u, I cannot stand apple and anything they make simply because I abhor their philosophy of making things attractive by having its price jacked up.

    Here’s my real opinion:

    Hands down the best OS for mobile phones and tablet has been developed and released so far is the QNX variation that is Bb10.

    The most powerful hardware specs for phones and tablets are the ones (unfortunately) powered by Android.

    The best app ecosystem to me is provided by Apple, but that I tell u is not saying much. I have this to say about all the app stores out there: until u can release apps based on the device it’s been tested on, and not make every new update generally available to all devices, your app store sucks. Many times I had updated apps only to find out it wasn’t such a great idea for my device. And an app that was my life easy now made my life hell. If the app u updated wasn’t tested on my device why did u make it available for my device? This is the case for the zillions of Android app stores, the apple app store and the blackberry app store.

    Talk about going off topic, but now going back to it, Blackberry was taken to ruins by Lazaridis and co and then completely demolished as a viable consumer company by Heinz. Heinz should’ve just stuck to ketchup making business that they were so good at. John Chen looks like he finally has some right ideas for Blackberry but I feel they are now beyond reproach in the consumer market. So, all you consumers may stop comparing it to apples and oranges. Because they are now back to being blackberries.

    • Walkop

      Couple of things:

      I totally agree with you that BB10 is an incredible OS at its core. The design shows incredible forethought. It’s just doesn’t have the featureset to make it very competitive yet.

      Android has Beam, a developed Intents system, the best voice recognition software out there for public use, one of the best keyboards (Gesture Type and BBs predictive engine are both nice, but I prefer Gesture Type), Google Now, the best notification system available IMO (BB has improved a lot, but still no multi-actionable/expandable notifications IIRC), and the largest software library on mobile.

      Android is NOT less optimized than iOS. The iPhone indeed *does* have as much or more power in CPU/GPU compute as basically every Android flagship currently available. It’s a myth that it does not. My Nexus 5 still boots up twice as fast and is equally as fast in basically all other tasks (unless you enable ART, in which case it wins).

      The fact that Android can run almost as well on a $150 handset (the Moto G) as the Nexus 5 goes to show to the level that Android has been optimized. Of course every operation will be slower on the G, but it executes then without hiccup.

      Unless you’re comparing to the Galaxy S4, in which case…lag city compared to AOSP base Nexus/Motorola. Lol.

    • thisiscjay

      BlackBerry 10 currently supports actionable notifications…

  • Sweet

    Juvenile and petty. Since the issue had been resolved a day before he tweeted that jab at Chen, he should have just put the issue behind him and moved on.

  • Tom

    I like BlackBerry, but I actually think dropping support is a very good idea when it comes to BBOS7 devices.

    BBOS7 devices have an annoying limitation for customers and carriers alike – dependence on BIS to go online. BB10 dropped that requirement so that browsing wouldn’t be slow and the phone wouldn’t be rendered “useless” (offline) if the BB servers had an outage. Yes, BIS has some advantages like data compression and encryption, but the extreme performance tradeoff is not worth it in the eyes of most consumers.

    Phasing out BBOS7 devices over time = the carrier can discontinue BIS support.

    I’m not trying to bash BB here – just pointing out that a dated product (I don’t classify BB10 as one) is becoming a hindrance and needs to go.

    Similarly, older versions of Android require a different version of the SDK to develop apps for. It’s a hindrance if a developer has to code his app to run on both 2.3 and 4.0+. Hence, eventually refusing to support 2.3 becomes a smart move as it doesn’t take that long for people to start adopting the next model. In the case of BBOS7, though, it’s not one app developer that’s being held back, it’s an entire cellular carrier.

    • Sweet

      Also, BB has made it very clear that they are targeting enterprise users. So, if enterprise users aren’t interested in T-Mobile even when they do carry BB devices, then it makes no sense for T-Mobile to carry BB devices. Besides, US customers can buy BB phones directly from BB.