Android-powered Nokia X rendering leaks online


  • D Kup

    Nokia should have make an Android device a long time ago. Nokia used to have great phones, good battery life and good user interface back in the feature phone era.

    Elops has messed up this once the biggest mobile phone maker in the world. I am not saying Windows phone is bad. It’s just that Microsoft never listens to their customers and marketing is a flop.

    I truly hope Nokia will move to higher end or even mid tier spec phones and I would be more than willing to give Nokia another try.

  • The Guy

    It is good to see them into Android. I know several people with their Windows phones and nobody likes them.

  • Wolf_Blitza

    How bout an Android-powered Nokia 1020?

  • grs101

    Those specs will make this phone die an early death, especially with the Moto G and other comparatively specced budget phones.

  • Rich

    Can’t contain my joy for 512 mbs of ram and 4 gigs of storage.

  • kroms

    zzzz zzzz. zz. z . zzzz. z

    I mean come on. seriously .

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    it as to be cheaper than the moto G, I would say with these spec I would expect a starting price of $49.99 US or 79.99 Can that is the best I could see someone give for this…

  • Mitchell Cooper

    Heavily customized meaning, rare updates and people left wondering why they don ‘t just stick with Windows.

  • HD Z

    Africa phone

  • Jon Moore

    Isn’t their mobile division more or less owned by MS? Why’d they get into this now? To make some quick cash? Seems odd not to rely on your own OS.

  • coxon

    Forked version of Android for emerging markets. Please don’t compare to the Moto G. This is going to compete with cheap Chinese smart phones. I think Nokia has a surprise for everyone. Solar rechargeable screen?

  • stent00

    looks thick. like a brick