Facebook is now fully mobile, approaches a billion monthly smartphone users


  • Super_Deluxe

    And still doesn’t have the ability to reply to a comment or like a comment on Android not sure about iOS and those features are on the mobile site…

  • Chris Taylor

    The headline makes no sense. “Facebook is now fully mobile” … yet its daily active user base is not 100% mobile devices, its revenue stream is not derived entirely from mobile devices…

    I’m not sure your editor understands what “fully” means.

  • Tom

    Getting rid of the facebook app was one of the reasons I decided to root my first Android phone, and have continued rooting ever since 😛

  • Swordfish

    Too bad its stll a poorly written app. I can’t believe they released this thing its current condition. It still asks me to update itself almost everyday, even though its the same version I updated already. Facebook must have some really bad programmers…