LogMeIn shuts down its free service, launches redesigned Android app


  • gmd

    Got a message about it this morning. As of Jan. 21st, …

    No early warning?

  • Petit Baveux

    No worries… Chrome Remote Desktop is the way to go…

  • Harold Mitchell

    With respect, if this is a service created by some one that you value and use daily, isn’t it only fair that you pay to use, even if it was formerly free.

    • neodoru

      You are somewhat right. The thing is that none of us uses LMI to gain money, so I doubt anyone will spend $50/Y when you can still find free alternatives. IMO, they should have adopted a friendlier alternative like $2-5/Y for end users and whatever for companies (or professionals).

    • It’s Me

      You don’t buy beer to make money. You don’t pay for coffee to make money. You don’t pay for your car to make money. Most don’t buy their phones or pay for their wireless service to make money. But you pay for them because they have value. Why is it such an unusual expectation that if you are going to use LMI’s services that they might expect you to pay for it? $49/year works out to all of $4/month or less than $1/week. That’s “unfriendly”?

    • neodoru

      It’s a wrong business decision. If you had the choices of free beer, car, coffee most people would choose that over the paid ones.

    • It’s Me

      WTF? You are right, I just might pick the free beer, free car and free coffee. Gee, I wonder why those don’t exist. Oh yeah, because they are businesses that need to make money and free everything would drive them out of business. It may not be a business decision you like, but to say being paid for your product is a wrong business decision is just daft. Even google charges their customers for their services (ads) and products (your info). They may give you free stuff, but you aren’t their customer.

      Nothing in life is free. Don’t people learn that these days or do we all expect handouts all the time now?

      No offense intended, sincerely, but you are the perfect example of why no one makes money with Android except Google and Samsung.

    • neodoru

      WTF indeed! Did you even read my messages before replying?
      The comparison was between an EXISTING free deal – Team viewer and the paid LMI. Let me make it more clear:
      – the market has free stuff already (TeamViewer)
      – you have the option to go with differentiated plans between end-users vs professionals or go with a single plan
      Now, think on the long term, which plan would bring LMI more users!

      “No offense intended, sincerely, but you are the perfect example of why no one makes money with Android except Google and Samsung.”

      It’s just a gratuitous offense!

    • It’s Me

      I’m sure they took their competition into account when the decided that free was no longer a great or sustainable business model. I’m sure we’d all prefer that the companies who’s products we used subsidized us for free on that backs of others that pay, but not all companies can survive with such a model.

      And it really was not meant to offend. I just find it a very interesting sociologically and psychologically to observe how averse to paying for products and services the Android community is overall. Not a bad thing. Being frugal is a virtue. Just interesting.

    • neodoru

      I think you still miss the point.This is not about what I want. It’s about their business decision. You do realize that companies happen to make mistakes from time to time. I just happen to think this will hurt them in the long term.

      As for me, I prefer to buy the stuff I’m interested in and which I consider to have a fair price. A fair price means that if I pay 50$-100$/Y for a service, that service must either offer me something unrivaled, or something that I’m getting money from. I used to pay 100$/Y for iDisk back in the day because it had a wide offer – 20GB in the cloud, email and synchronization between macs.

  • It’s Me

    …and this is why this move is a mistake. Trying to get paid by android users is like trying for a BJ in Saudi Arabia. It might happen but it isn’t expected.

  • neodoru

    Team viewer can be configured for remote access.

    • It’s Me

      Maybe ask them all to pitch in for a LMI subscription? I am sure they could scrape together $1 a week between them…

  • neodoru

    Didn’t get any email and I can still use LMI (for now :S). I’ve been using LMI for ~10 years, I hope I don’t have to migrate to TeamViewer for good.

    • neodoru

      Was the notice visible? I’ve logged the second time and I still don’t have any notice. Maybe I’ll be a free user forever… YAY (not :P)!

  • MXM4K

    I used to use Logmein years ago fairly consistently. But not I either use TeamViewer for WAN control, and Splashtop for LAN control. I will say that logmein was a useful tool for providing tech support for friends and family, but I haven’t needed to do that as much lately since people aren’t using their PC’s at much anymore.

    • CaitlinRegan

      Definitely– Splashtop has the premiere performance.

  • EP_2012

    Wait a sec… I paid $30 for the Android app to use with their free service… am I being forced to get a subscription or accept that I just ate $30 worth of software I can’t use?

    • Habs Killa

      Their blog hints at “special” offers for IOS and Android users who purchased their mobile app.

    • moovyguy

      yeah, just got the notice & I bought LMI Ignition …. you get to use LMI free for an additional 6 months, after that you have to pony up for the sub like everyone else.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Why will I choose these when I can use TeamViewer personal for free?

  • Haxor99

    Guess I will need to check out teamviewer

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I am sure we can another free Service Logme in was not that great anyways

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    for those that are looking at an alternative to logmein, you can also use google chrome remote desktop app, it is free and really simple to use

  • abc123

    switch to teamviewer. Problem solved.

  • out2late

    You cant beat Teamviewer

  • Dgsecur Dgsecur

    you can use AMMYY

  • rdpollard

    I’m sorry, but I keep reading comments about LogMeIn dropping its free service akin to “killing my business.” Really? Seriously? Come on, people, if you’re providing professional-level support, you should probably be using a professional-level tool like Bomgar (that’s what my company uses). Upgrading to something that supports Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, and the major Linux distros is kind of a no-brainer if you’re working in IT.

  • crossb0nes

    you’re providing professional support to employees or customers, you should
    really check out Bomgar. It allows you to access any Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS
    or Android device, logs a secure audit trail of all remote access activity,
    integrates with most ITSM systems, has access to RDP protocols and more. My
    team loves it. They offer a free trial on their website.

  • johnny

    WOW what a bone head move this was… AND I cant imagine that just one guy was stupid enough to do this on his own..oh no this took a whole room full of genius i****s to say “hell ya! this is a great idea woo hoo!” Can you imagine these morons actually getting a paycheck this week. And then there’s this!

    LogMeIn, Inc. (Nasdaq:LOGM), a leading provider of essential cloud and mobile services, today announced that it will report its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2013 financial results on Thursday, February 13th, 2014. On that day, management will hold a conference call and webcast at 5:00 p.m.

    LOL cant wait to see the carnage at that shareholders meeting. What a bunch of morons, all they had to do was monetize the Free version with advertisements and banners like YouTube did. morons.

    The best part is I’ll be spending my last few days of Free to remotely install TeamViewer..haha. What morons.

  • Matthew Williams

    After I left logmein because of this crud… I foudn Teamviewer and WOW… sound on remote – you can print – you can file transfer… All of those were considered PRO functions on logmein. Dump logmein like it has rabies and you will not miss it at all… trust me.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Shutting down of free logmein is bad news for all logmein fans. I loved to use it, but now as free version is going away, I have discovered another very good alternative: RHUB`s remote support servers. It works well.