BlackBerry exec bashes Samsung, says the company is still ‘battle testing its enterprise platform’

BlackBerry has been busy lately, resurrecting its brand image and hiring a new leadership team. One of the first execs that CEO John Chen brought on board was John Sims to lead the Enterprise Services Business.

With a month under his belt in the BlackBerry culture, Sims has written his thoughts on the company blog and decided to take a few jabs at his main competitor. The title of his note is “Enterprise Mobility Should Not be Risky Business,” taking less than a hundred works to point out a recent report showing disclosing vulnerabilities in Samsung’s enterprise-ready KNOX platform. Sim noted, “With Samsung still battle testing its enterprise platform and fixing security bugs, industries that require the most stringent security needs can trust that there’s nothing more secure than a BlackBerry device managed by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server – period.”

“BlackBerry is unmatched when it comes to security,” said Sims. “With the recent changes in our leadership team and our strong commitment to our customer base in the regulated industries, we aim to continue to be the leader.”

Yesterday saw BlackBerry’s stock increase by 10%, mainly due to a Citron report that the stock will hit $15. After a couple years of getting trashed in the media it seems like BlackBerry is slowly changing analysts’ — and peoples’ — perceptions. The Waterloo-based company has new devices planned for this year, but will target an entry-level BB10 device called Jakarta to emerging markets. No indication yet on when its next flagship BB10 device will launch.

Source: BlackBerry