54% of Canadians have used their smartphone to make a purchase decision

BrandSpark has released its annual “Canadian Shopper Study” that shows the shopping habits of Canadians. The survey was quite expansive, with over 100,000 Canadian shoppers participating in the study.

From a mobile perspective, BrandSpark says we are becoming more online-savvy when purchasing: 54% of Canadians revealing that they have used their smartphone to make a buying decision. Many people check online for competing prices, otherwise known as “Showrooming” an item.

Apparently 17% reported looking up product information on their phones, while 31% compared prices online before making the purchase. In addition, 13% of Canadians searched for feedback in the form of a product review and testimonials before dropping down cash. Overall, an impressive 12% of Canadian consumer-packaged goods (CPG) shoppers said that they made a different purchase decision because of information they accessed from their smartphone while in-store.

The latest stats by the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) shows that there are over 27.3 million wireless subscribers in Canada, with approximately 70-75% of postpaid customers using a smartphone.

Source: CNW