Twitter for BlackBerry 10 updated with in-line photo previews, improved performance

Not one to be left out in the proverbial cold after noteworthy updates to its Android and iOS apps, Twitter for BlackBerry 10 has been updated with some pretty noteworthy features.

First on the docket is the addition of in-line photo previews, something that was recently introduced on the social network’s other major platforms. While ostensibly making Twitter more media-friendly, the change also means more eyeballs on the lucrative ads that have become a major source of revenue for the newly-public company.

Further to the catch-up game, Twitter for BlackBerry 10 also includes in-line replies, better search results and faster performance. More specifically, the app feels much quicker, and doesn’t take nearly as long to load up on the Z30 as it used to.

[source]BlackBerry World[/source]