CRTC charges telemarketers $100,000 for violating the DNCL

Those unwanted telemarketers have once again met the hammer of the CRTC’s Do Not Call list. Both Green Shield Windows and Doors and Peak Windows have violated the rules and made “telemarketing calls to consumers whose numbers were registered on the list.” Green Shield Windows and Doors has paid $65,000 and Peak Windows has paid a penalty of $35,000. Not the largest amount of money, but certainly enough to get the message across.

The CRTC stated that “We appreciate the cooperation we received from both companies during our investigations. Any company that is involved in telemarketing activities must put appropriate safeguards in place to ensure compliance with the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules.”

Since September 30th, 2008, Canadians have registered over 12 million telephone and fax numbers on the DNCL. According to the release the CRTC has yielded over $3.5 million in penalties.

Source: CNW