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Images: Here’s what Google Glass with Prescription Lenses might look like

A few weeks ago it was rumoured that Google and VSP Global, a company that specializes in eyewear, were teaming up to possibly take Google Glass to the masses. This would involve making the wearable tech be available in more stylish frames and developing Glass with prescription lenses.

It seems there’s truth to these rumours. Google employee Brian Matiash posted a note on Google+ that states “I noticed something off when fellow Googler, +Cody Sumter, walked by my desk en route to his (he sits behind me). Prescription Glass! He was gracious enough to let me nab a few photos of his very handsome pair of intelligent eyewear and I wanted to share with you here. The titanium frame plays off beautifully against the white Glass housing.”

There’s only a couple pictures, but they look less intimidating and less futuristic than the current version of Google Glass — which would eventually increase adoption. Would you wear these with Google Glass attached?

Source: Google+
Via: Phandroid