Just how flexible is the LG G Flex? (Video)

LG’s G Flex is arguably the more interesting of the two newly-announced curved smartphones, the latter being the Galaxy Round from Samsung.

Unlike the Round, the G Flex has a top-to-bottom design that works to make it slightly more compact and less prone to breaks. The self-healing back cover should also help deter scratches over the long-term.

But how flexible is the G Flex, especially since Samsung’s Galaxy Round’s curvature is more aesthetic than practical.

In a video provided to The Verge, LG employees push down hard on the device without it cracking or breaking. This is a pretty unprecedented achievement, and is owed to a combination of malleable plastic, display, battery and glass substrate.

At this point, the G Flex isn’t going to change an industry, but it points users in a particular direction, and tries to make an argument for a form factor that was once considered little more than a gimmick.

LG is ostensibly working towards bringing the G Flex to North America, but we will likely have to wait until version two of the product before it can realistically compete with the current crop of high-end Android smartphones.

Update: LG has uploaded another video that shows off the durability and the “self healing” feature of the G Flex. Handling a 500 gram bronze brush, the G Flex gets compared to a smartphone with a “conventional” back cover and comes away clean, back into its original state within minutes. In addition, the G Flex bends from top to bottom and takes on 8,16 and 32 kilogram weights.

Overall, very impressive for a first run at the curved smartphone. Check the video below – IH

Source:The Verge, YouTube
Via: Android Authority
(Thanks Todd!)