Google adds Waze traffic incident reports to Maps on iOS and Android


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Great stuff indeed

  • Hypersky

    “Of course, merely informing you of an accident isn’t good enough — or Google enough. The app will dynamically plan your course based on known delays, and if an accident occurs while you’re travelling, the app will alter your route accordingly.”

    Or you could just use Waze itself which already does all of this, AND allows you to report your own data. I can’t see Google Navigator and Waze coexisting for too long…

    • KiwiBri

      will this also mean the end of Trapster? Does Google warn of Law Enforcement points?

    • KiwiBri

      I meant that Google Maps will become better than Trapster.. in that you dont need to run Trapster on your phone as well as google maps.. because you get the waze notifications.

  • didibus

    I’m guessing soon enough, you’ll be able to add that info from Google Maps also, now it’s only through waze that you can.

  • Malachi Haughton

    Does this mean that the cop locator feature can be downloaded as well into a Surface II windows tablet? If so I’ll buy one today!

    • KiwiBri

      no need., just use the trapster website to download a POI file for your Garmin GPS and import it. Been doing this for a few years now. Pretty good.

  • 4ChanApologist

    Well, would you look at that… a traffic accident you say? In Markham?

    What are the odds.

    • KiwiBri


  • Luc Praetor

    My local “traffic report” search on Google Maps today showed a Christmas tree of traffic incidents in and around Johannesburg. Usually I’d only see an incident here or there.

    Someone’s trying to disable traffic in the city!